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Pern13 ungelesen / 13SandraArdnas, Mai 8
New Series System: Calls for Help! #299 ungelesen / 99gilroy, Mai 4
Duplicate Series? - Dresden Files5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, März 21
How to Correct Series Order5 ungelesen / 5Robertgreaves, März 8
Someone is editing series info incorrectly4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, März 4
Book listed as part of a series, but isn't6 ungelesen / 6mysterymax, Februar 22
Series to delete13 ungelesen / 13AnnieMod, Februar 15
Updating series publication dates - cached?3 ungelesen / 3ojchase, Januar 23
Somebody merged 2 series that are not the same, how to revert?5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, Januar 22
Created series title has been cancelled by someone15 ungelesen / 15ECCClibrary, Januar 19
subseries9 ungelesen / 9gilroy, Januar 17
How does one combine a series?7 ungelesen / 7LamontCranston, Januar 17
Real Books (The Real Book About...)61 ungelesen / 61Keeline, Januar 13
Kingsbridge series, chronological and published, need both?3 ungelesen / 3amanda4242, Januar 13
Author of the series "Lovers"7 ungelesen / 7MarthaJeanne, Januar 7
New series not showing in 'Series' column in 'Your books'14 ungelesen / 14gilroy, Dezember 2021
How do I correct someone's entry that makes the series title come up as part of the book title?22 ungelesen / 22r.orrison, November 2021
Collection as part of a Publishers Series?6 ungelesen / 6rretzler, Oktober 2021
What Did I Do Wrong? Vampire Inquisitor3 ungelesen / 3Robertgreaves, Oktober 2021
Slough House4 ungelesen / 4VivienneR, September 2021
Star Trek books (multiple series have been removed from)7 ungelesen / 7al.vick, September 2021
Series I am reading4 ungelesen / 4kmmsb459, September 2021
Non-Maigret4 ungelesen / 4gilroy, September 2021
How does one add a series?7 ungelesen / 7elkiedee, August 2021
"deleted" series shows up on book page, working as expected?24 ungelesen / 24MarthaJeanne, August 2021
World of Darkness and related series1 ungelesen / 1Maddz, Juli 2021
Godfather movies not a series?7 ungelesen / 7Crypto-Willobie, Juli 2021
Companion Library6 ungelesen / 6jasbro, Mai 2021
Accidentally added work to series2 ungelesen / 2MarthaJeanne, April 2021
Not all languages available in series drop down list8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Februar 2021
The Collected Works of John Piper5 ungelesen / 5JacobHolt, Februar 2021
Grouping in a publishers series3 ungelesen / 3affle, Februar 2021
How to add a republished work to a pub. series where it is already contained with an old number3 ungelesen / 3Indy133, Dezember 2020
Anyone want to create a series?3 ungelesen / 3aspirit, Dezember 2020
Remove series author?4 ungelesen / 4AndreasJ, Dezember 2020
Manga Series10 ungelesen / 10aspirit, November 2020
Best Practices23 ungelesen / 23gabriel, November 2020
Star Trek TV shows series - help3 ungelesen / 3al.vick, November 2020
am i getting it wrong?3 ungelesen / 3elahrairah, Oktober 2020
Map of stories by Anna James / Pages & Co. vol. 36 ungelesen / 6gilroy, Oktober 2020
How do you delete a series?2 ungelesen / 2gabriel, Oktober 2020
New Series for different edition?6 ungelesen / 6aspirit, September 2020
New Series System: Calls for Help!208 ungelesen / 208gilroy, September 2020
Little House13 ungelesen / 13gabriel, September 2020
series to move to publisher series #2212 ungelesen / 212supersidvicious, September 2020
Cassandra Clare series6 ungelesen / 6dfmorgan, August 2020
Landmark Series page...gone?26 ungelesen / 26lilithcat, Juli 2020
The Twelve Kingdoms4 ungelesen / 4aspirit, Juni 2020
isbn 3400004243 always goes to wrong series4 ungelesen / 4MarthaJeanne, Mai 2020
