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Recommendations for bookstores for out-of-towners.

I have had occasion to do a bit of traveling lately. When I reach my hotel, I pull out the phone book and look under 'Books' (and related headings) in the Yellow Pages. I write down the addresses, phone numbers, hours of operation of selected bookstores, and then try to determine their general location on the map given to me by the car rental company. Then, when I have time, I try to find these places. I usually don't make it to even half of the ones I select, and a lot of times, they weren't worth the trip anyway. Occasionally, I find a real gem.

What I'd like to see this Group become is ~THE PLACE TO GO~ to cut out a lot of the work I described above.

I want to know where you found that most treasured tome. Which bookstore has the best atmosphere for spending hours browsing the shelves? Which place has the best selection of books? What is your favorite place to get (insert-genre-here) books (there could be several...) and why? I'm interested in "places to go", not "places to avoid".

PLEASE BEGIN EACH SUBJECT LINE with State, City, Bookstore -- Later on, you can then click on "Topic" heading, and they'll all list geographically for you.

Of course, that presumes that the majority of posts will be for bookstores in the U.S -- otherwise, begin with Country first. Then feel free to rave to your heart's content.

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Wyoming, Lander & Rawlins3 ungelesen / 3SaintSunniva, Juli 2014
Michigan, Traverse City, Horizon Books3 ungelesen / 3tymfos, März 2014
Detroit, Michigan2 ungelesen / 2tymfos, März 2014
Petition to save Rizzoli1 ungelesen / 1ziska, Januar 2014
Merrill's Bookshop, Hallowell, Maine1 ungelesen / 1BeauxBooks, August 2013
New Hampshire--Marborough (just outside of Keene) Homestead Books4 ungelesen / 4rsubber, Februar 2013
Philadelphia, PA, Joseph Fox Bookshop3 ungelesen / 3bostonbibliophile, Januar 2013
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Connecticut, Books in Barns6 ungelesen / 6benjclark, Oktober 2011
Ft Myers Florida area1 ungelesen / 1benjclark, Juli 2011
New York, NYC, Argosy Book Store4 ungelesen / 4bostonbibliophile, Juli 2011
TN, Knoxville, McKay's Used Bookstore1 ungelesen / 1merideth1775, März 2011
California, Grass Valley, Aames and Booktown Books2 ungelesen / 2mkboylan, März 2011
New Jersey, Montclair, Montclair Book Center3 ungelesen / 3Hagelstein, Februar 2011
Maryland, Baltimore, The Book Escape & Red Emma's1 ungelesen / 1AngeleDawn, Januar 2011
Minneapolis, MN, Biermaier's Books, Cumming's Books Bite the Dust1 ungelesen / 1LamSon, Dezember 2010
California, San Jose, Recycle Books1 ungelesen / 1nemoman, November 2010
MN, Minneapolis, Uncle Hugo's and Uncle Edgar's8 ungelesen / 8brightcopy, Februar 2010
WA, Vancouver, Cover to Cover Books1 ungelesen / 1CarolO, Februar 2010
WA, Seattle (actually Lake Forest Park), Third Place Books2 ungelesen / 2whitetara, September 2009
Santa Fe New Mexico - Collected Works1 ungelesen / 1misericordia, September 2009
Richmond, Virginia: Black Swan Books1 ungelesen / 1BeauxBooks, September 2009
California, Santa Barbara. Chaucers1 ungelesen / 1nemoman, August 2009
South Dakota, Custer, Readers' Retreat Bookstore3 ungelesen / 3SaintSunniva, August 2009
Reminisce about shuttered bookstores21 ungelesen / 21lquilter, August 2009
Montreal, Canada : Biosfaire1 ungelesen / 1jefflavoie, Juli 2009
California, Petaluma, Copperfield's Books1 ungelesen / 1SaintSunniva, Juli 2009
San Francisco4 ungelesen / 4MissDotty, Juni 2009
Evanston, Illinois - used bookstore5 ungelesen / 5JolieLouise, März 2009
Bookstore Photos6 ungelesen / 6mstrust, Januar 2009
Ireland, Galway, Kennys Bookshop and Art Galleries1 ungelesen / 1CarolO, Januar 2009
WA, Seattle, Wide World Books and Maps1 ungelesen / 1CarolO, Januar 2009
