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My school has everything blocked :( and i cant find either a manga ebook site or animesite Help?1122 ungelesen / 1122Ace_ofAnime, Gestern 12:33pm
My new to mangas3 ungelesen / 3authentic.emma, Mittwoch 12:23pm
How do you get your manga? (online, library, purchase, friends, etc.)89 ungelesen / 89idiotic, September 14
Manga ebooks20 ungelesen / 20idiotic, September 14
Your First Anime17 ungelesen / 17SqueakyChu, Juli 28
your first manga107 ungelesen / 107DoomLuz, Juli 24
This Group is Looking for an Admin7 ungelesen / 7Ryukie, Juli 1
Does anybody now a way to unblock things on your school chromebook without a proxy server or a VPN??5 ungelesen / 5AzanthielHalifax, Juni 16
help3 ungelesen / 3Zarlish, Juni 11
can't remember the name of a book4 ungelesen / 4weeaboo-boi24, Mai 23
What You Learned About from Anime or Manga: Food3 ungelesen / 3weeaboo-boi24, Mai 23
What are some good underrated horror mangas you´ve read?3 ungelesen / 3Zarlish, Mai 22
My school does not have any sites for anime were i can watch?12 ungelesen / 12Zarlish, Mai 20
my school just put out a list of blocked words and sites7 ungelesen / 7Zarlish, Mai 14
My Anime Site7 ungelesen / 7Zarlish, Mai 8
Who´s best girl10 ungelesen / 10aspirit, März 1
Any romance webtoons or comic recommendations?5 ungelesen / 5Zarlish, Februar 28
Recommend meh some good animes7 ungelesen / 7DEMON_King_Meliodas, Februar 18
we need to become more active in this place so hop in here and talk13 ungelesen / 13aspirit, Januar 3
Worst Manga/Anime23 ungelesen / 23aspirit, Januar 3
whats up with the whole student console being so powerfull in anime6 ungelesen / 6aspirit, Oktober 2020
Manga Titles You Always Anticipate22 ungelesen / 22aspirit, Oktober 2020
Manga or Comic i forgot the name of but really loved and want to read again4 ungelesen / 4justanotaku, Oktober 2020
Anime Architecture- Stefan Riekeles3 ungelesen / 3justanotaku, Oktober 2020
November featured manga: Land of the Blindfolded8 ungelesen / 8justanotaku, September 2020
The Classics3 ungelesen / 3justanotaku, September 2020
Manga Titles Worth Collecting15 ungelesen / 15mr.muffin, Juli 2017
Food in Anime/Manga - A Slightly Strage Request...39 ungelesen / 39animejelly, Mai 2017
Favorite/least pokemon you like4 ungelesen / 4Strattegif, Oktober 2016
Suggestions on collection and cataloging2 ungelesen / 2kuuderes_shadow, April 2016
Battle Royale question4 ungelesen / 4Kasaki_Yuto, Februar 2016
Summer 2015 reading list12 ungelesen / 12Helcura, September 2015
2 Years Of Anime Gashapon Capsule Toys 2000+ Yeeey! ^_^2 ungelesen / 2novelandmangacrazy, August 2015
Series of 10-20 volumes1 ungelesen / 1novelandmangacrazy, August 2015
What are good manga/anime related websites?33 ungelesen / 33kuuderes_shadow, Juni 2014
Leeds Film Festival - Anime Day7 ungelesen / 7AHS-Wolfy, Oktober 2013
Your Favorite Anime/Manga Couple23 ungelesen / 23seldombites, Oktober 2013
manga or anime?17 ungelesen / 17seldombites, Oktober 2013
Your Favorite BL Manga Title36 ungelesen / 36Tory_M, August 2013
learning to draw Manga...5 ungelesen / 5brianjungwi, Juli 2013
Manga Giveaway42 ungelesen / 42PhoenixTerran, Juni 2013
Valentine's Day is almost here12 ungelesen / 12Shadowgrey, Mai 2013
Americans/Brits in Anime?15 ungelesen / 15norways-troll1, April 2013
What manga series would your friends be most surprised that you own/have read?41 ungelesen / 41Sakerfalcon, April 2013
Your most recent manga/anime purchase262 ungelesen / 262Shalashaska, Oktober 2012
Pocky: Whats your favorite flavor?43 ungelesen / 43destiny13, Oktober 2012
I NEED NEW MANGA!!!!10 ungelesen / 10Shadowgrey, September 2012
Favorite Manga Published 2012/11/10?3 ungelesen / 3bakabaka84, August 2012
A Bride's Story by Kaoru Mori15 ungelesen / 15Sakerfalcon, Juni 2012
Manga for Morons (me)11 ungelesen / 11jambavat, Mai 2012
Kimi ni Todoke (May contain spoilers)10 ungelesen / 10zierli, Mai 2012
Trivia18 ungelesen / 18StardustLuna, April 2012
Battle Royale5 ungelesen / 5novelandmangacrazy, März 2012
Manga on E-readers: IPad/Kindle/Computer/Etc1 ungelesen / 1AmyLynn, März 2012
