2022 Category Challenge

In the Category Challenge, the only rule is that there are no rules. Every member sets their own categories (as many as they want, on whatever topics they want), so every member’s challenge is going to look different. Some members use the same categories every year and change the theme. Some members put aside their challenges halfway through the year and start over. Whatever works for you!

We host optional year-long theme reads called CATs and KITs, as well as a BingoDOG. The planning of these challenges begins in October 2021. See the welcome post, the pinned posts, and the list of wikis for more details.

The challenge officially starts January 1, 2022, but you’re welcome to start earlier or later!

ThemaThemaBeiträgeLetzter Beitrag 
AngeheftetAlphaKIT - Yearlong X and Z5 ungelesen / 5majkia, Samstag 9:58am
AngeheftetJanuary MysteryKit: Series89 ungelesen / 89DeltaQueen50, Sonntag 6:28pm
AngeheftetJanuary 2022 ScaredyKit-Haunted Houses60 ungelesen / 60LibraryCin, Gestern 10:27pm
AngeheftetJanuary AuthorCAT: Indigenous Writers61 ungelesen / 61sallylou61, Gestern 9:16pm
AngeheftetJanuary SFFKIT - Villain / Morally Grey35 ungelesen / 35christina_reads, Gestern 9:03pm
AngeheftetJanuary ShakespeareCAT: King Lear and Its Themes33 ungelesen / 33mathgirl40, Dienstag 7:21am
AngeheftetJanuary CATWoman -- Biography, Autobiography, Memoir41 ungelesen / 41sallylou61, Gestern 9:18pm
AngeheftetJanuary RandomKIT: Home Sweet Home75 ungelesen / 75LibraryCin, Gestern 10:27pm
AngeheftetJanuary BingoDog reads84 ungelesen / 84marell, Gestern 9:34pm
AngeheftetJanuary: What are we reading?79 ungelesen / 79rabbitprincess, Gestern 8:36pm
AngeheftetJanuary AlphaKIT: R and H60 ungelesen / 60christina_reads, Donnerstag 9:27pm
Angeheftet2022 CATWoman Linking Thread3 ungelesen / 3pamelad, Januar 13
Angeheftet2022 SFFKIT Planning Thread47 ungelesen / 47SilverWolf28, Samstag 5:45pm
Angeheftet2022 MysteryKIT Main Thread10 ungelesen / 10LadyoftheLodge, Dezember 14, 2021
Angeheftet2022 RandomKIT Main Thread12 ungelesen / 12majkia, Samstag 2:29pm
Angeheftet2022 CATWoman Planning Thread87 ungelesen / 87sallylou61, Januar 1
Angeheftet2022 AuthorCat Planning Thread64 ungelesen / 64DeltaQueen50, Samstag 2:10pm
Angeheftet2022 ShakespeareCAT Planning89 ungelesen / 89susanna.fraser, Samstag 2:44pm
Angeheftet2022 RandomKIT Planning Thread35 ungelesen / 35kac522, Dezember 12, 2021
Angeheftet2022 ScaredyKIT Planning Thread40 ungelesen / 40lowelibrary, Sonntag 3:54pm
AngeheftetMysteryKIT Planning Thread 202245 ungelesen / 45LadyoftheLodge, November 29, 2021
Angeheftet2022 AlphaKIT Main Thread16 ungelesen / 16majkia, Januar 14
Angeheftet2022 CAT Planning Thread172 ungelesen / 172pamelad, November 13, 2021
Angeheftet2022 BingoDog planning thread89 ungelesen / 89madhatter22, Januar 1
AngeheftetWelcome to the 2022 Category Challenge!106 ungelesen / 106Kristelh, Sonntag 10:33am
Cindy/LibraryCin's 2022 Reading Challenges59 ungelesen / 59LibraryCin, Gestern 10:29pm
