Purely Programmers

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A group for programmers, software developers and those interested in computer languages. Or just those who have books on the subject.

ThemaThemaBenachrichtigungenLetzter Beitrag 
Sorting through programming books6 ungelesen / 6kiparsky, Mai 2020
Recommendations on books on Parsing Techniques and Context-Free Languages6 ungelesen / 6SamHobbs, August 2017
I'm looking for a new language21 ungelesen / 21SamHobbs, August 2017
Reverse engineering algorithms?6 ungelesen / 6timspalding, August 2015
Most Useful Programming Languages44 ungelesen / 44vy0123, Dezember 2013
Ruby books8 ungelesen / 8crisafugate, Mai 2013
Which LISP?19 ungelesen / 19crisafugate, Mai 2013
Not quite believing him...3 ungelesen / 3dukedom_enough, Februar 2012
beautiful bug4 ungelesen / 4PaulFoley, Februar 2012
Keeping track of on/offs without index-only tables?3 ungelesen / 3PaulFoley, September 2011
Any good books on data structures5 ungelesen / 5bvs, September 2011
Starting to lay out a web app and need to decide on language11 ungelesen / 11frogman2, März 2011
LibraryThing Developer Profile suggestion2 ungelesen / 2AbeerHussain, Januar 2011
Made my day4 ungelesen / 4Amtep, Mai 2010
history of computing10 ungelesen / 10kukulaj, April 2010
bathsheba.com is looking for a business manager3 ungelesen / 3sunny, Januar 2010
iPhone / iPod touch drone1 ungelesen / 1sunny, Januar 2010
Lean Development5 ungelesen / 5RoboSchro, Oktober 2009
looking for a good wpf book1 ungelesen / 1ethanw, September 2009
mashups and web services1 ungelesen / 1Willie_Dynomite, September 2009
building a website need advice2 ungelesen / 2Makis, September 2009
Ajax, Web 2.0, and a little .NET?5 ungelesen / 5Makis, September 2009
Most common repeated strings10 ungelesen / 10Makis, August 2009
Survey of Programming Languages7 ungelesen / 7bvs, Juli 2009
R books3 ungelesen / 3kevinmcguinness, Juni 2009
random reading6 ungelesen / 6MMcM, Mai 2009
programming interview books7 ungelesen / 7jrandrews, Mai 2009
New to coding7 ungelesen / 7jrandrews, Mai 2009
Recreational programming!23 ungelesen / 23timspalding, April 2009
A newbie's question10 ungelesen / 10utoxin, Februar 2009
My new favorite language2 ungelesen / 2sarahemmm, Dezember 2008
asp.net3 ungelesen / 3zwoolard, November 2008
COBOL vs Teh Governator5 ungelesen / 5WholeHouseLibrary, August 2008
LibraryThing 1 / Gmail 05 ungelesen / 5timspalding, August 2008
Help on a book-titles algorithm16 ungelesen / 16lilithcat, Juli 2008
Outlook tasks5 ungelesen / 5mirmir, Mai 2008
Next programming book29 ungelesen / 29modalursine, Januar 2008
Open Source Software for small libraries?3 ungelesen / 3PaulFoley, Januar 2008
VBA and SQL book recommendations3 ungelesen / 3M_Bartley, November 2007
Can you donate any technical books to Vanuatu?1 ungelesen / 1felius, Oktober 2007
Hierarchical Tags??3 ungelesen / 3s_givon, April 2007
"Auto-tagging" - Take existing tags to tag your books12 ungelesen / 12QuesterofTruth, März 2007
Interesting uses of the LibraryThing data?4 ungelesen / 4WorldMaker, März 2007
All time favourite programming book1 ungelesen / 1tfhank, Januar 2007
Purely Programmers Message Board34 ungelesen / 34serbook, Januar 2007
studying LT members' use of tags7 ungelesen / 7WhimsyWinx, November 2006
A picture for the group page16 ungelesen / 16felius, August 2006
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