Bloomsbury Group and their friends

The Bloomsbury group itself evolved out of the Cambridge Apostles, and their friends and family. I have decided to include ‘… and their friends’ as they had so many interesting friends that it would be a shame to disqualify them. I thought the threads might include discussion threads for individual members of Bloomsbury, to discuss their lives and their work, and then leave it up to this group’s members to come up with other thread topics they wanted to play in.

The core of the old Bloomsbury Group included Lytton Strachey, Clive Bell, Thoby Stevens, Maynard Keynes, Virginia Woolf (nee Stephen), Vanessa Bell (nee Stephen), E Morgan Forster, Duncan Grant, Roger Fry, Leonard Woolf, Bunny Garnet, Desmond MacCarthy and Saxon Sydney-Turner.

Among their friends were Vita Sackville West, Nigel Nicholson, Katherine Mansfield, TS Eliot, Dora Carrington and many others.

Image: Charleston House, Sussex by Caroline J McElwee

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