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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

ThemaThemaBenachrichtigungenLetzter Beitrag 
Adding Title comes up with Spanish language edition only3 ungelesen / 3Taliesien, Heute 12:40pm
Adding books, tags sometimes include a + I never typed4 ungelesen / 4ArlieS, Heute 12:35pm
Large text size and the visually impaired1 ungelesen / 1kjuliff, Heute 12:04pm
Book Not Appearing in Search Results14 ungelesen / 14knerd.knitter, Heute 9:23am
Lithuanian translations in the Italian interface4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Heute 8:52am
Bug in password change2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Heute 8:39am
Problem with count author's sex (stat) ??33 ungelesen / 33kristilabrie, Heute 8:28am
Adding Title to Collection12 ungelesen / 12SandraArdnas, Heute 3:56am
Broken Badge -- Picture Flaggers23 ungelesen / 23davidgn, Gestern 8:21pm
Is the plus sign symbol inappropriately ignored on the Add Books page?13 ungelesen / 13ArlieS, Gestern 3:30pm
Send a Message to doesn't work11 ungelesen / 11bnielsen, Gestern 1:43pm
Tag Names with an Ampersand (&) Malfunctioning102 ungelesen / 102johninvienna, Gestern 1:07pm
URL with brackets ( ) not fully hyperlinked7 ungelesen / 7fuzzi, Gestern 11:02am
Oddity with a series statistics11 ungelesen / 11AnnieMod, Samstag 10:09pm
Language alphabetizing5 ungelesen / 5timspalding, Samstag 9:54pm
Helper Badge page stuck/weirded16 ungelesen / 16timspalding, Samstag 8:58pm
Touchstone pop-up box offers choices, but can’t change to the correct work6 ungelesen / 62wonderY, Samstag 11:59am
Field incorrectly categorized3 ungelesen / 3timspalding, Samstag 9:51am
Sign out not executing?2 ungelesen / 2timspalding, Samstag 8:57am
Broken percentage pie chart on Local Members page1 ungelesen / 1Nevov, Samstag 7:31am
Touchstone not working19 ungelesen / 19timspalding, Freitag 10:09pm
Undercounts in Review Dates graph4 ungelesen / 4knerd.knitter, Freitag 3:12pm
Add to Catalogue Barcode Scanner not working3 ungelesen / 3RHCB, Freitag 1:32pm
Unjoining a group without a mouse15 ungelesen / 15kjuliff, Donnerstag 8:09pm
Graphs not linking to Your Books9 ungelesen / 9Michael.Rimmer, Donnerstag 4:43pm
Date Read in Your Books diffesr from Actual Date Read49 ungelesen / 49knerd.knitter, Donnerstag 4:16pm
Can't make previously-divided author a single author49 ungelesen / 49Nevov, Donnerstag 4:05pm
tag combination broken?10 ungelesen / 10ccatalfo, Donnerstag 12:40pm
Android App Not Available for Latest Version of Android3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Donnerstag 11:54am
"Date Acquired" in German LT Catalog4 ungelesen / 4birder4106, Donnerstag 3:38am
LC Classification subheads inaccurately captured8 ungelesen / 8legallypuzzled, Mittwoch 8:19pm
Bad URL generated in Helpers Log6 ungelesen / 6knerd.knitter, Mittwoch 7:47am
Country Not Mapping Onto Nationality Graph13 ungelesen / 13labfs39, Dienstag 10:02pm
Links not working on Helpers Log6 ungelesen / 6Nevov, Dienstag 7:04pm
Autocomplete choices for tags not always disappearing when editing in list view17 ungelesen / 17ianreads, Dienstag 6:56pm
Cannot Use ABX to Add a Book3 ungelesen / 3timspalding, Dienstag 4:11pm
Numbers in the members module on an author page4 ungelesen / 4AnnieMod, Dienstag 2:37pm
Minor LT2 Homepage bug in Recently Member-Uploaded Covers22 ungelesen / 22conceptDawg, Dienstag 11:43am
Transparent PNG background should be white...5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, Dienstag 11:40am
uncaught reference error: ajax_newhome_type is not defined5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, Dienstag 11:38am
Tiny Cat Transactions & Check-In3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Dienstag 11:10am
Group posts not appearing10 ungelesen / 10kristilabrie, Dienstag 11:09am
Diacritical marks not displaying in Languages?7 ungelesen / 7kristilabrie, Dienstag 11:03am
Adding Patrons3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:58am
Post being composed disappears3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:58am
double tagging25 ungelesen / 25kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:34am
disappearing books55 ungelesen / 55kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:28am
