VerlagsreiheAdult Great Books Series, 1966 version

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Great Books Discussion Program: Adult Series: Set One von Great Books Foundation 13 Exemplare1
The Great Books First Year Volume One Declaration of Independence/Plato: Apology; Crito/Sophocles: Antigone von Thomas Jefferson 15 Exemplare1.1
The Great Books Foundation; Set 1 Volume 2 von Machiavelli 2 Exemplare1.2
The Great Books Foundation, Set One, Volume Three: Macbeth by Shakespeare, Of Civil Government by Locke von The Great Books Foundation 11 Exemplare1.3
The Great Books Foundation (Set One) Volume Four. 9 Aristotle Politics 10 The Federalist Papers 11 Adam Smith The Wealth Of Nations von Aristotle & Adam Smith (Translated By John Washington)(The Great Books Foundation) 7 Exemplare1.4
Marx & Engels: The Communist Manifesto & Tocqueville: Democracy in America (Great Books Foundation, Set 1, Volume 5) von Karl Marx 9 Exemplare1.5
The Great Books Foundation: Set One, Volume Six: von St. Matthew 11 Exemplare1.6
The Great books adult series : set 2 von Great Books Foundation 1 Exemplar2
Die Odyssee von Homer 44,572 Exemplare, 413 Rezensionen2.4
The Great Books Foundation, Set Three, Volume One: Freud, Civilization and It's Discontents; Dostoyevsky von The Great Books Foundation 13 Exemplare3.1
The Peloponnesian War: [selections] (The Great books adult series: set 3) von Thucydides 7 Exemplare3.3
The Great Books Foundation, Set Three, Volume Four: Aristophanes / Aquinas von The Great Book Foundation 15 Exemplare3.4
The Great Books Foundation Set 3 Vol. 5 Books 8,9,10 Rousseau, The Social Contract; Kant, Perpetual Peace; Voltaire, Candide. (The Great Books Foundation, Set 3 Volume 5) von Jean-Jacques Rousseau 11 Exemplare3.5
Poetics (Aristotle) King Lear (Shakespeare) von Great Books Foundation 4 Exemplare3.6
The Great Books Foundation, Set Three, Volume Seven: The Book of Job / Gibbon: The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire von The Great Books Foundation 8 Exemplare3.7
The Great Books Adult Series: Set Four ( Boxed Set with 8 Volumes 1-8 ) von Assorted 5 Exemplare4
The Education of Henry Adams, the Misanthrope; Tartuffe By Moliere (Set 4, Volume 4) von Great Books 1 Exemplar4.4
Aeneis von Virgil 19,574 Exemplare, 178 Rezensionen4.7
The Great Books Foundation: Set Five, 8 Volume Set in Sllip Case von Henrik Ibsen 5 Exemplare5
The Wild Duck By Ibsen, the Manual By Epictetus, the Canterbury Tales By Chaucer (Great Books Foundation, Set Five, Volu von Geoffrey Chaucer 2 Exemplare5.1
Medea; Hippolytus By Euripides, Time and Free Will By Bergson (Great books Foundation, set five, volume three) von Εὐριπίδης 1 Exemplar5.3
Faust By Goethe, Psychology: Briefer Course By William James, on the Improvement of the Understanding By Spinoza (the gr von William James 4 Exemplare5.4
Selections from Boccaccio: The Decameron; Kant: Foindations of the Metaphysics of Morals (The Great Books Foundation Set Five, Volume Six von Boccaccio; Kant 4 Exemplare5.6

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