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101 Great Samurai Prints von Utagawa Kuniyoshi 36 Exemplare
150 Masterpieces of Drawing von Anthony Toney 93 Exemplare
50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship von Salvador Dalí 148 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
500 Years of Art in Illustration von Howard Simon 52 Exemplare
African Design: An Illustrated Survey of Traditional Craftwork (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Margaret Trowell 8 Exemplare
Alastair: Drawings and Illustrations von Baron Hans Henning Voigt) Alastair 15 Exemplare
Alice Illustrated: 120 Images from the Classic Tales of Lewis Carroll (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Jeff A. Menges 16 Exemplare
American Beauties: The Artwork of Harrison Fisher von Harrison Fisher 9 Exemplare
American Circus Posters von Charles Philip Fox 46 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
American Drawings and Prints: From Benjamin West to Edward Hopper von Evan Bates 5 Exemplare
Animal Motifs in Asian Art: An Illustrated Guide to Their Meanings and Aesthetics (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Katherine M. Ball 11 Exemplare
Arabian Nights Illustrated: Art of Dulac, Folkard, Parrish and Others von Jeff A. Menges 30 Exemplare
The Art & Illustration of Walter Crane (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Walter Crane 28 Exemplare
The Art Nouveau Style Book of Alphonse Mucha von Alphonse Mucha 128 Exemplare
The Art Nouveau Style: A Comprehensive Guide with 264 Illustrations von Stephan Tschudi Madsen 20 Exemplare
The Art of Fresco Painting in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance von Mrs. Mary P. Merrifield 23 Exemplare
The Art of the Woodcut: Masterworks from the 1920s von Malcolm C. Salaman 21 Exemplare
The Arthur Rackham Treasury: 86 Full-Color Illustrations von Arthur Rackham 143 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Arthur Rackham's Book of Pictures von Arthur Rackham 99 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Artistic Plants and Flowers von M. P. Verneuil 6 Exemplare
Auguste Rodin von Rainer Maria Rilke 208 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Bartlett's Classic Illustrations of America: All 121 Engravings from American Scenery, 1840 von W. H. Bartlett 14 Exemplare
Beardsley's Le Morte d'Arthur: Selected Illustrations von Aubrey Beardsley 44 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Best Works of Aubrey Beardsley von Aubrey Beardsley 65 Exemplare
Blake's Water-Colours for the Poems of Thomas Gray: With Complete Texts von William Blake 46 Exemplare
Blake: Prophet Against Empire von David V. Erdman 131 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Book of Kells: Selected Plates in Full Color von Blanche Cirker 161 Exemplare
The Book of Urizen von William Blake 243 Exemplare
Boydell's Shakespeare Prints: 90 Engravings von John Boydell 7 Exemplare
By a Woman's Hand: Illustrators of the Golden Age von Mary Carolyn Waldrep 44 Exemplare
Goya, Francisco: Caprichos von Francisco Goya 208 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
Chinese Brushwork in Calligraphy and Painting: Its History, Aesthetics, and Techniques von Kwo Da-Wei 60 Exemplare
The Chinese on the Art of Painting von Osvald Siren 51 Exemplare
The Circus, Thirty-Nine Crayon Drawings in Color von Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 13 Exemplare
Bilder der Grossstadt : einhundertzwölf Zeichnungen von Frans Masereel 172 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Classic Anatomical Illustrations von Andreas Vesalius 4 Exemplare
The Codex Borgia: A Full-Color Restoration of the Ancient Mexican Manuscript von Gisele Diaz 141 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Codex Nuttall von Zelia Nuttall 158 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Complete "Masters of the Poster": All 256 Color Plates from "Les Maitres De L'Affiche" von Stanley Appelbaum 42 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt: Reproduced in Original Size von Rembrandt 133 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The complete graphic work of Jack Levine von Jack Levine 5 Exemplare
The Complete Woodcuts of Albrecht Dürer von Albrecht Dürer 446 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Über das Geistige in der Kunst von Wassily Kandinsky 1,360 Exemplare, 7 Rezensionen
Dadas on Art von Lucy R. Lippard 36 Exemplare
Bilder des Todes von Hans Holbein 217 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Dance of Siva von Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 167 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Dangerous Beauties and Dutiful Wives: Popular Portraits of Women in Japan, 1905-1925 von Kendall H. Brown 17 Exemplare
Degas' Drawings von H. G. E. Degas 84 Exemplare
Degas' Drawings of Dancers von Edgar Degas 22 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Designs by Erté von Erté 132 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Destiny: a Novel in Pictures von Otto Nuckel 50 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Disasters of War von Francisco Goya 237 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Doré Bible Illustrations von Gustave Doré 378 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