have to refresh page to mark a message from admin2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:06am
Add button for "Cutting for Stone" linked to wrong book to be added6 ungelesen / 6kristilabrie, Dienstag 10:04am
200,000 blank tags40 ungelesen / 40MarthaJeanne, Dienstag 9:58am
Second Spoiler Tag Won't Open6 ungelesen / 6kristilabrie, Dienstag 9:53am
Recalculate title/author not working?5 ungelesen / 5karenb, Montag 10:01pm
Distance wrongly calculated for local venues3 ungelesen / 3lorax, Montag 9:15pm
"Join Group" not available on private group page7 ungelesen / 7lauralkeet, Montag 3:04pm
Published Reviews (Media Reviews dialog): Date field16 ungelesen / 16paradoxosalpha, Montag 11:34am
Two-word tags not working on books, working on home page4 ungelesen / 4DuncanHill, Montag 9:42am
Unable to search4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Montag 9:14am
Breadcrumb link incorrect on group images2 ungelesen / 2knerd.knitter, Montag 8:58am
Changing font size on tags page resets selected collection and vice versa7 ungelesen / 7knerd.knitter, Montag 8:46am
Weird Automatic Recommendation: is there a bug here?4 ungelesen / 4MarthaJeanne, Montag 5:05am
Error adding a book to List6 ungelesen / 6FAMeulstee, Montag 3:17am
Can't Remove Issues55 ungelesen / 55timspalding, Montag 2:15am
Workbench bug29 ungelesen / 29timspalding, Montag 2:11am
Martha Carr vs Martha Randolph Carr6 ungelesen / 6timspalding, Montag 2:10am
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 251658240 bytes exhausted25 ungelesen / 25timspalding, Montag 1:57am
Search of my books - results not up to date25 ungelesen / 25timspalding, März 12
The Adventures of Amina Al-Sirafi: The epic first book in a swashbuckling… by Shannon Chakraborty4 ungelesen / 4AnnieMod, März 12
Unable to find book by 10-digit LCCN20 ungelesen / 20gilroy, März 12
"Edit Genre" bug15 ungelesen / 15jjwilson61, März 12
Author Photo Stats Not Updating3 ungelesen / 3timspalding, März 12
Feature request: Add a "Add to your books" link to the Early Reviewers books' pages4 ungelesen / 4SandraArdnas, März 11
Black Hole work27 ungelesen / 27waltzmn, März 11
Bug collector posts appearing in groups and posts (including broken sources)11 ungelesen / 11timspalding, März 11
“What should you borrow?” errors out3 ungelesen / 3AnnieMod, März 10
problem statistics and list nationality /number between version LBT and language4 ungelesen / 4JMK2020, März 10
Test bug19 ungelesen / 19ccatalfo, März 10
Just added a drill to my library :)7 ungelesen / 7ccatalfo, März 10
Books not found in Libraries where they reside14 ungelesen / 14ccatalfo, März 10
Apostrophes - inconsistent behaviour website vs IOS app4 ungelesen / 4ccatalfo, März 10
+ added when doing tagmash3 ungelesen / 3amanda4242, März 10
Posting to facebook and twitter41 ungelesen / 41kristilabrie, März 10
+ getting added to my tag when adding a book8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, März 10
tag page showing no tagged works when the search page does3 ungelesen / 3ccatalfo, März 10
Talk tab : Ignore button10 ungelesen / 10varielle, März 9
Overlapping text string5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, März 9
& character not allowed in series14 ungelesen / 14conceptDawg, März 9
comments on profile page14 ungelesen / 14conceptDawg, März 9
small bug in talk in Safari (ok in Firefox)3 ungelesen / 3conceptDawg, März 9
ignored topic can appear in Talk topics list6 ungelesen / 6conceptDawg, März 9
Bug Tracking has Bugs!24 ungelesen / 24conceptDawg, März 9
tag combination with arhaic non-utf-8 tags seems to fail4 ungelesen / 4conceptDawg, März 9
RSS2 ungelesen / 2conceptDawg, März 9
When searching: Unexpected token F in JSON at position 013 ungelesen / 13knerd.knitter, März 9
Searches with "#" throwing error on 2nd search results page4 ungelesen / 4knerd.knitter, März 9
Author/Title search also searches Comments field when searching own library9 ungelesen / 9conceptDawg, März 9
Touchstones don't work in Chrome on Android phone15 ungelesen / 15conceptDawg, März 9
Author pictures5 ungelesen / 5conceptDawg, März 9
Number of member books on author and series pages5 ungelesen / 5AnnieMod, März 9
Website zooms in on iPad 64 ungelesen / 4conceptDawg, März 9
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