Spiritually Speaking

Diese Gruppe ist offiziell eingeschlafen. Sowas passiert. Wie du die Gruppe wiederbeleben oder eine neue Gruppe zum selben Thema erstellen kannst, erfährst du hier.

This is a place for people of differing spiritualities to meet and discuss how they relate to the Divine in their lives. Some people may follow some organized religion, while for others, the spiritual journey is very personal, and not subject to institutionalization.

The rules are simple.
Share from your heart.
Respect what other people share.
Agree to disagree.
Try to learn something new from other people.
Try to share something new for other people.

On the one hand, this is not a place to debate the validity of spirituality as a whole, or to attack people for their particular expression. On the other hand, valid questions are always welcome. If you don't understand how something works for someone, feel free to ask.

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