International Relations

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Ever lose yourself in an issue of "International Security" or "Foreign Affairs"? Ever stay up late devising solutions to conflicts in the Middle East or arguing about the rise of China or the consequences of nuclear proliferation? Ever heard of Kenneth Waltz, Robert Keohane, John Mearsheimer, E.H. Carr, Stephen Walt, Peter Katzenstein, Robert Powell, Duncan Snidal, Jack Snyder, or James Fearon? Ever admired the work of great statesmen (such as Otto von Bismarck, honored in the group's photo), been fascinated by the intrigues of diplomacy and institutions, or weighed the relative merits of "realism" and "idealism"?

If so, you know who you are - and this group is for you.

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Egypt: Coup, Yes or No?1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Juni 2012
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Who Are the Moderates in Egypt?2 ungelesen / 2Bretzky1, April 2012
Indo-Pakistani Trade Relations1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, April 2012
North Korea's Nuclear Program2 ungelesen / 2Bretzky1, März 2012
India's Military4 ungelesen / 4HectorSwell, März 2012
What About Syria?23 ungelesen / 23Bretzky1, März 2012
Hong Kong: The Downfall of the CCP?1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, März 2012
Egyptian-Israeli Relations1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, März 2012
Gallup Poll on US Military Power5 ungelesen / 5Bretzky1, März 2012
The Obama Doctrine1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, März 2012
Possibility for U.S.-China Military Conflict1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Scottish Independence1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Fareed Zakaria's Take on an Israeli Preemptive Strike on Iran3 ungelesen / 3Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Robert Kagan on Why the World Needs America3 ungelesen / 3krolik, Februar 2012
Is Iran Trying to Build Nuclear Weapons?1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Andrew Bacevich on the War Formerly Known as the Global War on Terrorism1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
U.S. Aid to Egypt and the Camp David Accords1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Balochistan Bill1 ungelesen / 1Bretzky1, Februar 2012
Middle East uprisings3 ungelesen / 3RichardGuthrie, Februar 2011
Iran 1953 Coup2 ungelesen / 2Doug1943, August 2008
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The Logic Behind Israel's West Bank Settlements.12 ungelesen / 12enthymeme, Mai 2007
Putin's remarks6 ungelesen / 6Doug1943, Mai 2007
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