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This is the place to post or discuss bugs on LibraryThing (this includes TinyCat). It's not a wishlist for features, nor a list of things that could be better.

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This group was created in 2006 by CupCakeMonster. In October 2010, it was taken over by LibraryThing staff, to add new information, options and a group picture.

ThemaThemaPosteingangLetzter Beitrag 
Catalog search fails on a search that used to work - empty field8 ungelesen / 8eqx, Gestern 6:48pm
Weird works cross reference3 ungelesen / 3gilroy, Donnerstag 3:35pm
Posting to facebook and twitter54 ungelesen / 54froxgirl, Donnerstag 11:13am
Book deleted on website, won’t delete from iOS or Android app10 ungelesen / 10kristilabrie, Mittwoch 10:09am
" The collection is empty" for all tags accessed through Android app27 ungelesen / 27jjwilson61, Dienstag 6:53pm
Android app list of tagged titles incomplete5 ungelesen / 5gilroy, Dienstag 6:43pm
Android App Unusable3 ungelesen / 3MarthaJeanne, Montag 2:50pm
Wiki not updating75 ungelesen / 75humouress, Sonntag 12:08pm
Unable to find book by 10-digit LCCN32 ungelesen / 32JMK2020, Samstag 1:08pm
Problem: No such user. User has been deleted or never existed.9 ungelesen / 9Maddz, Samstag 3:51am
Page Counts by Author5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, Juli 12
Recommendations Descriptions Gone Haywire in Firefox?7 ungelesen / 7waltzmn, Juli 11
Searching by LCCN4 ungelesen / 4kristilabrie, Juli 9
Searches fail on Add Books page13 ungelesen / 13klandring, Juli 8
Mixed book page?4 ungelesen / 4AnnieMod, Juli 8
App not working at all19 ungelesen / 19Lshoberg, Juli 3
Display bug with Subject field?11 ungelesen / 11bnielsen, Juli 2
Bad Genres in TinyCat1 ungelesen / 1kristilabrie, Juli 2
Bad characters in source name4 ungelesen / 4conceptDawg, Juli 1
Zeitgeist/ Helpers stats all wrong for 2 days28 ungelesen / 28bergs47, Juli 1
"-" in catalog tag search causing no results2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Juli 1
Date oddity2 ungelesen / 2MarthaJeanne, Juni 30
Problems on Add Books page.28 ungelesen / 28Charon07, Juni 29
Are Touchstones touchy today?1 ungelesen / 1humouress, Juni 28
Distance wrongly calculated for local venues40 ungelesen / 40haydninvienna, Juni 25
Venue location shown incorrectly on Local page map5 ungelesen / 5ngoomie, Juni 24
fixed bug may have returned11 ungelesen / 11kristilabrie, Juni 24
Green tick missing from author page3 ungelesen / 3knerd.knitter, Juni 24
Sharing individual books on fb4 ungelesen / 4SusanBraxton, Juni 24
You have xx books by this author is wrong?13 ungelesen / 13amberwitch, Juni 24
disappearing books11 ungelesen / 11bnielsen, Juni 24
Large number of SOURCES disappearing123 ungelesen / 123bnielsen, Juni 22
App doesn't updated books added from website6 ungelesen / 6agustine, Juni 21
Is "Null Island" Growing Again?14 ungelesen / 14johnandlisa, Juni 19
Add books: "No results...Try this search on..." links fail3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juni 19
Book's wont add on the Add books tab3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juni 19
Import not working?86 ungelesen / 86kristilabrie, Juni 17
Litsy Down?3 ungelesen / 3lilithcat, Juni 15
Side bar options on TALK not responding11 ungelesen / 11kristilabrie, Juni 14
Logged in but cannot edit posts3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juni 14
Can’t dismiss a classic recommendation4 ungelesen / 4Aug3Zimm, Juni 13
HTML formatting spilling out of book descriptions16 ungelesen / 16bnielsen, Juni 12
My entire thread disappeared within the last day.4 ungelesen / 4lilithcat, Juni 11
+ Add [green button] not working for books without ISBN3 ungelesen / 3jasonli, Juni 10
have to refresh page to mark a message from admin11 ungelesen / 11amanda4242, Juni 10
Big Green Add Button Problem3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Juni 7
inc_servicethrottle.php syntax error6 ungelesen / 6kristilabrie, Juni 7
incorrect book description5 ungelesen / 5Darkstar51, Juni 6
Unable to view tag page for tags ".hack//" and ".hack//series" due (seemingly) to the two forward slashes1 ungelesen / 1ngoomie, Juni 5
