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For those interested in books on books (books about books), history of the book, book culture, acquisition/ownership of books, the book as object, and such related topics...

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New Stock of Bibliographies at A-Squared Books (Don Dewhirst)2 ungelesen / 2Crypto-Willobie, Oktober 2015
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The Book of William2 ungelesen / 2Keeline, Dezember 2013
A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes, and the Eternal Love of Books36 ungelesen / 36Sandydog1, Juli 2013
"Books: A Living History" by Martyn Lyons5 ungelesen / 5Diane-bpcb, Januar 2013
Digital Books Collectors1 ungelesen / 1gilma, Oktober 2012
Web Access to Topics Catering to Bibliomania.10 ungelesen / 10JimThomson, Juli 2012
The Most Beautiful Libraries of the World by Guillaume de Laubier12 ungelesen / 12JimThomson, Juli 2012
On Or About Moi's Books About Books1 ungelesen / 1moibibliomaniac, April 2012
Bathing in Books4 ungelesen / 4varielle, Februar 2012 ungelesen / 3benjclark, Februar 2012
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Popular authors who've written books about books and writing.15 ungelesen / 152wonderY, Oktober 2011
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Kids Books on Books9 ungelesen / 9librisalexandria, November 2010
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Powell's City of Books at PDX10 ungelesen / 10aluvalibri, Januar 2010
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Bound for Evil2 ungelesen / 2amandaellis, Oktober 2008
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