LadyoftheLodge reads in 202280 ungelesen / 80LibraryCin, Gestern 9:40pm
Joy’s 2022 Category Challenge20 ungelesen / 20jlshall, Gestern 9:32pm
VivienneR reads the Language of Flowers130 ungelesen / 130christina_reads, Gestern 9:26pm
Sally Lou's reading in 202246 ungelesen / 46sallylou61, Gestern 9:14pm
Marell is Booked for 202252 ungelesen / 52marell, Gestern 9:03pm
Christina reads 2+0+2+2 series59 ungelesen / 59christina_reads, Gestern 8:58pm
Betty (Dudes22) Finds the Librarian In 202291 ungelesen / 91VivienneR, Gestern 8:56pm
Helenliz turns 50 pages147 ungelesen / 147rabbitprincess, Gestern 8:34pm
mstrust Invites You to Pick Your Poison178 ungelesen / 178dudes22, Gestern 7:34pm
DeltaQueen Relies on Friends in 2022 - Page 1208 ungelesen / 208mstrust, Gestern 4:51pm
Amber's (scaifea) 2022 Category Challenge75 ungelesen / 75scaifea, Gestern 3:51pm
Wytwavedarling Tries Again in 202237 ungelesen / 37whitewavedarling, Gestern 3:23pm
February AuthorCAT - 19th Century Authors17 ungelesen / 17sallylou61, Gestern 2:07pm
February Mystery Cat - Cold Crimes25 ungelesen / 25LadyoftheLodge, Gestern 2:05pm
RidgewayGirl Reads Books in 2022, Part One92 ungelesen / 92VivienneR, Gestern 2:00pm
Charl08 reads words with pictures in 202294 ungelesen / 94BLBera, Gestern 11:08am
Jennifer's 2022 Category Challenge (japaul22)49 ungelesen / 49mstrust, Gestern 11:03am
February SFFKIT - Time Travel11 ungelesen / 11ronincats, Donnerstag 8:52pm
CBL looks for balance in 202284 ungelesen / 84cbl_tn, Donnerstag 8:02pm
lavaturtle reads comics in 202222 ungelesen / 22lavaturtle, Donnerstag 6:59pm
JayneCM Reads Too Much In 202279 ungelesen / 79JayneCM, Donnerstag 6:53pm
majkia drinks tea and reads93 ungelesen / 93majkia, Donnerstag 4:02pm
Pamelad in 202295 ungelesen / 95pamelad, Donnerstag 3:38pm
Jackie's Very Hungry Cat---egory Challenge45 ungelesen / 45Jackie_K, Donnerstag 3:06pm
February AlphaKIT: A and B15 ungelesen / 15jeanned, Donnerstag 12:48pm
Click to be Admitted into VictoriaPL's 2022 Reading!86 ungelesen / 86VictoriaPL, Donnerstag 9:00am
Lisa's 2022 Category Challenge Reads39 ungelesen / 39lsh63, Donnerstag 8:14am
Tess Shops Her Shelves in 2022 Page 1139 ungelesen / 139Kristelh, Donnerstag 7:23am
casvelyn's 2022 reading67 ungelesen / 67VictoriaPL, Mittwoch 10:28pm
Crazy4reading 2022 Category Challenge22 ungelesen / 22crazy4reading, Mittwoch 8:30pm
Nickelini's Category Challenge 202255 ungelesen / 55Nickelini, Mittwoch 6:34pm
Lori's (thornton37814) Cincinnati Tribute - thread 1109 ungelesen / 109thornton37814, Mittwoch 4:01pm
Tricia is going back to categories in 202260 ungelesen / 60pamelad, Mittwoch 3:51pm
Mystery Max looks for the best of the best in 202244 ungelesen / 44LadyoftheLodge, Mittwoch 2:08pm
Kristel's "The List Goes On" in 202253 ungelesen / 53Kristelh, Mittwoch 12:13pm
lavaturtle's 2022 Category Challenge27 ungelesen / 27lavaturtle, Mittwoch 8:58am
VioletBramble's 2022 Category Challenge22 ungelesen / 22dudes22, Mittwoch 5:35am
