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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

ThemaThemaBeiträgeLetzter Beitrag 
Series - Works Aren't Auto-Sorting2 ungelesen / 2amanda4242, Heute 4:23pm
Series - Work Isn't Auto-Sorting2 ungelesen / 2amanda4242, Heute 4:22pm
Diacritical marks not displaying in Languages?5 ungelesen / 5lorax, Heute 2:42pm
Tags not combined in months4 ungelesen / 4SandraArdnas, Heute 2:01pm
Recent additions not searchable in catalogue.12 ungelesen / 12jjwilson61, Heute 1:59pm
Sorting by title or author if non-latin characters are prevalent in the catalog27 ungelesen / 27Antheii, Heute 12:59pm
Clicking next in Talk leaves me at the bottom of the page2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Heute 12:57pm
Covers Disappearing5 ungelesen / 5timspalding, Heute 12:55pm
Page Counts Not Loading Into Collection8 ungelesen / 8timspalding, Heute 12:47pm
Grey checkmarks missing in touchstone list6 ungelesen / 6timspalding, Heute 11:45am
Can't Upload Cover3 ungelesen / 3timspalding, Heute 11:44am
Zeitgeist Language Page Bugs2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Heute 11:31am
Member covers are not open4 ungelesen / 4timspalding, Heute 11:29am
testing2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Heute 11:29am
ER (Early Reviewer) Books Are Not Showing Correct Covers3 ungelesen / 3fuzzi, Heute 11:28am
Group posts not appearing8 ungelesen / 8timspalding, Heute 11:28am
Wrong map location shown for Little Library venues2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Heute 11:26am
Constant 'Temporarily unavailable due to server load. Check back in a a few minutes.' Messages8 ungelesen / 8timspalding, Heute 11:09am
Entire Site Incredibly Slow13 ungelesen / 13the_red_shoes, Heute 12:34am
hredwards has a question5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Gestern 2:09pm
File of AISNs is not recognized by import4 ungelesen / 4lesmel, Gestern 1:54pm
could not add to list17 ungelesen / 17kristilabrie, Gestern 7:56am
In Relationships window, Search is broken7 ungelesen / 7karenb, Montag 10:12pm
Unable to add work to list11 ungelesen / 11elkiedee, Montag 4:42pm
Tagmashes don't work8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Montag 11:36am
Book covers stats not updating1 ungelesen / 1shadrach_anki, Montag 10:08am
Tiny Cat Transactions & Check-In2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Montag 9:39am
German National Library: add books not working2 ungelesen / 2ccatalfo, Montag 9:16am
Book 'Main Page' Showing Information for Wrong Book3 ungelesen / 3lemontwist, Sonntag 8:58am
Clearing up other language content on author disambiguation pages13 ungelesen / 13FAMeulstee, Sonntag 5:13am
Size of books imported from LoC now incorrect21 ungelesen / 21CtrSacredSciences, Samstag 10:22pm
Icon for Legacy Libraries not showing up6 ungelesen / 6timspalding, Samstag 9:52pm
search not working for work-to-work relationships3 ungelesen / 3amanda4242, Samstag 1:12pm
Entire Site Is Slow2 ungelesen / 2lilithcat, Donnerstag 5:54pm
Site Slowness2 ungelesen / 2lilithcat, Donnerstag 5:54pm
Replying to first message allows change of topic title12 ungelesen / 12lorax, Februar 23
"More" link on list pages is broken7 ungelesen / 7kristilabrie, Februar 22
CK/Cause of death field: unable to change9 ungelesen / 9karenb, Februar 22
Author gender in Stats/Memes is not working7 ungelesen / 7SirThomas, Februar 22
Brown Button Slivers12 ungelesen / 12spiphany, Februar 22
Spacing between image and title6 ungelesen / 6kristilabrie, Februar 22
Error when searching for publisher6 ungelesen / 6melannen, Februar 20
Missing Work ID89 ungelesen / 89aspirit, Februar 20
Stranded Links message should refer to new links and ignore old links21 ungelesen / 21r.orrison, Februar 20
Link returns "There is no work with that reference number."3 ungelesen / 3zeborah, Februar 20
Author page not showing listed work9 ungelesen / 9smilymoods, Februar 20
Very slow export8 ungelesen / 8bnielsen, Februar 19
Manually added book does not show up in author search or author page4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Februar 18
books selected in power edit22 ungelesen / 22melannen, Februar 16
A talk thread I started is not showing up in "Started by You"9 ungelesen / 9mahsdad, Februar 15
