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Diese Gruppe ist offiziell eingeschlafen. Sowas passiert. Wenn du diese Gruppe wiederbeleben oder eine neue Gruppe zum gleichen Thema gründen willst, sieh dir diese Seite an.

There is a group for the 20- and 40-somethings, so this group is for those of us in between.

This is a group for 30-something readers, writers, bibliophiles and collectors to discuss and debate our favorite and not-so-favorite texts.

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Personal library51 ungelesen / 51TJ_Petrowski, Dezember 2021
Nearing the end of my time here...5 ungelesen / 5Unreachableshelf, Oktober 2013
Wow, our most commonly shared book right now is....4 ungelesen / 4gilroy, Juni 2012
So, where is everyone?10 ungelesen / 10AnnieMod, Januar 2012
How or when do you read?18 ungelesen / 18ArchivistLady, Juli 2011
Differences24 ungelesen / 24soniaandree, Februar 2011
Anybody else like manga?6 ungelesen / 6soniaandree, Februar 2011
Who are you?35 ungelesen / 35soniaandree, Februar 2011
Re-readers?40 ungelesen / 40melodydg, April 2010
X Saves the World4 ungelesen / 4bookishbunny, Dezember 2009
999 challenge?6 ungelesen / 6Librariasaurus, Januar 2009
Holds up?14 ungelesen / 14AjaxLeRoy, Mai 2008
2007 Best of list13 ungelesen / 13sarasphere, Januar 2008
Books re-tried3 ungelesen / 3i.should.b.reading, Januar 2008
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