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ThemaThemaBenachrichtigungenLetzter Beitrag 
AngeheftetCombining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #85180 ungelesen / 180prosfilaes, Mittwoch 8:01pm
Why I voted "no"? (tag separation/combination) #1560 ungelesen / 60karenb, Gestern 10:44pm
Split Vivian Howard1 ungelesen / 1lesmel, Gestern 10:27pm
Blocks to combining that affects large numbers of copies (Sorry, too much love!) #490 ungelesen / 90jasbro, Gestern 4:23pm
idk10 ungelesen / 10MarthaJeanne, Sonntag 3:07am
Are these the same "work?"2 ungelesen / 2Taliesien, Samstag 11:10pm
How to fix this?1 ungelesen / 1bnielsen, Samstag 5:49am
Can someone help me. I can’t get these two records of A Death Overseas to combine.13 ungelesen / 13Bettesbooks, März 21
A Brief History of Time - 2 versions, disambiguation notice?3 ungelesen / 3al.vick, März 16
The Westing Game6 ungelesen / 6AnnieMod, März 14
editions listed in a list5 ungelesen / 5EGBERTINA, März 12
Unable to add a Dutch translation to the original book5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, März 11
American Association f...8 ungelesen / 8poppycocteau, März 9
Ian Falconer clean-up3 ungelesen / 3feldamundo, März 9
Ingvard Nielsen is not the same as Yngvar Nielsen3 ungelesen / 3bnielsen, März 9
Inger Gottfridsson and Ingrid Gottfridsson are not the same person3 ungelesen / 3bnielsen, März 9
Peder Voetmann Christiansen is not the same as Harald Voetmann5 ungelesen / 5bnielsen, März 9
rikki tikki tavi3 ungelesen / 3EGBERTINA, März 8
Should this author be split?5 ungelesen / 52wonderY, März 7
The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy1 ungelesen / 1Maddz, März 4
Sarah Bailey author page(s) messed up10 ungelesen / 10Nevov, März 3
author combining issue14 ungelesen / 14waltzmn, Februar 28
Robert Musil1 ungelesen / 1Cynfelyn, Februar 28
incorrect book description8 ungelesen / 8AnnieMod, Februar 26
combining dvd's6 ungelesen / 6SandraArdnas, Februar 25
Newbie question - series with different permutations of works3 ungelesen / 3grendel92, Februar 22
Exploits of Sherlock Holmes1 ungelesen / 1Michael.Rimmer, Februar 19
The Illustrated Sherlock Holmes Treasury3 ungelesen / 3nonil, Februar 19
Linking an aliased numbered author to another numbered author?4 ungelesen / 4poppycocteau, Februar 13
Can anything be done about wrong work relationships?11 ungelesen / 11waltzmn, Februar 12
Balzac And The Little Chinese Seamstress19 ungelesen / 19krazy4katz, Februar 10
vanity fair dvd5 ungelesen / 5Petroglyph, Februar 9
a caldecott book- from list- not8 ungelesen / 8waltzmn, Februar 3
snow white caldecott4 ungelesen / 4EGBERTINA, Januar 26
2 Mark Twain works need combining1 ungelesen / 1Pranesh, Januar 20
Please vote against my bonehead suggestion #254 ungelesen / 54geophile, Januar 7
Alison Richard vs Richard Alison6 ungelesen / 6norabelle414, Dezember 30, 2022
The Avion My Uncle Flew6 ungelesen / 6EGBERTINA, Dezember 29, 2022
Combining Authors and using an alias8 ungelesen / 8karenb, Dezember 2022
Question @ combining elements of large series13 ungelesen / 13LolaWalser, Dezember 2022
Bookhouse Series Combined Incorrectly11 ungelesen / 11scott_beeler, Dezember 2022
Can someone explain this disambig notice?32 ungelesen / 32booksaplenty1949, Dezember 2022
Another HCA difficulty5 ungelesen / 5EGBERTINA, Dezember 2022
Can someone help me with my author page?6 ungelesen / 62wonderY, Dezember 2022
Combining three series4 ungelesen / 4Nevov, Dezember 2022
Author disambiguation - Mark Mills5 ungelesen / 5TonyRAlmeida, Dezember 2022
Hans C Andersen/Dulac8 ungelesen / 8EGBERTINA, Dezember 2022
