Current Events

Diese Gruppe ist offiziell eingeschlafen. Sowas passiert. Wie du die Gruppe wiederbeleben oder eine neue Gruppe zum selben Thema erstellen kannst, erfährst du hier.

Current Events has to do with anything that concerns you or the world currently.

Currently there are many different groups on LT, but with this group feel free to focus your laser like critical thinking skills, and of course charm, on a broad array of different topics in one group.

There are many polymaths on LT and this group affords them, and the rest of us, the chance to learn from others who know, and teach others who don't know.

Let people know about a topic in which you are very knowledgeable.


Let people know topics you want to learn more about.

Enjoy the journey!

Discussions should be conducted without fondness for dispute or desire for victory -Ben Franklin

ThemaThemaBenachrichtigungenLetzter Beitrag 
Science9 ungelesen / 9proximity1, April 2019
Psychology6 ungelesen / 6proximity1, März 2017
Television shows71 ungelesen / 71varielle, Dezember 2016
Tai chi or T'ai chi ch'uan or Taijiquan17 ungelesen / 17vy0123, Juli 2016
Technology22 ungelesen / 22vy0123, Juli 2016
War7 ungelesen / 7Africansky1, Juni 2016
Shooting at gay club11 ungelesen / 11DinadansFriend, Juni 2016
Health Issues10 ungelesen / 10southernbooklady, Juni 2016
Google Search: Three Black Teenagers2 ungelesen / 2DinadansFriend, Juni 2016
Politics7 ungelesen / 7dbsovereign, Juni 2016
And the fighter still remains6 ungelesen / 6John5918, Juni 2016
Harry Potter17 ungelesen / 17ABVR, Juni 2016
Sports13 ungelesen / 13DinadansFriend, Juni 2016
Entertainment9 ungelesen / 9DinadansFriend, Juni 2016
Civility3 ungelesen / 3DinadansFriend, Juni 2016
Steam Locomotives10 ungelesen / 10Urquhart, Juni 2016
Pets13 ungelesen / 13dajashby, Juni 2016
Books3 ungelesen / 3dajashby, Juni 2016
Topics for this group6 ungelesen / 6dajashby, Juni 2016
Refugees3 ungelesen / 3DoItCarl, Juni 2016
A song penned By Alrahman2 ungelesen / 2Urquhart, Juni 2016
Birds3 ungelesen / 3Urquhart, Juni 2016
Business2 ungelesen / 2dajashby, Juni 2016
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