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Have you forgotten the name of a book you once read? This group is here to help you find it again!

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AngeheftetPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!50 ungelesen / 50amanda4242, Dezember 2023
AngeheftetGeneral help and topic title change requests184 ungelesen / 184amanda4242, Gestern 10:50pm
AngeheftetAnnouncements60 ungelesen / 60Petroglyph, August 2023
AngeheftetTips for Finding Requested Books19 ungelesen / 19miss-jules, November 2023
YA/romance male is an immortal private investigator heroine goes to him for help1 ungelesen / 1melwarn, Heute 1:56am
Moose with Blueberry-stained mouth1 ungelesen / 1Lewisang22, Heute 12:51am
Harlequin historical romance1 ungelesen / 1chrissymk79, Gestern 11:56pm
1970s/80s dark thriller about kidnapped boy1 ungelesen / 1RavenLordAK, Gestern 11:42pm
Boy is taken to Magical World with a girl and man by accident1 ungelesen / 1TanjerineStella, Gestern 11:34pm
Looking for a book title of a story (possibly a series), set in space, with a blind protagonist7 ungelesen / 7keachachu, Gestern 10:34pm
Looking for a romance book, small town romance1 ungelesen / 1spildr, Gestern 6:54pm
Found: ALIEN BOOK TITLE6 ungelesen / 6vorkosigan, Gestern 5:15pm
Serial Killer Romance - Survivor turned cop6 ungelesen / 6lesmel, Gestern 5:04pm
Found: Regency Romance - Woman runs a safe house for women/kids in need4 ungelesen / 4cseastman, Gestern 2:20pm
Found: YA Historical fiction book about the Romanovs and Bolsheviks4 ungelesen / 4juels, Gestern 9:05am
ROMANCE BOOK Boy and girl are childhood friends where girl fell in love with boy but boy broke girl's heart when they were 18 years of age, they reconnected 7-8 years later and fell in love9 ungelesen / 9test3c, Gestern 4:44am
MC Romance book2 ungelesen / 2beesocks, Gestern 12:42am
Found: older MIDDLE GRADE book about SISTERS5 ungelesen / 5Aquila, Mittwoch 10:25pm
Fiction Magical Fantasy1 ungelesen / 1MrFool, Mittwoch 7:56pm
Sci fi brain/consciousness uploading of a boy3 ungelesen / 3MissSquish, Mittwoch 5:39pm
Two teens hookup and someone is murdered3 ungelesen / 3megmartin87, Mittwoch 5:19pm
YA, Sisters/twins swap lives, one fulfils dream of doing ballet8 ungelesen / 8sueelleker, Mittwoch 4:17pm
adult paperback (fiction) about a female addict3 ungelesen / 3XRRider, Mittwoch 12:33pm
1600s-1800s Fiction YA/Adult book centered around witches?3 ungelesen / 3vroni, Mittwoch 9:47am
Found: Regency romance twin/sister swap. Harlequin?6 ungelesen / 6juels, Mittwoch 9:04am
Found: Shy Black Woman With Eating Disorder4 ungelesen / 4Jaleesat1991, Dienstag 11:08pm
ya novel, kid has magic bag that's actually a room1 ungelesen / 1laniwaggoner, Dienstag 8:25pm
Character knits sweaters in amethyst and rust yarn1 ungelesen / 1Lucky270, Dienstag 6:16pm
Introvert black girl with eating disorder1 ungelesen / 1Jaleesat1991, Dienstag 3:24pm
Runner in Paris witnesses murder/violence2 ungelesen / 2pmgibson, Dienstag 2:58pm
YA- ADVENTURE PUG2 ungelesen / 2RosetheReader, Dienstag 12:10pm
Found: Romance Novel?4 ungelesen / 4vroni, Dienstag 5:54am
Romance Novel with knight in the name?2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Dienstag 4:33am
Found: YA science fiction - trip to the moon3 ungelesen / 3samspam, Dienstag 2:14am
YA horror from 90s(?) with ghost girl2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Montag 11:22pm
Vintage 40s-70s? Murder Mystery Fiction Novel1 ungelesen / 1foolish4eyes, Montag 10:57pm
Fantasy novel set in medieval period4 ungelesen / 4amarasaid29, Montag 5:31pm
Literary fiction about main character hiding hit and run2 ungelesen / 2konallis, Montag 2:54pm
short vignette (1900's) living on island in San Juan B colombia8 ungelesen / 8jimmr, Montag 11:33am
Scifi/fantasy series6 ungelesen / 6isabelx, Montag 9:35am
Unknown title of novel3 ungelesen / 3lilithcat, Montag 9:35am
80s regency romance/female baby switched at birth for a male4 ungelesen / 4juels, Montag 9:27am
Junior Kindy Picture Book - Monster involving gross feet/Shoes?7 ungelesen / 7humouress, Montag 6:55am
YA, Fantasy, around 2003-2018?14 ungelesen / 14humouress, Montag 6:31am
Set in 50s/60s? Childhood friend comes back after being sent away1 ungelesen / 1lfp315, Montag 1:36am
Found: YA? undead/vampire snow white, as told by other girl narrator15 ungelesen / 15Sen_Tuar, Sonntag 10:54pm
