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AngeheftetPosting Guidelines--Read Me First!35 ungelesen / 35amanda4242, Mittwoch 11:23am
AngeheftetGeneral help and topic title change requests126 ungelesen / 126amanda4242, Mittwoch 10:13pm
AngeheftetAnnouncements46 ungelesen / 46humouress, August 2021
Children's book about two stone lions7 ungelesen / 7chris711, Heute 7:43pm
hello please help me3 ungelesen / 3chris711, Heute 7:41pm
Only remember the cover1 ungelesen / 1chris711, Heute 7:36pm
Book cover has a ship and a blonde boy2 ungelesen / 2chris711, Heute 7:32pm
Found: Sci Fi about replacement body parts/organs3 ungelesen / 3DeanBauer, Heute 5:11pm
Found: YA fantasy modern london setting3 ungelesen / 3eljvienna, Heute 3:45pm
Rohiatu1 ungelesen / 1Rohiatu, Heute 2:06pm
mystery/suspense, guy follows a deer to a castle on his property that is not on the map3 ungelesen / 3MiloradT, Heute 10:48am
Found: YA fantasy book female mc12 ungelesen / 12Kathy_Moon, Heute 10:13am
Book about virtual dating ???2 ungelesen / 2juels, Heute 9:34am
Found: School where kids are ranked!4 ungelesen / 4juels, Heute 9:23am
Fantasy Siblings Stop Time3 ungelesen / 3TheMonarchGamer, Heute 12:34am
hired murderer revenge his love rapist1 ungelesen / 1AleAAH, Heute 12:11am
Found: Children's picture book with wolf and fox3 ungelesen / 3morgan.pp, Gestern 10:58pm
2010s fiction set on a farm1 ungelesen / 1cwj1127, Gestern 10:26pm
Book about a girl who’s at a school for talented kids1 ungelesen / 1Kami95, Gestern 9:40pm
Girl and boy search for treasure, pre-1981 kids book8 ungelesen / 8Terby, Gestern 8:01pm
YA murder mystery3 ungelesen / 3merrystar, Gestern 7:58pm
Science fiction for teens a monkey human hybrid starts a revolt1 ungelesen / 1ratakaskuchi, Gestern 3:11pm
Fiction, Set during Ellis Island times. Trilogy?1 ungelesen / 1Natasha62, Gestern 2:11pm
Found: Fantasy, war, army run by female officers who enslave the men of defeated countries with collars controlled by magic4 ungelesen / 4humouress, Gestern 12:52pm
Found: Contemporary romance or mystery about an inherited jewel5 ungelesen / 5juels, Gestern 9:46am
YA scifi 2 girls meet (possibly) aliens1 ungelesen / 1morgan.pp, Gestern 4:15am
Found: YA mystery and romance with a ghost3 ungelesen / 3humouress, Gestern 3:03am
SOLVED: YA book girl disguised as boy sneaks onto large sailing ship3 ungelesen / 3humouress, Gestern 2:41am
Children's book (early 2000s) about kid in hospital, with aliens1 ungelesen / 1TN2021, Mittwoch 8:05pm
Early 2000s Childrens book (Aliens, Hospital, Surgery)1 ungelesen / 1TN2021, Mittwoch 3:48pm
Chapter Book with Illustrations1 ungelesen / 1StephanieGelb, Mittwoch 3:35pm
Fantasy Chapter Book about A Magical Light From 19901 ungelesen / 1StephanieGelb, Mittwoch 3:34pm
SciFi Short story about human landing craft knocked off course, must walk2 ungelesen / 2Shaggy1889, Mittwoch 12:51pm
Found: SciFi science experiment brought home turns humans into collective blob4 ungelesen / 4dukedom_enough, Mittwoch 12:11pm
Found: Western Romance Heroine named Storm4 ungelesen / 4juels, Mittwoch 10:52am
Early 20th century novel3 ungelesen / 3dukedom_enough, Mittwoch 10:29am
Book about a university girl. Hiding under an alias from a well-known guy and the media1 ungelesen / 1paigesshhh, Mittwoch 6:31am
Help3 ungelesen / 3MissSquish, Mittwoch 3:17am
YA - apocalypse, young children, puberty, religious cult2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Mittwoch 3:15am
Only remember the cover!2 ungelesen / 2SJaneDoe, Dienstag 8:54pm
Fairy Tales dress made of hair shoes dyed red from blood1 ungelesen / 1mrfirefly, Dienstag 8:02pm
Kids/teen healthfood/yoga 70s-80s3 ungelesen / 3ekhobson, Dienstag 7:55pm
YA Book with time travel and submarine2 ungelesen / 2vorkosigan, Dienstag 7:30pm
YA book where girl enters a book2 ungelesen / 2Harry_Vincent, Dienstag 5:00pm
Fiction Something like "Journey To Paradise"2 ungelesen / 2daisy_may, Dienstag 12:20pm
What is the name of this book?3 ungelesen / 3lilithcat, Dienstag 9:04am
telling time? before 19681 ungelesen / 1EGBERTINA, Dienstag 4:30am
Similar photo books to Vicky Roy's photography work on New Delhi Railway Station1 ungelesen / 1VBookworm007, Dienstag 3:23am
A man with a half-burnt face - Dark Romance2 ungelesen / 2Kashafnoor, Dienstag 2:01am
A girl trying to save her sister from a ghost/phantom/ghoul thriller mystery paranormal1 ungelesen / 1Maxton, Montag 10:35pm
A romance book about soulmates/reincarnation with an immortal male lead2 ungelesen / 2SeanMCr, Montag 9:14pm