Protocol for short stories and multi-author anthologies in series3 ungelesen / 3lorax, März 2020
numbers as series title5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, März 2020
Oxford Standard Authors/ "Complete Works" - Need Guidance2 ungelesen / 2aspirit, März 2020
Advanced CK: Book vs. Video Series With Same Name5 ungelesen / 5lorax, Februar 2020
UNESCO series7 ungelesen / 7fdholt, Januar 2020
Brimax. Should this be author or publisher series?1 ungelesen / 1moekane, Oktober 2019
Question about "Selections from Paroles"18 ungelesen / 18rocketjk, September 2019
Catwoman3 ungelesen / 3LamontCranston, August 2019
Book series recommendations3 ungelesen / 3Fghjf, Juli 2019
Best in Children's Books series by Doubleday19 ungelesen / 19mrsklyoung, Juli 2019
Little Golden Books should be a piblisher's series?16 ungelesen / 16al.vick, Juni 2019
Charlie Brown's 'Cyclopedia2 ungelesen / 22wonderY, April 2019
Is there some way to combine duplicate series?9 ungelesen / 9bampton, März 2019
Same Name Series Conundrum5 ungelesen / 5andyl, Februar 2019
Great Books Series - any info?39 ungelesen / 39PhaedraB, Oktober 2018
Geographies of Justice and Social Transformation9 ungelesen / 9JerryMmm, Oktober 2018
"a very short introduction"8 ungelesen / 8lquilter, August 2018
F...c...g serie system6 ungelesen / 6whiskye, August 2018
cataloging periodicals100 ungelesen / 100Faranae, April 2018
Miss Marple Chronology5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, November 2017
Lord of the Rings films series looks a mess7 ungelesen / 7SimoneA, September 2017
Why Both?221 ungelesen / 221r.orrison, August 2017
2 editions of one book, not a series11 ungelesen / 11r.orrison, August 2017
Do these books belong in the series? Opinions please.27 ungelesen / 27GirlFromIpanema, August 2017
Could someone check this publisher series please?10 ungelesen / 10MarthaJeanne, Juni 2017
Titles Listed in Incorrect Series - Can't Fix3 ungelesen / 3AbigailAdams26, Mai 2017
Two series with same name5 ungelesen / 5marc.slingerland, Februar 2017
Which kind of series is this?11 ungelesen / 11lorax, Dezember 2016
Fox Trot vs FoxTrot3 ungelesen / 3theapparatus, November 2016
series to move to publisher series23 ungelesen / 23SimoneA, September 2016
David Balfour1 ungelesen / 1Collectorator, September 2016
Short stories within a series - my confusion6 ungelesen / 6jjwilson61, August 2016
Not a series, but a subject6 ungelesen / 6shmjay, Juli 2016
Not a series, but a subject3 ungelesen / 3MarthaJeanne, Juli 2016
Description box for Publisher Series11 ungelesen / 112wonderY, Mai 2016
Series worksheet6 ungelesen / 6Keeline, April 2016
Tintin19 ungelesen / 19rosalita, Januar 2016
Is Goodman Lectures a series?1 ungelesen / 1amarie, Dezember 2015
Hello! And, Harvard Classics help please?1 ungelesen / 1jodavid, Dezember 2015
removing common knowledge83 ungelesen / 83rosalita, November 2015
This doesn't look like a legitimate series7 ungelesen / 7rosalita, November 2015
Publisher series to move to series91 ungelesen / 91Collectorator, November 2015
The Camp Fire Girls Mega-Non-Series2 ungelesen / 2al.vick, Oktober 2015
Anyone looking for a project?28 ungelesen / 28PhaedraB, September 2015
Mrs Tim by D. E. Stevenson4 ungelesen / 4lyzard, August 2015
Art of the World - I need a list!9 ungelesen / 9KathyAnn-Appleby, Juli 2015
Why not both? (Talk feature request)4 ungelesen / 4jjwilson61, Juni 2015
Magazines3 ungelesen / 3AnnieMod, Februar 2015
The Series page of Stats/Memes1 ungelesen / 1reading_fox, Januar 2015
Why does the Brady Games series exist?5 ungelesen / 5Nicole_VanK, Dezember 2014
John Sanford's Kidd Novel series5 ungelesen / 5rocketjk, November 2014
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