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Diese Gruppe ist offiziell eingeschlafen. Sowas passiert. Wie du die Gruppe wiederbeleben oder eine neue Gruppe zum selben Thema erstellen kannst, erfährst du hier.

Have you been typed using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (e.g., ENTP, ISFP, ESTJ)? Are you curious about the inner processes and outward behaviors of people quite unlike you? Do you find this kind of typing useful or confining, or both? Do Ps really have more fun?

Here is a meeting place where we can ask these questions and more of people who think like we do and others who don't. Please join the conversation.

Spotlight on: INTP The Thinker, The Wizard, David Keirsey's Architect

The INTP is capable of the purest logical thinking. Albert Einstein exemplifies this type. Cool and quiet, the INTP prefers the complex theories of her own mind to interaction with others. A fierce debater, do not challenge the assertions of an INTP unless you're willing to fight until someone's idea has been shredded and left in pieces on the floor. Not that INTPs are without their charm, they know how to use their quick wit to amuse others and break tension and they love playing games. They serve us by envisioning new models and systems that the rest of us just don't see. Where would we be without Professor Einstein?

Other Famous INTPs: Rene Descartes, Linus of Peanuts, Charles Darwin, C.G. Jung, Isaac Newton, Socrates and Midori Ito

Free online typing tests. These are not "official" MBTI, but give them a try. Same basic idea.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

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