Sex Between the Covers

Diese Gruppe ist offiziell eingeschlafen. Sowas passiert. Wie du die Gruppe wiederbeleben oder eine neue Gruppe zum selben Thema erstellen kannst, erfährst du hier.

Sometimes classy, sometimes the low-end of the scale - but even before any written language existed, humans have seen the need to illustrate and depict acts of physical interactions and pleasures.

It can be only a vague allusion to an act, or a blunt and direct stating of one. It can inflame and anger, and while many have books that contain some element of human sexuality (both fiction and nonfiction), these are usually not the most "visible" aspect of one's library. These books can also be some of the most aesthetically beautiful in our collection.

One's appreciation for it might be blamed on a chemical imbalance, or parents, or society, but more than likely it is our own cat-like curiosity which draws us in.

Discussions might be on Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Tashen photo monographs, poetry (most of it!), instruction manuals, short stories, etc. Curl up with a book today.

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