Edit the division not working on an author.5 ungelesen / 5elahrairah, Juni 4
Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 251658240 bytes exhausted47 ungelesen / 47norabelle414, Juni 4
Bad links from proposed tag combination page.14 ungelesen / 14norabelle414, Juni 4
Add/edit other authors / Edit author / (randomly) no focus4 ungelesen / 4karenb, Juni 3
"Post a New Topic" option missing12 ungelesen / 12lilithcat, Juni 2
Unable to get off SCAN TO ADD page after scanning a book63 ungelesen / 63jasbro, Juni 1
Adding books from Israel Union List not working3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Mai 31
Searching via CNB (Czech National Bibliography) is not working.6 ungelesen / 6lesmel, Mai 30
Notification and mail icons are not displayed correctly2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, Mai 30
Difficulty handling special characters in Search Your Libray fields dropdown label on Te Reo Māori LT5 ungelesen / 5HsuBattery, Mai 30
Non-English site - character set bug in "Your books" page3 ungelesen / 3HsuBattery, Mai 30
Cover Guess covers not loading2 ungelesen / 2Hagelstein, Mai 29
"Next" link reloads the same results in "Add books" page in multiple sources if the result is less than about 1001 ungelesen / 1HsuBattery, Mai 29
Problem connecting to server via app8 ungelesen / 8kristilabrie, Mai 28
Android App bugs84 ungelesen / 84HeatherLeaFive, Mai 24
Is there a log of my own actions on the site?9 ungelesen / 9SandraArdnas, Mai 23
Lag time between titles being added & appearing in Android app2 ungelesen / 2MarthaJeanne, Mai 21
Work's publication year not showing on author page?5 ungelesen / 5lilithcat, Mai 20
Basic Cover Colors3 ungelesen / 3saphire456213, Mai 19
Parts of the site are very slow (actually unreachable) today25 ungelesen / 25Glacierman, Mai 16
Searching on a note only gives one page of results10 ungelesen / 10kristilabrie, Mai 16
No results for barcode in library1 ungelesen / 1mice_elf, Mai 14
Ebook ASIN numbers not recognized10 ungelesen / 10kristilabrie, Mai 13
Swedish and Finnish library sources11 ungelesen / 11drlskbibliotek, Mai 11
All covers of a work not showing for all books2 ungelesen / 2saltmanz, Mai 10
Missing language option?7 ungelesen / 7AurumCalendula, Mai 10
MARC Import incorrectly detecting no ISBN and no other data10 ungelesen / 10zetetic23, Mai 9
Covers incorrectly classified as "Custom"56 ungelesen / 56lorax, Mai 9
"No input file specified."10 ungelesen / 10Calion, Mai 8
Items Not Lent Report Timing Out3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, Mai 8
Add books: Slovak National Library source not working for 2 months24 ungelesen / 24FurloSK, Mai 6
GHA has Microsoft Defender warning for www.librarycat.org (TinyCat)25 ungelesen / 25kristilabrie, Mai 6
Import your books seems to be broken15 ungelesen / 15CMCLibrary, Mai 4
Problem on the translations page7 ungelesen / 7cipeciop, Mai 3
TinyCat Signup: Email not validated1 ungelesen / 1kristilabrie, Mai 3
Public catalog showing up as private when URL is searched7 ungelesen / 7ischoolccb, Mai 2
200,000 blank tags43 ungelesen / 43norabelle414, Mai 2
Tags not combined, after combination proposal met threshold and was closed10 ungelesen / 10xaagmabag, April 30
Duplicate Barcode Bug in "Your books"2 ungelesen / 2mice_elf, April 29
Barcodes scanned by CueCat not decoding when editing book2 ungelesen / 2mice_elf, April 29
Import books from .csv stuck again?7 ungelesen / 7kristilabrie, April 26
TinyCat3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, April 26
"Next available barcode" on catalog page is broken5 ungelesen / 5mice_elf, April 25
uploading to member gallery does not work for me22 ungelesen / 22al.vick, April 24
Special Sauce Recommendations Don't Include Books From Same Series When in Text Form6 ungelesen / 6norabelle414, April 24
Search where? links failing15 ungelesen / 15CFBC, April 24
Store Bug: Cannot Order Plain Barcodes3 ungelesen / 3kristilabrie, April 23
search your library5 ungelesen / 5kristilabrie, April 23
CK problems on German site.2 ungelesen / 2kristilabrie, April 22
Wrong book description6 ungelesen / 6norabelle414, April 19
blank entries contained in the charts/graphs series listing5 ungelesen / 5al.vick, April 19
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