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John Williams (3)

Diese Seite beinhaltet den Autor von Star Wars: A New Hope: Original 1977 Motion Picture Soundtrack.

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John Williams was born February 8, 1932 in Floral Park, Long Island, New York. Williams discovered music almost immediately, as the son of a percussionist for CBS Radio and the Raymond Scott Quintet. He moved to Los Angeles in 1948, and started experimenting with arranging tunes; at age 15, he decided he was going to become a concert pianist; at 19 he premiered his first original composition, a piano sonata. Williams attended both UCLA and the Los Angeles City College, studying orchestration under MGM musical associate Robert van Eps while being privately tutored by composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. He conducted for the first time during a three year stint in the U.S. Air Force. After he returned to the states, he went to Julliard, where renowned piano pedagogue Madame Rosina Lhevinne helped Williams hone his performance skills. He played in jazz clubs to pay his way. Williams found work with the Hollywood studios as a piano player, eventually accompanying such fare such as the TV series "Peter Gunn", South Pacific, Some Like It Hot, The Apartment, and To Kill a Mockingbird. At age 24, Williams became a staff arranger at Columbia and then at 20th Century-Fox. The orchestrating gigs led to serious composing jobs for television, notably "Gilligan's Island", "Lost in Space" and his Emmy-winning scores for Heidi and Jane Eyre. Daddy-O and Because They're Young brought his original music to the big theatres, but he was typecast doing comedies. The Reivers is what caught the ear of director Steven Spielberg, then preparing The Sugarland Express. When Spielberg reunited with Williams on Jaws, Williams gained his first Academy Award for Original Score, and Spielberg promptly recommended Williams to a friend, George Lucas. Star Wars became the best selling score-only soundtrack of all time. For the next five years, Williams wrote big scores for big films, including The Fury, Superman, 1941 and Raiders of the Lost Ark. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial brought about his third Oscar, and The River, Empire of the Sun, The Accidental Tourist, and Born on the Fourth of July were also hits, but Williams returned to television with work on Amazing Stories and themes for NBC, including NBC Nightly News. Williams intended to retire during the 1990s, particularly after Jurassic Park and the Oscar-winning Schindler's List, but he went on to produce scores for two Home Alone films, JFK, Nixon, Sleepers, Seven Years in Tibet, Saving Private Ryan , Angela's Ashes , and a return to familiar territory with Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace. His relationships with Spielberg and Lucas continue in Artificial Intelligence: AI, the remaining Star Wars prequels, Minority Report, Catch Me If You Can, and a promised fourth Indiana Jones film. One highlight is his musical magic for the world of Harry Potter, which he also arranged into a concert suite geared toward teaching children about the symphony orchestra. Williams was conductor of the Boston Pops for 12 years, as well as working extensively with the London Symphony Orchestra. He currently serves as the Pop's Conductor Laureate. Williams is the most Oscar-nominated living individual, with an astounding 41 nominations. In 2003 his total increased to 42, after receiving a nomination for Catch Me If You Can. He is the composer of the biggest-selling instrumental single of all-time, and the only one to be officially awarded Platinum status for Star Wars Theme and Cantina Band. Williams has earned more than twenty Gold and Platinum Records, two Emmys, three Golden Globes, 18 Grammys, National Board of Review (including a Career Achievement Award), 6 Saturns, and 7 BAFTA citations, along with honorary doctorate degrees numbering in the teens. (Bowker Author Biography)
— Biografie von Star Wars: The Phantom Menace (Piano/Vocal/Songbook)
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3. The most prolific "author" here on LT is the US composer, John Towner Williams b. 1932. Do not confuse with the Australian guitarist in 32.

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