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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

ThemaThemaBenachrichtigungenLetzter Beitrag 
Problem to import ISBN from BNF / Sudoc6 ungelesen / 6JMK2020, Heute 12:31pm
source National Library of Australia not returning all available results?6 ungelesen / 6zetetic23, Gestern 8:45pm
MARC Import incorrectly detecting no ISBN and no other data4 ungelesen / 4zetetic23, Gestern 5:40pm
Can't access Change Cover38 ungelesen / 381666.Coffman.Library, Gestern 3:38pm
Issue Exporting MARC & Excel6 ungelesen / 6ccatalfo, Gestern 3:28pm
Alphabetize A28 ungelesen / 28AnnieMod, Gestern 3:20pm
Android App, no way to exit "edit mode"2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Gestern 11:26am
MARC Export Issue: Running a 2nd Export Error3 ungelesen / 3knerd.knitter, Gestern 10:08am
"What should you borrow" gone?2 ungelesen / 2knerd.knitter, Gestern 9:09am
The source for "Det kongelige Bibliotek" doesn't seem to work2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Gestern 8:20am
Large number of SOURCES disappearing48 ungelesen / 48kristilabrie, Gestern 8:20am
Read dates displaying incorrectly in Android app24 ungelesen / 24Petroglyph, Gestern 6:18am
Broken source? - National Library of Australia5 ungelesen / 5zetetic23, Donnerstag 11:52pm
Series touchstones do not appear in side column in Talk3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Donnerstag 9:45am
Export not working32 ungelesen / 32Alex_McCall, Donnerstag 9:36am
New tabs/pop-ups18 ungelesen / 18kristilabrie, Donnerstag 8:21am
The source for "The Royal Library of Sweden (LIBRIS)" doesn't seem to work4 ungelesen / 4ccatalfo, Donnerstag 7:43am
Wrong description on the work page2 ungelesen / 2MarthaJeanne, Mittwoch 4:21pm
Stagnant Navigation in LT App2 ungelesen / 2conceptDawg, Dienstag 4:46pm
Dates Incorrect in iOS App2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Dienstag 11:23am
ISBN correct but different book/author appears in Work Details3 ungelesen / 3EAG, Montag 2:16pm
Tags Can't Be Chosen in Android App2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Montag 9:41am
Pounds / inches Kilograms / Centimetres conversion not working correctly2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Montag 9:36am
Facebook link14 ungelesen / 14kristilabrie, Montag 7:54am
Duplicate Barcodes while using universal import.5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Montag 7:51am
Searching via CNB - Czech National Bibliography2 ungelesen / 2MarthaJeanne, Sonntag 2:19pm
problem with editing tags?4 ungelesen / 4aspirit, Sonntag 9:40am
Bug with Your Collection Filter in Your Books5 ungelesen / 5jjwilson61, Samstag 11:37am
Book Description is completely wrong for Sense & Sensibility miniseries3 ungelesen / 3MarthaJeanne, Samstag 12:13am
Gallery thumbnails no longer show in "Other Pictures"1 ungelesen / 1rodneyvc, August 4
Searching for venue in From Where? not working11 ungelesen / 11Petroglyph, August 4
Non-user profile images10 ungelesen / 10rodneyvc, August 2
Missing character/person descriptions43 ungelesen / 43PuddinTame, August 2
Book award logos7 ungelesen / 7conceptDawg, August 2
Adding from Bowker throws error3 ungelesen / 3ccatalfo, August 2
Can't change the language option of my latest review9 ungelesen / 9kristilabrie, August 1
Barcode not scanning (or scanning incorrectly) on Android2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, August 1
Invalid FONT for Tag Mirror display6 ungelesen / 6knerd.knitter, August 1
Koninklijke Bibliotheek - auto detected as not working6 ungelesen / 6davidgn, Juli 28
Can't Drag and Drop Display Styles Anymore5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, Juli 28
Buggy Behavior Saving Green (Work-Level) LCC Numbers to Black1 ungelesen / 1kristilabrie, Juli 26
Edit pencil offset4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Juli 26
Search/add to workbench/back to orig search results6 ungelesen / 6Bettesbooks, Juli 26
Series touchstones misbehaving in 'Preview'3 ungelesen / 3lilithcat, Juli 23
Preview oddity8 ungelesen / 8AnnieMod, Juli 23
Invalid Number of Books in a Tag Mirror Collection10 ungelesen / 10knerd.knitter, Juli 22
Broken Badge -- Picture Flaggers15 ungelesen / 15kristilabrie, Juli 22