The Doré Gallery: His 120 Greatest Illustrations von Gustave Doré 81 Exemplare
Dantes Göttliche Komödie in Bildern von Gustave Doré von Gustave Doré 491 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Doré's Angels von Gustave Dore 21 Exemplare
Doré's Dragons, Demons and Monsters von Gustave Doré 45 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Doré's Illustrations for "Idylls of the King" von Gustave Doré 50 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Doré's Illustrations for "Paradise Lost" von Gustave Doré 191 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Doré's Illustrations for Ariosto's "Orlando Furioso" von Gustave Doré 60 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Doré's Illustrations for Don Quixote von Gustave Doré 128 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Doré's illustrations for the Fables of La Fontaine von Gustave Doré 16 Exemplare
Doré's Illustrations of the Crusades von Gustave Doré 72 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Doré's Knights and Medieval Adventure von Gustave Doré 13 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Doré's London: All 180 Illustrations from London, A Pilgrimage von Gustave Doré 55 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Doré's Spain: All 236 Illustrations from Spain von Gustave Doré 22 Exemplare
Albrecht Dürer. Handzeichnungen von Heinrich Wölfflin 97 Exemplare
The drawings of Heinrich Kley von Heinrich Kley 111 Exemplare
Drawings of Mucha: 70 Works by Alphonse Maria Mucha Including 9 in Full Color von Alphonse Mucha 134 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Drawings of William Blake von William Blake 69 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color von Edmund Dulac 90 Exemplare
An Edmund Dulac Treasury: 116 Color Illustrations (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Edmund Dulac 36 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
An Edwardian Bestiary: 87 Color Plates (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Maurice Detmold 13 Exemplare
Engravings by Hogarth von William Hogarth 183 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Eric Sloane's America: Paintings in Oil von Michael Wigley 8 Exemplare
Erte Graphics von Erté 102 Exemplare
Erte's Seven Deadly Sins and Other Great Graphics in Full Color von Erté 72 Exemplare
Erté's Fashion Designs von Erté 81 Exemplare
Erté's Theatrical Costumes in Full Color von Erté 74 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
A Flight of Butterflies von Kanzaka Sekka 100 Exemplare
Forgotten Society von Alan E. Cober 11 Exemplare
Full-Color Picture Sourcebook of Historic Ornament: All 120 Plates from "L'ornement polychrome," Series II von Auguste Racinet 60 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Die artige Kunst, sich Feinde zu machen von James McNeill Whistler 193 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
German Expressionist Woodcuts von Shane Weller 76 Exemplare
The Gibson Girl and Her America: The Best Drawings of Charles Dana Gibson von Charles Dana Gibson 109 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Goble's Fairy Tale Illustrations: 86 Full-Color Plates von Warwick Goble 24 Exemplare
Gods Man: A Novel in Woodcuts von Lynd Ward 272 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen
Golden Age Illustrations of W. Heath Robinson von William Heath Robinson 13 Exemplare
The Gothic Image: Religious Art in France of the Thirteenth Century von Émile Mâle 347 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Graphic Works of Max Klinger von Max Klinger 52 Exemplare
The Graphic Works of Odilon Redon von Odilon Redon 66 Exemplare
Graphic Worlds of Peter Bruegel the Elder von H. Arthur Klein 103 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Great Animal Drawings and Prints von Carol Belanger Grafton 5 Exemplare
Great Drawings of Nudes: 45 Works von Carol Belanger Grafton 11 Exemplare
Great Goya Etchings: The Proverbs, The Tauromaquia and The Bulls of Bordeaux von Francisco Goya 24 Exemplare
Great Illustrations by N. C. Wyeth (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von N. C. Wyeth 21 Exemplare
Great Lithographs by Toulouse-Lautrec von Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 13 Exemplare
Great Self-Portraits von Carol Belanger Grafton 6 Exemplare
Great Woodcuts of Albrecht Durer von Albrecht Dürer 21 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Gustav Klimt: 100 Drawings von Gustav Klimt 124 Exemplare
Hiroshige's Woodblock Prints von Edward Strange 25 Exemplare
A History of Engraving and Etching von Arthur M. Hind 166 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Holbein Portrait Drawings von Hans Holbein 78 Exemplare
Hopper Drawings von Edward Hopper 39 Exemplare
Idols Behind Altars von Anita Brenner 38 Exemplare
Illustrations and Ornamentation from The Faerie Queene von Walter Crane 40 Exemplare
The illustrations from the works of Andreas Vesalius of Brussels von J. B. deC. M. Saunders 135 Exemplare