Washington - Seattle - Ravenna Third Place Books2 ungelesen / 2CarolO, Januar 2009
Seattle, Washington10 ungelesen / 10maggie1944, Oktober 2008
Colorado, Steamboat Springs2 ungelesen / 2misericordia, September 2008
New York City - Strand Annex Closing2 ungelesen / 2LamSon, August 2008
Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver - Book Warehouse2 ungelesen / 2betterthanchocolate, April 2008
Utah - Salt Lake City - Sam Weller's Zion Bookstore4 ungelesen / 4Makifat, März 2008
Healdsburg, CA Copperfield's1 ungelesen / 1winecat, März 2008
Wyoming, Cheyenne, Phoenix Books & Music1 ungelesen / 1misericordia, März 2008
Oregon - Portland - Powell's!!!9 ungelesen / 9oregonobsessionz, Februar 2008
Texas, Austin, Book People, 6th St and Lamar4 ungelesen / 4AnnaClaire, Februar 2008
Berkeley, California4 ungelesen / 4tom1066, Januar 2008
New York City, The Strand20 ungelesen / 20aluvalibri, Januar 2008
Olympia, Washington, Orca Books1 ungelesen / 1ostrom, Januar 2008
Tacoma, Washington1 ungelesen / 1ostrom, Januar 2008
Maryland, Baltimore, BookThing1 ungelesen / 1melannen, Januar 2008
New York, Hillsdale, The Book Barn1 ungelesen / 1CEP, Oktober 2007
New Jersey, Cream Ridge1 ungelesen / 1pomonomo2003, Oktober 2007
Oregon - Portland - a few more3 ungelesen / 3RoseCityReader, Oktober 2007
Ontario, Toronto, Mabel's Fables2 ungelesen / 2betterthanchocolate, Oktober 2007
volusia county, florida1 ungelesen / 1andyray, Oktober 2007
Canada, Ontario, Toronto, BMV Bookstore5 ungelesen / 5wosret, September 2007
MA, Cambridge, Grolier Poetry Book Shop2 ungelesen / 2Irisheyz77, September 2007
Ohio, Cleveland, Loganberry Books3 ungelesen / 3DaynaRT, August 2007
Small towns, independent bookstores3 ungelesen / 3oregonobsessionz, August 2007
Conyers, GA - Tattersall's1 ungelesen / 1hobbitprincess, August 2007
West Virginia, Upshur Co., Buckhannon, Books,Books,Books2 ungelesen / 2hobbitprincess, August 2007
New York, NYC, Morningside Books4 ungelesen / 4rebeccanyc, August 2007
Italy, Bologna, Feltrinelli International4 ungelesen / 4TheTwoDs, August 2007
California, San Francisco, William Stout Architectural Books1 ungelesen / 1hexmap, Juli 2007
Washington, Seattle, Elliott Bay Book Company2 ungelesen / 2aluvalibri, Juli 2007
Italy, Florence, English Bookstores1 ungelesen / 1nemoman, Juli 2007
Italy, Bologna, Feltrinelli International1 ungelesen / 1nemoman, Juli 2007
California, San Diego1 ungelesen / 1nemoman, Juli 2007
Detroit, Michigan: John King Used Books8 ungelesen / 8vpfluke, Juli 2007
Iowa and South Dakota1 ungelesen / 1bookworm12, Juli 2007
Washington, Seattle -- Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers1 ungelesen / 1WholeHouseLibrary, Juli 2007
Singapore/International/Online - EbookCrescent.com2 ungelesen / 2WholeHouseLibrary, Juli 2007
Florida - Jax & St Pete2 ungelesen / 2andyray, Juni 2007
Canada, Ontario, Toronto, TYPE Books2 ungelesen / 2betterthanchocolate, Juni 2007
Ontario, Toronto, Eliot's Bookshop3 ungelesen / 3Autodafe, Mai 2007
Peekskill, New York: Bruised Apple Books3 ungelesen / 3bleuroses, Mai 2007
Bay Area Bookstores, California9 ungelesen / 9aluvalibri, April 2007
New Mexico, Santa Fe, Books & More Books1 ungelesen / 1misericordia, April 2007
New Mexico, Santa Fe, Garcia Street Books1 ungelesen / 1misericordia, April 2007
Colorado, Denver, Tattered Cover3 ungelesen / 3misericordia, April 2007
New Hampshire...2 ungelesen / 2Bookmarque, März 2007
Oregon - Portland - oldimprints.com1 ungelesen / 1oregonobsessionz, März 2007
Wisconsin, Milwaukee -- Renaissance Book Shop - 834 N Plankinton Ave7 ungelesen / 7ExVivre, Februar 2007
New York, NYC, Three Lives & Company2 ungelesen / 2aluvalibri, Februar 2007
Australia, Melbourne, Grub Street Bookstore1 ungelesen / 1ryn_books, Januar 2007
California, San Francisco, Green Apple Books1 ungelesen / 1pechmerle, Januar 2007
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