Short story about dreams with snakes2 ungelesen / 2beyondthefourthwall, Montag 11:59am
Short story raining blood2 ungelesen / 2sneakysnek, Montag 11:28am
Fiction, set in a 2nd American Civil War2 ungelesen / 2ace433, Sonntag 11:48pm
Short Story in SciFi anthology: Human ambassador on alien planet.1 ungelesen / 1Terby, Sonntag 11:28pm
Short Story/Elderly Couple Arguing1 ungelesen / 1alyssaDos, Sonntag 10:39pm
Middle grade fake princess book3 ungelesen / 3MissSquish, Sonntag 9:37pm
Children's Picture Book.2 ungelesen / 2EGBERTINA, Sonntag 8:45pm
Thriller where hero learns to fight1 ungelesen / 1Richard_P, Sonntag 7:44pm
Western Romance1 ungelesen / 1dstoneberg, Sonntag 3:55pm
Golden fuzzies4 ungelesen / 4narvik, Sonntag 8:59am
University girl hiding from press and guy1 ungelesen / 1paigesshhh, Sonntag 7:01am
YA/NA Hero and Heroine are the only two survivors in a car accident1 ungelesen / 1fherever96, Sonntag 6:31am
Autobiographical fiction1 ungelesen / 1moniiii, Sonntag 2:02am
Historical fiction set in colonial America, read in the mid-1970s1 ungelesen / 1ihadanidea, Samstag 11:01pm
WTB with the girls in space with a cat who is really a fairy, and where one of them goes in a cryo sleep to operate a sp1 ungelesen / 1Gramdalf, Samstag 9:09pm
Found: Science fiction,accelerated life span3 ungelesen / 3narvik, Samstag 7:29pm
Fantasy Book, possibly from the 2000's-2010's.2 ungelesen / 2MissSquish, Samstag 7:03pm
Found: Help find Scifi short story title3 ungelesen / 3Techmarine01, Samstag 3:03pm
YA First-Person Zombie starring formerly vegetarian undead teen (NOT Rot & Ruin)1 ungelesen / 1r3wdy, Samstag 1:46pm
1980s childrens book roman boy ?slave3 ungelesen / 3Caramellunacy, Samstag 6:54am
Seeking Primary Source book about European who lived on South Pacific island in 19th century trading with them.1 ungelesen / 1Phalces, Samstag 2:59am
Found: Children’s Chapter Book, Young Female main character2 ungelesen / 2Marie_00, Samstag 12:15am
Short story about a wedding gift of cleaning rags2 ungelesen / 2Hope_H, Freitag 11:19pm
YA fantasy adventure book, girl and boy (twins??) girl makes a magical deal to help brother, leads a secret identity.2 ungelesen / 2jollyavis, Freitag 7:03pm
Contemporary Football Romance Girl Knows her Football College1 ungelesen / 1williamlon, Freitag 5:30pm
Children's Series About Kids With a Train Named A.L.E.C.1 ungelesen / 1BethanyAngelstar, Freitag 4:01pm
Romance landlord or property developer and woman in the building1 ungelesen / 1colourlesspilgrim, Freitag 2:05pm
It might be a YA book but the cover has two girls, one has long blonde hair and the other has brown/reddish short hair1 ungelesen / 1J.A.R., Freitag 1:53pm
1980s childrens fiction, london world war II2 ungelesen / 2rarm, Freitag 9:55am
Found: Snow buried family in house4 ungelesen / 4AnnieWildfire, Freitag 9:48am
Illustrated Kids book: Young girl, wolves, hyenas and unloving relatives1 ungelesen / 1LargenCharge, Freitag 2:38am
NF Druggie Teen + Abusive Dad1 ungelesen / 1lindenc89, Freitag 1:21am
Boy gets amnesia from ice skating1 ungelesen / 1eggsnowtwtt, Januar 13
Childhood illustrated book - travel adventure around the world4 ungelesen / 4merrystar, Januar 13
Right Hand Man, 1960s, children book2 ungelesen / 2merrystar, Januar 13
Looking for a book; don't have title2 ungelesen / 2lib.rare.ian, Januar 13
sf short story human boy and insect aliens hunt larvae12 ungelesen / 120Z, Januar 13
Girl at magic school, becomes God of the 'world' that is her tear after graduation4 ungelesen / 4keachachu, Januar 13
Children's Fairy Tale about lost boy with splinter in his finger or toe2 ungelesen / 2Wes_Librairianson, Januar 13
Looking for fantasy book that I cannot remember the title for2 ungelesen / 2vorkosigan, Januar 13
Shapeshifting monster girl falls in love with a prince3 ungelesen / 3keachachu, Januar 13
Y/A (?) dystopian or sci-fi book3 ungelesen / 3vampirehoney, Januar 13
Book Title Forgotten - Underground Realm2 ungelesen / 2juels, Januar 13
1990s era YA book about Nymph, title is the name of the Nymph...1 ungelesen / 1gallorette, Januar 13
Fantasy tale hero that ends up killing those he wanted to protect1 ungelesen / 1yumeshi, Januar 12
romance book made possibly 1970's30 ungelesen / 30lesmel, Januar 12
I've searched without any luck, please help1 ungelesen / 1rentck, Januar 12
Fiction set in Italy. Woman travels and bakes bread.1 ungelesen / 1Colleen0501, Januar 12
Children's book about two stone lions1 ungelesen / 1Bunnyfishes, Januar 12
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