Stan Lee Excelsior Award for graphic novels and manga1 ungelesen / 1Echobrain, März 2012
Manga guide by No Starch Press6 ungelesen / 6novelandmangacrazy, Februar 2012
Read any good Manga's recently?48 ungelesen / 48novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2011
Help!10 ungelesen / 10novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2011
Your most recent manga/anime purchase - Thread #299 ungelesen / 99novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2011
Any series you wish was more popular/licensed?43 ungelesen / 43heatherheartsbooks, Dezember 2011
Hanasaku Iroha6 ungelesen / 6TsubasaHime, Dezember 2011
Halloween: Any manga/anime character costumes?12 ungelesen / 12Leixym, November 2011
New Series1 ungelesen / 1novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2011
Mangas in French7 ungelesen / 7novelandmangacrazy, September 2011
Manga Recommendations.14 ungelesen / 14yootah, Juli 2011
What Anime Are You Currently Watching?36 ungelesen / 36einy69, Juli 2011
APAs6 ungelesen / 6NineTiger, Juni 2011
talkin' about manga packaging and target audience13 ungelesen / 13keristars, Juni 2011
What do I do with these books?6 ungelesen / 6novelandmangacrazy, Juni 2011
Scammers take over Go Comi's former website3 ungelesen / 3novelandmangacrazy, Juni 2011
Your thoughts on Hetalia Axis Powers7 ungelesen / 7koopa752, Juni 2011
Tokyopop shutting down (USA)16 ungelesen / 16keristars, April 2011
8.9 Earthquake in Japan7 ungelesen / 7novelandmangacrazy, April 2011
Clannad!1 ungelesen / 1olivia-love, April 2011
Created a group for Light ovels1 ungelesen / 1einhorn303, März 2011
Manga Titles You Dropped20 ungelesen / 20Sakerfalcon, Januar 2011
Whats your favorite manga cover art?39 ungelesen / 39novelandmangacrazy, Januar 2011
Favorite manga that hasn't been officially published in english?20 ungelesen / 20Taigamimi, Januar 2011
Chiro Star Project2 ungelesen / 2novelandmangacrazy, Januar 2011
Christmas 2010: What anime/manga are you asking for?11 ungelesen / 11novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2010
Good Manga Series That Are Only 1-3 Volumes Long?53 ungelesen / 53novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2010
Whistle!!!!!8 ungelesen / 8novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2010
Anime/manga that everyone else seems to LOVE, but you REALLY hate?59 ungelesen / 59novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2010
What anime soundtracks do you own?25 ungelesen / 25novelandmangacrazy, Dezember 2010
i cant look at Sosuke Aizen without laughing anymore4 ungelesen / 4crazygemtrees, Dezember 2010
What manga/anime magazines do you read?16 ungelesen / 16Taigamimi, Dezember 2010
favorite authors and/or authors whose works you impulse buy16 ungelesen / 16novelandmangacrazy, November 2010
Any suggestions on what we should stock that we don't currently please...2 ungelesen / 2novelandmangacrazy, November 2010
Your Favorite Shoujo Manga69 ungelesen / 69HatsumiShinogu, November 2010
Shiawase Kissa Sanchoume3 ungelesen / 3neonazu, November 2010
do you write manga reviews on lt?6 ungelesen / 6k00kaburra, November 2010
Halloween night for the otakus3 ungelesen / 3novelandmangacrazy, November 2010
What is your next manga that you would like to purchase?68 ungelesen / 68bookwormelf, Oktober 2010
Halloween Costume?5 ungelesen / 5novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
December featured manga: Ghost Hunt21 ungelesen / 21novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
Best Manga You're Not Reading11 ungelesen / 11novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
New to you anime1 ungelesen / 1novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
Your Favorite Publishing Company10 ungelesen / 10novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
Who are your favorite characters from manga and anime?24 ungelesen / 24novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
What is your favorite manga series?97 ungelesen / 97novelandmangacrazy, Oktober 2010
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