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Zwischen Pflicht und Sehnsucht (2007) 51 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Ein Lord entdeckt die Liebe (2012) 36 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Miss Lily verliert ihr Herz (2008) 35 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Love List (2013) 34 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
An Improper Aristocrat (2008) 33 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
How to Marry a Rake (2011) 26 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
A Killer in the Crystal Palace (2023) 20 Exemplare, 7 Rezensionen
Tall, Dark and Disreputable (2009) 17 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
A Slight Miscalculation (2014) 13 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Death from the Druid's Grove (2023) 12 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Nothing But a Rakehell (2020) 11 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Murder on the Mirrored Lake (2023) 10 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Lady, It's Cold Outside (2016) 10 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
An Unexpected Encounter (2013) 9 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Bedeviled (2016) 8 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness (2014) 8 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Love Me, Lord Tender (2020) 8 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Earl's Hired Bride (2016) 6 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Charmed at Christmas (Anthology 3-in-1) (2017) 5 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Twelve Lords for Christmas (2021) — Mitwirkender — 5 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Lady's Legacy (2017) 5 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Encounters With a Rogue (2017) 5 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Leading Lady (2015) 4 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
The Lady's Lover (2019) 4 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Regency Rebels (2011) 4 Exemplare
Kiss Me Lady One More Time (2022) 4 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Moonsight Magic 4 Exemplare
Governess Romance: 10 Historical Romance Excerpts (2015) — Mitwirkender — 3 Exemplare
Merry Christmas Belles and Rakehells — Autor — 2 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Why Do Earls Fall in Love? (2021) 2 Exemplare
A Cup of Cheer (2020) 2 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Beyond a Reasonable Duke (2015) 2 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
A Waltz in the Park (2015) 2 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Duke's Christmas Tidings (2015) 1 Exemplar

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The adventures continue!

Once again Kara Levett and Niall Kier face challenges on several fronts. Frederick Cole owner of The Rogue’s Hideaway music hall dies dramatically during the popular singer Josie Low’s performance of a new song. Josie, their friend, is being held, suspected of his murder. The pair are determined to bring the real perpetrator to account.
Along with this, Niall fancies he’s being followed. In fact when he fell down a hole in a construction zone (after a chase), a bulbous-nosed gentleman he’d recognized vaguely as watching him, threw down a rope.
Having been revealed recently as the grandson of Maria Fitzherbert and King George IV, Niall is in fear of what the palace might decide to do about him. Indeed he can think of quite a few ways he might be caused to disappear. Kara and Niall are engaged, but his concerns have him holding off from the marriage. Kara understands.
The murderer is eventually exposed but not before Kara is subjected to a happening that triggers memories from when she’d been kidnapped as a child. When Niall rescues her, Kara’s almost catatonic.
Another exciting adventure from Deb Marlowe’s pen. I’m looking forward to what happens next.

A Dragonblade ARC via NetGalley.
Many thanks to the author and publisher.
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eyes.2c | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Apr 3, 2024 |
Revenge in the Rogue’s Hideaway by Deb Marlowe
The Kier and Levett Mystery series #4. Historical mystery with romance. Closed door. Best read in series order.
Niall Kier fears his secrets will put Kara in danger, so when Kara is ready to move forward with their personal plans, he’s hesitant. A murder in the music hall Rogue’s Hideaway has Niall and Kara in the middle of the investigation trying to find a killer. Suspects from the upper level of Society as well as the splashy theatre community and business districts lead them on a chase of danger and peril.

Absorbing and thrilling. These mysteries and investigations always amaze with the depth of knowledge and connections both Niall and Kara have as well as how much of that detail has me visualizing the scenes and action. One scene that had me chuckling was when the maids were peaking at Niall when he was working on his art at the forge. With his shirt off. Scandalous! Another vivid scene for me was Josie with her guitar in the jail cell. I won’t say more since I don’t want to spoil anything.
A must for anyone that has started the series or likes a mystery that’s not all cyberspace.

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Dragonblade Publishing.
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Madison_Fairbanks | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Mar 31, 2024 |
Yet another outstanding entry into this author’s cozy mystery series, The Kier and Levett Mysteries. It has the perfect balance of mystery and romance and will keep you glued to your chair throughout. If you read the last book, you will know there was a shocking revelation about Niall’s parentage. Well, there is a shocking revelation in this book as well, but I won’t tell you what it is – you’ll just have to read it to see.

Josie Lowe, who helped save Niall’s bacon when he was captured by those nasty League men weeks ago, now needs saving. Josie’s riveting voice has been pulling patrons into the Rogues Hideaway for a while now and when she sings, the audience is rapt. They love her, and her wealthy patron, Mr. Frederick Cole, attends every performance. However, things change swiftly when, directly after her performance, Mr. Cole dies of poisoning and Josie is arrested for his murder.

With his ruthless business practices, Mr. Cole had no shortage of enemies, but would they be willing to kill? One of them must have because it surely wasn’t Josie. Could it be the wife who isn’t grieving at all? Perhaps it was the business partners whom he had made insanely rich, but who wanted more/different things? Could it be his illegitimate son who owns the Rogues Hideaway? With his acerbic personality, it could be anyone in London!

Kara and Niall have their work cut out for them when it comes to solving the mystery – but what of their romance? Well, Kara is ready to go forward, but Niall is still dragging his feet. Not that he doesn’t love Kara and wants to marry her – NO – it is that after the revelations about his parentage, he is afraid there may be reprisals against him and he doesn’t want anyone coming after Kara. So, no wedding in this book and I’m beginning to think there is a ‘no wedding’ theme here. 😊 I’m sure they’ll marry – I’m just not sure when. Do you realize Kara will become Kara Kier when they marry? Try saying that name quickly several times without putting a smile on your face. 😊 It sort of sounds medicinal, doesn't it? :)

I would love it if this became a long-running series, but that is up to the author and the publisher. I do wish they would get on with the wedding though as I would love to see them work on cases as a married couple and see how the dynamics of that relationship will work. I’d also like to see some stories where Niall’s past isn’t an issue woven throughout. However – none of that keeps me from absolutely loving the series. The writing is excellent, the mystery is engrossing and will keep you guessing, and we get to know the characters better and better with each new entry. I can hardly wait for the next book in the series – Carnage From The Cursed Crown. Oh! Doesn’t that sound exciting?

I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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BarbaraRogers | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Mar 27, 2024 |
Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness by Deb Marlowe
Half Moon House series #1.7. Historical romance novella. Can be read as a stand-alone.
Viscount Brodham, Simon Lansing, doesn’t trust Miss Liberty Baylis from America. He’s had years of experience in helping people keep secrets and avoiding scandal. So, of course, he’s going to help his nephew from the scandal of woman advertising her need to see Peter again. Liberty just wants to help Peter and Felicity be together and spinning Simon in circles is just entertaining enough to made the dull London season worth staying for.

Simon and Liberty are like fire and water, sparking off each other, and trying to get the best of the other. Within the means of society, of course. At least while they are in public. Who can resist a hedge maze? Sometimes talking needs to be done with kisses.
Appealing with a great wrap up.
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Madison_Fairbanks | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Feb 10, 2024 |


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