Picture Flaggers badge not being awarded3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juli 22
Favorite Animal Fiction: Not Precisely a Bug, but an Irritant2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Juli 22
Typo in Rating Recommendations badge2 ungelesen / 2knerd.knitter, Juli 22
Series deleted when combining works29 ungelesen / 29supersidvicious, Juli 21
Amazon Add Books failures84 ungelesen / 84kuuderes_shadow, Juli 21
Book Cover disappearing!38 ungelesen / 38rockwellmuseum, Juli 19
Import from Italian Library National Service18 ungelesen / 18ccatalfo, Juli 19
Star rating not working?8 ungelesen / 8rosalita, Juli 18
Power Edit Not working as I expect.3 ungelesen / 3JFB87, Juli 18
Awards and Honors field looks very strange63 ungelesen / 63Cynfelyn, Juli 15
Rating recommendations badge not being awarded23 ungelesen / 23lemontwist, Juli 15
Text jumps on combine/separate page4 ungelesen / 4conceptDawg, Juli 14
MARC Export missing books?9 ungelesen / 9kristilabrie, Juli 14
No results are showing up when I try to combine series, even though there are three identical series7 ungelesen / 7IrrationalDM, Juli 12
Author name written as a book title20 ungelesen / 20loulourevisited, Juli 12
Series pages broken into two columns8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Juli 12
Author link broken11 ungelesen / 11kristilabrie, Juli 12
Weird Author Display - Pipe instead of Comma8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Juli 12
OttoBib.com has stopped operation2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Juli 12
Creating books in Cyrillic sets the Sort character incorrectly6 ungelesen / 6Antheii, Juli 12
Facebook login in cyrillic8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Juli 12
Goodreads import "to-read" books into my "read" list on LT3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juli 11
Amazon India source link broken?4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Juli 10
Citations on work page4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Juli 8
Small bug on new 2.0 user gallery page, links remaining blue2 ungelesen / 2conceptDawg, Juli 6
Egregious typo in author bio flagging4 ungelesen / 4knerd.knitter, Juli 6
bug choosing a collection and all books in charts/graphs series5 ungelesen / 5MarthaJeanne, Juli 6
Series custom groups not saving6 ungelesen / 6Nevov, Juli 6
Weird behavior of review flags10 ungelesen / 10RobertDay, Juli 5
error using power edit on the "from where" field44 ungelesen / 44jasbro, Juli 5
API doesn't work11 ungelesen / 11kristilabrie, Juli 5
Finnish Book Source - National Library of Finland - Is Broken8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Juli 5
top 1000 list6 ungelesen / 6MarthaJeanne, Juli 5
Series are getting uncombined/undeleted9 ungelesen / 9SimoneA, Juli 3
combinaison pb / impossible (same work with 2 numbers)11 ungelesen / 11JMK2020, Juli 2
Wrong book description3 ungelesen / 3MarthaJeanne, Juli 2
Remove a library - Java script2 ungelesen / 2surbhijain, Juli 2
Member covers not loading9 ungelesen / 9Bettesbooks, Juli 1
Quicklink not valid.10 ungelesen / 10kristilabrie, Juni 30
Hard to add won books to LibraryThing library7 ungelesen / 7aspirit, Juni 28
Having trouble saving edited posts5 ungelesen / 5humouress, Juni 27
Members with your Books7 ungelesen / 7waltzmn, Juni 27
CK items not showing on the Finnish LT "Your books" page15 ungelesen / 15kristilabrie, Juni 24
App only showing 4 out of 15 John Le Carre novels9 ungelesen / 9kristilabrie, Juni 24
Unable to read unreadable message8 ungelesen / 8bnielsen, Juni 24
Automatic Recommendation for a work I have11 ungelesen / 11waltzmn, Juni 23
Overcat having problems9 ungelesen / 9MarthaJeanne, Juni 22
No new posts in Pro&Con Group5 ungelesen / 5alco261, Juni 22
Harvard University returns search failed10 ungelesen / 10bnielsen, Juni 22
Books are not sorting alphabetically by title8 ungelesen / 8MarthaJeanne, Juni 22
BNF source for Universal Import11 ungelesen / 11AFBIBLIOTECA, Juni 21
"Celebrate Valentine's Day with an penguin hunt!"3 ungelesen / 3waltzmn, Juni 19
Author not associated to book5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Juni 19
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