The Illustrations of Rockwell Kent: 231 Examples from Books, Magazines and Advertising Art (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Rockwell Kent 41 Exemplare
An Illustrator's Sketchbook: Master Drawings from the Model von Arthur Keller 0 Exemplare
Impressionist Prints of Childe Hassam von Childe Hassam 4 Exemplare
Japanese No Masks: With 300 Illustrations of Authentic Historical Examples (Dover Books on Fine Art) von Friedrich Perzynski 20 Exemplare
Japanese Warriors, Rogues and Beauties: Woodblocks from Adventure Stories von Kendall H. Brown 15 Exemplare
Japanese Woodblock Bird Prints von Numata Kashu 4 Exemplare
Japanese Woodblock Flower Prints von Tanigami Konan 16 Exemplare
Just What the Doctor Disordered: Early Writings and Cartoons of Dr. Seuss (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Dr. Seuss 15 Exemplare
Leonardo da Vinci on the Human Body: The Anatomical, Physiological, and Embryological Drawings of Leonardo da Vinci von Charles Donald O'Malley 146 Exemplare
Leonardo Drawings von Leonardo da Vinci 103 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Leonardo on Art and the Artist von Leonardo da Vinci 23 Exemplare
Leonardos Notebooks von da Vinci Leonardo 1,837 Exemplare, 9 Rezensionen
Letters to Emile Bernard von Vincent van Gogh 21 Exemplare
The life of Christ in woodcuts von James Reid 19 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Life of William Blake von Alexander Gilchrist 78 Exemplare
The Life of William Morris von J. W. Mackail 44 Exemplare
Lives of the artists (Dover) von Giorgio Vasari 55 Exemplare
Love above all, and other drawings; 120 works von George Grosz 29 Exemplare
Mad Man's Drum von Lynd Ward 110 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Maidens, monters, and heros von H. J. Ford 25 Exemplare
A Manual of Historic Ornament von Richard Glazier 107 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Die Hochzeit von Himmel und Hölle. Ausgewählte Dichtungen von William Blake 1,233 Exemplare, 15 Rezensionen
Medieval and Renaissance Treatises on the Arts of Painting: Original Texts with English Translations (History of Art) von Mrs. Mary P. Merrifield 58 Exemplare
Methods and Materials of Painting of the Great Schools and Masters von Sir Charles Lock Eastlake 60 Exemplare
Michelangelo Life Drawings von Michelangelo 68 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Ein Sommernachtstraum von William Shakespeare 17,555 Exemplare, 166 Rezensionen
The mind of Leonardo da Vinci von Edward McCurdy 14 Exemplare
Miro Lithographs (Dover Art Library) von Joan Miró 29 Exemplare
A Mirror of Japanese Ornament: 600 Traditional Designs von Dover Publications 10 Exemplare
Modern artists on art; ten unabridged essays von Robert L. Herbert 158 Exemplare
Modern Mexican Painters von MacKinley Helm 65 Exemplare
Mucha's Figures Decoratives von Alphonse Mucha 67 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
My Art, My Life: An Autobiography von Diego Rivera 118 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
The New Vision: Fundamentals of Bauhaus Design, Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture von László Moholy-Nagy 31 Exemplare
Nielsen's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color von Kay Nielsen 75 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Noa Noa. Nach dem Urmanuskript von 1893. ( Galerie). von Paul Gauguin 364 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci, Vol. 1: 001 von Leonardo da Vinci 258 Exemplare
The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, Volume 2 of 2 von Leonardo da Vinci 242 Exemplare
Old Master Life Drawings: 44 Plates von James Spero 24 Exemplare
Old Master Portrait Drawings: 47 Works von James Spero 28 Exemplare
Once Upon a Time . . . A Treasury of Classic Fairy Tale Illustrations (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Jeff A. Menges 32 Exemplare
The Ornamental Arts of Japan: 60 Full-Color Plates von George Ashdown Audsley 4 Exemplare
Outlines of Chinese Symbolism and Art Motives von C. A. S. Williams 243 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
Painters of the Ashcan School: The Immortal Eight von Bennard B. Perlman 33 Exemplare
Painters on Painting von Eric Protter 39 Exemplare
Mein Stundenbuch von Frans Masereel 182 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Vorher und Nachher von Paul Gauguin 116 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Pen Drawing and Pen Draughtsmen von Joseph Pennell 18 Exemplare
Phobia : an art deco graphic masterpiece von John Vassos 35 Exemplare
Picasso. von Gertrude Stein 385 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Picasso Line Drawings and Prints von Pablo Picasso 41 Exemplare
Pirates, Patriots, and Princesses: The Art of Howard Pyle von Howard Pyle 37 Exemplare
Poe Illustrated von Jeff A. Menges 29 Exemplare
Punkt und Linie zu Fläche. Beitrag zur Analyse der malerischen Elemente von Wassily Kandinsky 420 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Portrait gallery of early automobiles von Clarence Pearson Hornung 7 Exemplare