Problems - author Juan González Núñez5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, November 2022
A Manual of the Writings in Middle English: Advice Requested3 ungelesen / 3waltzmn, November 2022
Camel's Lament18 ungelesen / 18EGBERTINA, November 2022
Combining Pride and Prejudice15 ungelesen / 15MarthaJeanne, November 2022
Dan Green6 ungelesen / 6Stevil2001, November 2022
not a reader's digest book5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, November 2022
boardbooks5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, November 2022
books vs books combined toys etc6 ungelesen / 6EGBERTINA, November 2022
Combining Publishers Series2 ungelesen / 2AnnieMod, November 2022
T'ai chi classics10 ungelesen / 102wonderY, November 2022
Separation request - Minions: The Rise of Gru6 ungelesen / 6Bookmarque, November 2022
norton critical editions11 ungelesen / 11AnnieMod, November 2022
In Flanders Fields8 ungelesen / 8gilroy, November 2022
the pilgrim's inn3 ungelesen / 3EGBERTINA, November 2022
book doesn't match13 ungelesen / 13Nicole_VanK, Oktober 2022
do we have a group for dis-combining? lol5 ungelesen / 5lorax, September 2022
TIMOTHY DWIGHT13 ungelesen / 13bnielsen, September 2022
george washington's world11 ungelesen / 11EGBERTINA, September 2022
Millionaires/ Third Estate8 ungelesen / 8EGBERTINA, September 2022
Help combining10 ungelesen / 10lemontwist, September 2022
aldo applesauce3 ungelesen / 3EGBERTINA, August 2022
Disambiguation notice on a deluxe edition?7 ungelesen / 7zetetic23, August 2022
false works? comic story arc combining11 ungelesen / 11zetetic23, August 2022
George And Martha9 ungelesen / 9EGBERTINA, August 2022
Need Help with ungelesen / 3ArlieS, August 2022
Trying to combine two authors4 ungelesen / 4MarthaJeanne, August 2022
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #84218 ungelesen / 218jasbro, August 2022
Combine or Not?13 ungelesen / 13Keeline, August 2022
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #82213 ungelesen / 213jade_kadir, Juli 2022
Combining/Separating (Please Fix This Book!) Request Thread #79204 ungelesen / 204jade_kadir, Juli 2022
Robert Lopshire2 ungelesen / 2norabelle414, Juli 2022
LT2 Combine page17 ungelesen / 17lorax, Juli 2022
tags - incorrect12 ungelesen / 12VicRML, Juli 2022
Separating Poe1 ungelesen / 1argyriou, Juli 2022
Mutiny on the Bounty BBC6 ungelesen / 6Stbalbach, Juni 2022
Manga Confusion1 ungelesen / 1aspirit, Juni 2022
Aaron Elkins / Aaron Elkin / Aaron Bud Elkin3 ungelesen / 3Maddz, Juni 2022
Qhe! and W.W.3 ungelesen / 3Stevil2001, Juni 2022
Books to Uncombine - work 20491773 ungelesen / 3ArlieS, Juni 2022
The City and the Pillar6 ungelesen / 6aspirit, Juni 2022
Threshold?4 ungelesen / 4aspirit, Mai 2022
Proposed Tag Separation: GLAM from glam5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, Mai 2022
Problem bad combinaison and searching to understand51 ungelesen / 51JMK2020, Mai 2022
Can you separate books within an edition?12 ungelesen / 12Nevov, Mai 2022
"Lauren Chance"40 ungelesen / 40Nevov, Mai 2022
Riley Black13 ungelesen / 13lorax, Mai 2022
Is anyone keeping a master list....289 ungelesen / 289MarthaJeanne, April 2022
Tangent: Tag love53 ungelesen / 53lilithcat, April 2022
Request for help - from an author3 ungelesen / 3RichardLong, April 2022
Can't get this one to work... (Early Reviewers the Second)4 ungelesen / 4AnnieMod, April 2022
Can't get this one to work... (Early Reviewers)8 ungelesen / 8kristincedar, April 2022
Tags to click "Yes" on (4)218 ungelesen / 218SandraArdnas, April 2022
Sammy The Seal2 ungelesen / 2norabelle414, April 2022
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