mathgirl40's 2022 category challenge37 ungelesen / 37mathgirl40, Dienstag 10:48pm
MissBrangwen's New Chapter - I81 ungelesen / 81Tess_W, Dienstag 8:42pm
staci426 gives it another try in 202218 ungelesen / 18thornton37814, Dienstag 7:00pm
CaptainBookamir attempts a challenge 202218 ungelesen / 18thornton37814, Dienstag 6:58pm
antqueen reads through 202228 ungelesen / 28thornton37814, Dienstag 6:48pm
Cora's 2022 Challenge42 ungelesen / 42thornton37814, Dienstag 6:46pm
Dogearedcopy's 22 in '2255 ungelesen / 55thornton37814, Dienstag 6:37pm
At least Damiella can't do any worse in 202231 ungelesen / 31thornton37814, Dienstag 6:34pm
Kerry (avatiakh)'s goes to the movies again47 ungelesen / 47thornton37814, Dienstag 6:20pm
Threadnsong Reads in the 21st Century33 ungelesen / 33thornton37814, Dienstag 6:19pm
Clue 2022 Here Comes The Sun!31 ungelesen / 31thornton37814, Dienstag 5:09pm
February ScaredyKIT - Spiders, Snakes and other Creepy Crawlers13 ungelesen / 13sturlington, Dienstag 10:09am
February 2022 RandomKit28 ungelesen / 28sturlington, Dienstag 8:55am
Shannon Keeps It Simple in 2022 (sturlington)34 ungelesen / 34sturlington, Dienstag 8:48am
NinieB Enjoys the Roses in 202260 ungelesen / 60NinieB, Dienstag 12:12am
April's Final Cat Who Challenge 202243 ungelesen / 43lowelibrary, Montag 10:20pm
BeebeeReads Steps Up in 202230 ungelesen / 30beebeereads, Montag 7:31pm
February Shakespeare CAT: Much Ado About Nothing - Romantic Comedy11 ungelesen / 11LadyoftheLodge, Montag 11:59am
susanna.fraser hits the books in 202246 ungelesen / 46susanna.fraser, Sonntag 10:31pm
February CATWoman: Women in Translation18 ungelesen / 18soelo, Sonntag 2:22pm
DreamWeaver's Travel Agency36 ungelesen / 36rabbitprincess, Samstag 9:55am
koalamom in 202222 ungelesen / 22koalamom, Januar 14
lindapanzo simplifies her reading for 2022--part 146 ungelesen / 46MissWatson, Januar 14
rabbitprincess has a hard day's night in 202259 ungelesen / 59pamelad, Januar 13
Soelo tries to spread out17 ungelesen / 17soelo, Januar 13
MissWatson enjoys her elevenses71 ungelesen / 71MissWatson, Januar 13
justchris lacks imagination yet turns the pages24 ungelesen / 24justchris, Januar 11
Tafadhali's Musical 2022 Category Challenge23 ungelesen / 23beebeereads, Januar 11
Mamie Sleeps It Off in 202297 ungelesen / 97Crazymamie, Januar 11
Reading from the Heart - Julia's Category Challenge 202211 ungelesen / 11JMC400m, Januar 9
Just one of those (reading) things - Ardene's 202215 ungelesen / 15markon, Januar 9
Gloria's 2022 Category Journey8 ungelesen / 8mathgirl40, Januar 8
Leona's 2022 Reading Challenges10 ungelesen / 10mathgirl40, Januar 8
okeres 2022 CAT reading21 ungelesen / 21sallylou61, Januar 8
madhatter22 Reads Roots by Category - 2022 ed.11 ungelesen / 11beebeereads, Januar 7
Hibernator's Categories32 ungelesen / 32beebeereads, Januar 7
Pete's short story bonanza39 ungelesen / 39psutto, Januar 7
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