No author; not sure if bug or misunderstanding13 ungelesen / 13r.orrison, Februar 15
Tab Index Focus on Search Box is Unnecessary/Troublesome3 ungelesen / 3jjwilson61, Februar 15
Can't find recently published title through ISBN or ASIN5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, Februar 13
garbage author name?6 ungelesen / 6ddrucker, Februar 12
Horrorm Supernatural8 ungelesen / 8lorax, Februar 11
Shy Message Button28 ungelesen / 28aspirit, Februar 10
Many features of list pages not working6 ungelesen / 6lkmiller, Februar 10
In the reviews page, clicking the link 'Flag this as abuse...' simply opens another instance of the reviews page3 ungelesen / 3RobertDay, Februar 9
Work page, "more" link in description not expanding when clicked12 ungelesen / 12surly, Februar 9
"More" link for lists on work pages is broken12 ungelesen / 12FAMeulstee, Februar 9
description/book mismatch4 ungelesen / 4lemontwist, Februar 9
"Show all # works" on "examine and separate out names" page gives error message9 ungelesen / 9lilithcat, Februar 8
Flagging a cover gives a page that just says "false"10 ungelesen / 10r.orrison, Februar 8
Lending: custom status not displaying patron5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Februar 8
Set language for series not showing full language list2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Februar 8
Missing from author list3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Februar 8
Thread continuation link not working (again)16 ungelesen / 16katiekrug, Februar 8
Adding a non-standard role to an author doesn't work8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Februar 8
Author touchstone not working3 ungelesen / 3thornton37814, Februar 7
Wrong Author listed for LT Book BLACK CASE3 ungelesen / 3MarthaJeanne, Februar 7
Bowker source is swapping lastname firstname (again?)2 ungelesen / 2conceptDawg, Februar 5
TAGs glitch in the "Gallery" : in a gallery of images tagged with their author...6 ungelesen / 6proximity1, Februar 4
Zeitgeist Helpers Has no Entries6 ungelesen / 6JMK2020, Februar 3
Unable to delete books from catalogue14 ungelesen / 14kristilabrie, Februar 3
Image Issues (stars)15 ungelesen / 15bnielsen, Februar 3
Thread Continuation Link Not Working23 ungelesen / 23lauralkeet, Februar 2
Problems in Talk8 ungelesen / 8timspalding, Februar 2
Are touchstones working?55 ungelesen / 55MarthaJeanne, Februar 2
"Groups You Admin" shows up on Talk even when you're not an admin3 ungelesen / 3bnielsen, Februar 1
New Data I Add Doesn't Seem to Be Saving9 ungelesen / 9surly, Februar 1
Why do I own 15 books, but only 4 show up?5 ungelesen / 5lorax, Februar 1
Cannot add link, CK, or combine authors5 ungelesen / 5DuncanHill, Februar 1
Bar for 20204 ungelesen / 4drasvola, Februar 1
Unwanted Series Author Added12 ungelesen / 12newcrossbooks, Januar 30
Add Books search can't find books in Overcat source that Site Search can10 ungelesen / 10TimSharrock, Januar 28
Swap5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Januar 28
Author Photo Stats Not Updating2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Januar 26
Wrong Link to CK Clouds2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Januar 25
search site down206 ungelesen / 206timspalding, Januar 24
Series sorting change10 ungelesen / 10CDVicarage, Januar 23
Adding book to collection alters alphabetization9 ungelesen / 9timspalding, Januar 23
Bug collector posts appearing in groups and posts (including broken sources)10 ungelesen / 10timspalding, Januar 23
Inapplicable Series showing on Author Split9 ungelesen / 9kristilabrie, Januar 23
"Groups" tab leads to left aligned webpage layouts5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, Januar 22
Talk sort randomly changes5 ungelesen / 5Bookmarque, Januar 22
All of Talk Within Each Group23 ungelesen / 23BookstoogeLT, Januar 22
Screwed-up group threads5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, Januar 21
Danish ISBNs are not searchable in add books.8 ungelesen / 8bnielsen, Januar 20
New Author Photo Uploads Failing20 ungelesen / 20davidgn, Januar 19
Adding to a series resets internal groups21 ungelesen / 21Maddz, Januar 19
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