World Reading Circle

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Join us on a journey of sharing the joys of discovery that reading a good book can bring.

Unlike traditional reading circles, in this group we don't all have to be reading the same book. The idea behind our group is that as we read, we share our thoughts and the feelings evoked by the experience and so share the experience of the book itself with everyone around us.

Readers can share any book they are reading at the moment, or request help in picking a book the group finds interesting. All we ask is that you post book title and author in the subject, then share quotes, themes, ideas and moments within the book that have moved you on any one day. You can share anything from "I was listening to this music while I was reading today and it brought the subject to a whole new level!" to "I started on page 50 and struggled my way all the way to page 75 before I finally gave up for the evening." It's a much different way of recommending a good read than writing a straight review. And as we hope to keep each thread about one individual book, it will cut down on the pages and pages of chatter that sometimes pop up when reading groups do massive book sharing events.

This is a free and easy going group, one we hope will provoke some interesting discussions as well as simply being a vehicle for sharing what we're reading right now. If you're not sure how to begin, check some of the older posts, but do come and sit with us as we discuss the many worlds we hope to encounter together.

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Storm Front, Jim Butcher5 ungelesen / 5Rhondavu, Juni 2018
The Witch of Blackbird Pond, Elizabeth George Speare1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2014
The Lowland, Jhumpa Lahiri1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2014
State of Wonder, Anne Patchett1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2014
Do You Speak American?, Robert MacNeil2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2014
On the Map, Simon Garfield1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Juni 2014
A Prisoner of Birth, Jeffrey Archer1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Mai 2014
Accordion Crimes, Annie Proulx1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Mai 2014
American Gods - Neil Gaiman2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Mai 2014
Concert of Ghosts, Campbell Armstrong1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, April 2014
Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, Jean Lee Latham1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, April 2014
Alias Grace, Margaret Atwood2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, April 2014
The Idea Factory, Jon Gertner2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, März 2014
The Hundred Secret Senses, Amy Tan4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, März 2014
Trapped Under the Sea, Neil Swidey1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Februar 2014
A Long Way Gone, Ishmael Beah2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Januar 2014
The Smithsonian, James Conaway2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Januar 2014
Jacob Have I Loved, Katherine Paterson1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Januar 2014
The Black Stallion Series, Walter Farley1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Januar 2014
Fugitive Pieces, Anne Michaels2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Januar 2014
Broken, Karin Fossum2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Januar 2014
Purple Hibiscus, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Januar 2014
Stolen World, Jennie Erin Smith1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Januar 2014
The Twelfth Imam, Joel C. Rosenberg1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Boy in the Suitcase, Lene Kaaberbøl1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Cricket in Times Square, George Selden1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Beofulf on Film, Nickolas Haydock2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Dezember 2013
Diary of a Nobody, George Grossmith1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
The 11th Floor, Charles Culver1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Dun Lady's Jess, Doranna Durgin1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Rough Passage to London, Robin Lloyd1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Butterfly Mosque, G. Willow Wilson2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Dezember 2013
Wyvernhail, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Rascal, Sterling North1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Fifth Column: Nazi Gold, JB Tilton5 ungelesen / 5mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Royal Physician's Visit, Per Olov Enquist1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Home, Marilynne Robinson2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Dezember 2013
The Forgiven, Lawrence Osborne1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Johny Tremain, Esther Forbes1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Dezember 2013
Acts of Faith, Eboo Patel1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, November 2013
The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food, Judith Jones2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, November 2013
Unless, Carol Shields2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, November 2013
Wolfcry, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, November 2013
Ravel, Jean Echenoz1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, November 2013
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close A Novel, Jonathan Safran Foer2 ungelesen / 2cedargrove, Oktober 2013
Win, Place, or Die, Les Roberts2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Oktober 2013
Protector, Vanna Smythe2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Oktober 2013
Enterprise: A Choice of Futures, Christopher L. Bennett1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Oktober 2013
The List Game2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Oktober 2013
The Dawn Stag, Jules Watson3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, Oktober 2013
The Elephant's Journey, Jose Saramago1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Oktober 2013
Protector, by Vanna Smythe1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Oktober 2013
Raziel's Shadow, Joseph Robert Lewis2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Oktober 2013
Public Garden Penny, Daniel Kelley1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Oktober 2013
Vanishing Vic Viper Snake, Wendy Stredder2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, Oktober 2013
Metal and Flesh, Endi Webb1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, Oktober 2013
The Elephant's Journey, Jose Saramago1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, September 2013
The Ninth Daughter, Barbara Hamilton1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, September 2013
The Snake Charmer: A Novel, Sanjay Nigam2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, September 2013
Dragonwings, Laurence Yep2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, September 2013
The Book of Color, Julia Blackburn2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, September 2013
Talking to the Dead, Helen Dunsmore3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, September 2013
Property, Valerie Martin2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, September 2013
The Eighth Continent: Life, Death and Discovery in the Lost World of Madagascar, Peter Tyson4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, September 2013
Falcondance, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, September 2013
My Father's Dragon, Ruth Stiles Gannett1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
Salt, Amy K. Marshall1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
Sinai, William Smethurst3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
(M91'12) A Latent Dark, Martin Kee3 ungelesen / 3marlanesque, August 2013
The Almond Tree, Michelle Cohen Corasanti2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
The Wall, Marlen Haushofer2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
The Iron Duke, L. Ron Hubbard1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
(M57'12) The Sons of the Wind, D.M. Dooling7 ungelesen / 7mirrani, August 2013
The White King, György Dragomán1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
The Short History Of A Prince, Jane Hamilton2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
Seventh Son, Orson Scott Card3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
Snakecharm, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze, Elizabeth Foreman Lewis1 ungelesen / 1mirrani, August 2013
On Gold Mountain, Lisa See2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
The Ventriloquist's Tale, Pauline Melville2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
Strawberry Fields, Marina Lewycka2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
The Donors, Jeffrey Wilson3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
(M35) Guardian of the Vision, Irene Radford11 ungelesen / 11mirrani, August 2013
The Land of Oz, L. Frank Baum4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz, L. Frank Baum4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
(M118'12) A Year With Aslan3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
Throne of the Crescent Moon, Saladin Ahmed4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
Scots on the Rocks, Mary Daheim4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
In The Beginning: Through A Snake's Eyes - Artie Sieven4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
Rifles for Watie, Harold Keith5 ungelesen / 5mirrani, August 2013
The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee, Jared Diamond3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
The Fourth Circle, Zoran Zivkovic4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
Snake Skin, CJ Lyons4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
Angel of Vengeance, Trevor O. Munson4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
(M112'12) Hawksong4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
(M108'12) The White Stallion, Elizabeth Shub3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
(M109'12) From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, E. L. Konigsburg4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
(E35'12) Sanctus - by Simon Toyne3 ungelesen / 3mirrani, August 2013
(M104'12) The Neverending Story, Michael Ende4 ungelesen / 4mirrani, August 2013
(E22-12) Seize the Fire (Typhon Pact #2) - by Michael A Martin2 ungelesen / 2mirrani, August 2013
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