Posada's Popular Mexican Prints von Jose Posada 104 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
The Poster Art of David Lance Goines: A 40-Year Retrospective (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von David Lance Goines 14 Exemplare
Prelude to a Million Years and Song Without Words von Lynd Ward 10 Exemplare
Prints and Drawings of Kathe Kollwitz von Käthe Kollwitz 116 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
The Prisons (Le Carceri : the Complete First and Second States) von Giovanni Batista Piranesi 94 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Racinet's Historic Ornament in Full Color von Auguste Racinet 52 Exemplare
Rackham's Fairies, Elves and Goblins: More than 80 Full-Color Illustrations von Jeff A. Menges 39 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Rackham's Color Illustrations for Wagner's "Ring" von Arthur Rackham 177 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Rackham's Fairy Tale Illustrations in Full Color von Arthur Rackham 126 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Erinnerungen eines Kunsthändlers von Ambroise Vollard 98 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Rembrandt Zeichnungen von Bob Haak 53 Exemplare
Rhythmic Form in Art von Irma A. Richter 11 Exemplare
Der alte Seefahrer von Samuel Taylor Coleridge 2,185 Exemplare, 31 Rezensionen
Rip van Winkle. Englisch / deutsch. von Washington Irving 1,102 Exemplare, 15 Rezensionen
Rodin on Art and Artists: Conversations with Paul Gsell von Auguste Rodin 94 Exemplare
Roman Mosaics: Over 60 Full-Color Images from the 4th Through the 13th Centuries von Joseph Wilpert 16 Exemplare
Rubens Drawings: 44 Plates von Peter Paul Rubens 30 Exemplare
Sargent Portrait Drawings: 42 Works by John Singer Sargent von John Singer Sargent 111 Exemplare
Schiele Drawings: 44 Works von Egon Schiele 39 Exemplare
Das geheime Leben des Salvador Dali von Salvador Dalí 490 Exemplare, 10 Rezensionen
Selected Etchings of James A. McN. Whistler (Dover Art Collections) von James McNeill Whistler 44 Exemplare
Une Semaine de Bonté: Die Originalcollagen. von Max Ernst 557 Exemplare, 9 Rezensionen
Shakespeare Illustrated: Art by Arthur Rackham, Edmund Dulac, Charles Robinson and Others (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Jeff A. Menges 21 Exemplare
The sketchbook of Villard de Honnecourt von Villard de Honnecourt 76 Exemplare
The Spiritual in Twentieth-Century Art von Roger Lipsey 59 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Steinlen Cats von Theophile Alexandre Steinlen 50 Exemplare
Studies in the History of the Renaissance von Walter Pater 982 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen
The Sun, The Idea & Story Without Words: Three Graphic Novels (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Frans Masereel 29 Exemplare
Des Freiherrn von Münchhausen Reisen und Abenteuer von Rudolf Erich Raspe 1,060 Exemplare, 14 Rezensionen
Farbenlehre von Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 388 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen
Thomas Nast's Christmas Drawings von Thomas Nast 36 Exemplare
Three Young Rats and Other Rhymes von Alexander Calder 20 Exemplare
A Toulouse-Lautrec Sketchbook (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec 8 Exemplare
Treasury of American Pen & Ink Illustration 1881-1938 von Fridolf Johnson 42 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Das Malerbuch von Leonardo da Vinci von Leonardo da Vinci 162 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Van Gogh Drawings 44 Plates von Vincent van Gogh 33 Exemplare
Vertigo von Lynd Ward 55 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
The Vibrant Metropolis: 88 Lithographs von George W Bellows 7 Exemplare
Vision and Design von Roger Fry 142 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Visions of Camelot: Great Illustrations of King Arthur and His Court (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Jeff A. Menges 28 Exemplare
Wild Pilgrimage von Lynd Ward 53 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
William Blake's Divine Comedy Illustrations: 102 Full-Color Plates von William Blake 55 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Willy Pogány Rediscovered von Jeff A. Menges 30 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Winckelmann's Images from the Ancient World: Greek, Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Johann Joachim Winckelmann 15 Exemplare
Worlds of Enchantment: The Art of Maxfield Parrish (Dover Fine Art, History of Art) von Maxfield Parrish 17 Exemplare

Sammlungen und Kollektionen

Herrn Alexander Popens Lockenraub : ein scherzhaftes Heldengedicht/ Aus dem Englischen in deutsche Verse uebersetzt, von Luisen Adelgunden Victorien Gottschedin.... von Alexander Pope 582 Exemplare, 7 Rezensionen
Der Rabe [Gedicht] von Edgar Allan Poe 1,637 Exemplare, 34 Rezensionen
Salome von Oscar Wilde 1,412 Exemplare, 25 Rezensionen
Songs of Experience von William Blake 343 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
Songs of Innocence von William Blake 569 Exemplare, 8 Rezensionen


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