Illustrated Childrens Book About Forest Fires and Rebirth1 ungelesen / 1helloyesiamluke, Sonntag 10:21pm
YA fiction supernatural romance1 ungelesen / 1chaskin1, Sonntag 12:44pm
Children's book - woods painted on a door, "moonberries"1 ungelesen / 1emmamacleod, Sonntag 12:29pm
Maybe a YA mystery novel?3 ungelesen / 3humouress, Sonntag 5:09am
Children's book about sisters on a fantasy island3 ungelesen / 3konallis, Sonntag 4:16am
YA fantasy, FMC betrayed by angel MMC turned fallen5 ungelesen / 5natt0.0, Sonntag 12:26am
daddy/boy no abdl1 ungelesen / 1shadowwalker2626, Samstag 9:14pm
Kids' mystery with dog4 ungelesen / 4Timelapse, Samstag 8:51pm
Found: Death falls in love with girl9 ungelesen / 9Fercita, Samstag 12:20pm
Please Help2 ungelesen / 2amanda4242, Samstag 11:41am
Highland historical romance re: arranged marriage1 ungelesen / 1myvette73, Samstag 11:10am
Found: SciFi Circus on boats, land is scarce, there is an ocean graveyard5 ungelesen / 5vorkosigan, Samstag 12:50am
Children's book from many years ago2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Samstag 12:32am
YA Romance3 ungelesen / 3Murray712, Freitag 11:44pm
Lord of hell goes to earth, earth is actually magical realm, he goes to witch academy, he’s a teen1 ungelesen / 1Zenjiro, Freitag 11:13pm
YA/children baseball series1 ungelesen / 1e10496045, Freitag 11:02pm
Romance/ dark erotica1 ungelesen / 1bree1818, Freitag 9:24pm
SciFi, (purple???) planet, people have tails with a hook at the end1 ungelesen / 1PGHDragonsfly, Freitag 1:03pm
YA funny/Comedy Ghost Story2 ungelesen / 2Petroglyph, Freitag 11:22am
The mc has the ability to steal the power of the gods and gives them to his girlfriend, Antagonist is the earth goddess1 ungelesen / 1nightfury_70585, Freitag 6:26am
Short sci-fi story, tribe living on a plateau1 ungelesen / 1marzipanflamingo, Freitag 2:54am
Help find fantasy book series2 ungelesen / 2juels, Mai 16
Found: YASF. Teenage brother & sister and alien brother & sister save earth. Read 1959-19625 ungelesen / 5amanda4242, Mai 16
90s kid book, grandma and kid have a day out, but they can secretly fly.11 ungelesen / 112wonderY, Mai 16
Mystery, Journalist gets lost in a post-war NYC2 ungelesen / 2vorkosigan, Mai 16
Likely (possibly) children's book, Western, survivor of scalping passes out in a windstorm, early 1970s or earlier8 ungelesen / 8camerashycoco, Mai 15
Female lead vampire hybrid adult over 13 years old2 ungelesen / 2taafw, Mai 15
Found: Cult literary novel 1980s 1990s4 ungelesen / 4amanda4242, Mai 15
Contemporary romance - Rancher and stepsister10 ungelesen / 10vroni, Mai 15
Book about specific group of trees found in Nevada(?) with artwork throughout book12 ungelesen / 12rmartin6871, Mai 15
Found: YA Fantasy Female Lead6 ungelesen / 6EnaTurner, Mai 15
Contemporary western romance modern set in the 80’s or 90’s1 ungelesen / 1ecvm, Mai 14
YA fantasy "The Key"2 ungelesen / 2keachachu, Mai 14
YA Missing Teenager5 ungelesen / 5beyondthefourthwall, Mai 14
Missing the Title of the book- mystery fiction3 ungelesen / 3jhattina, Mai 14
Short story about stolen Communion wafer3 ungelesen / 3lilithcat, Mai 14
Found: Book about colour in home interior design2 ungelesen / 2ngoomie, Mai 14
searching for a book2 ungelesen / 2amanda4242, Mai 14
y/a murder mystery i think?1 ungelesen / 1LoudOtter, Mai 14
Looking for a book3 ungelesen / 3Lady_Librarian84, Mai 14
Fiction: Sleeper Agent (codeword) International chase - mainstream book1 ungelesen / 1IT3, Mai 14
Supernatural ocean ya romance2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Mai 14
Story about a guy holed up in a hotel room..5 ungelesen / 5Marie_Oliveres, Mai 13
Found: guy holed up in hotel room5 ungelesen / 5Marie_Oliveres, Mai 13
YA 70s/80s set in Greece under the Colonels4 ungelesen / 4keachachu, Mai 13
YA - Australian book about teenage girl living on the border between South Australia and Western Australia2 ungelesen / 2konallis, Mai 13
Found: Children’s series girl called Jessica(?) with a friend called Eileen3 ungelesen / 3glaciergoat, Mai 13
True life past life regression1 ungelesen / 1JTS1962, Mai 12
Looking for my dads old favorite book9 ungelesen / 9humouress, Mai 12
Found: YA About a Boy Whose Sister Dies?3 ungelesen / 3humouress, Mai 12
Everything freezes6 ungelesen / 6lilithcat, Mai 11
Child’s non fiction picture book about where people live (homes) all over the world3 ungelesen / 3slimikin, Mai 11
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