VerlagsreiheLibrary of America


Typee / Omoo / Mardi von Herman Melville 548 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen1
Tales and Sketches von Nathaniel Hawthorne 668 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen2
Whitman: Poetry and Prose (Library of America) von Walt Whitman 1,082 Exemplare, 8 Rezensionen3
Three Novels : Uncle Tom's Cabin; The Minister's Wooing; Oldtown Folks von Harriet Beecher Stowe 327 Exemplare, 1 Rezension4
Mississippi Writings: Tom Sawyer / Life on the Mississippi / Huckleberry Finn / Pudd'nhead Wilson von Mark Twain 974 Exemplare, 10 Rezensionen5
Novels and Stories: Call of the Wild / White Fang / The Sea-Wolf / Klondike and Other Stories von Jack London 612 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen6
Novels and Social Writings: The People of the Abyss / The Road / The Iron Heel / Martin Eden / John Barleycorn von Jack London 371 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen7
Novels 1875-1886: A Foregone Conclusion, A Modern Instance, Indian Summer, The Rise of Silas Lapham von William Dean Howells 285 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen8
Redburn / White-Jacket / Moby Dick von Herman Melville 606 Exemplare, 8 Rezensionen9
Collected Novels: Fanshawe/The Scarlet Letter/ The House of the Seven Gables/The Blithedale Romance /The Marble Faun von Nathaniel Hawthorne 548 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen10
France and England in North America, Vol. 1 von Francis Parkman 421 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen11
France and England in North America, Vol. 2 von Francis Parkman 341 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen12
Novels: 1871-1880 von Henry James 400 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen13
Democracy/Esther/Mont Saint Michel and Chartres/The Education of Henry Adams von Henry Adams 420 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen14
Essays and Lectures von Ralph Waldo Emerson 850 Exemplare, 1 Rezension15
History, Tales, and Sketches von Washington Irving 384 Exemplare, 1 Rezension16
Writings: Autobiography / Notes on the State of Virginia / Public and Private Papers / Addresses / Letters von Thomas Jefferson 1,273 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen17
Prose and Poetry : Maggie, A Girl of the Streets / The Red Badge of Courage / Stories, Sketches, Journalism / The Black Riders / War Is Kind von Stephen Crane 418 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen18
Poe: Poetry and Tales von Edgar Allan Poe 732 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen19
Edgar Allan Poe : Essays and Reviews : Theory of Poetry / Reviews of British and Continental Authors / Reviews of American Authors and American Literature / Magazines and Criticism / The Literary & Social Scene / Articles and Marginalia (Library of America) von Edgar Allan Poe 323 Exemplare, 1 Rezension20
The Innocents Abroad / Roughing It von Mark Twain 469 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen21
Literary Criticism, Vol. 1 von Henry James 283 Exemplare, 1 Rezension22
Literary Criticism, Vol. 2 von Henry James 235 Exemplare, 1 Rezension23
Pierre, Israel Potter, The Piazza Tales, The Confidence-Man, Uncollected Prose, Billy Budd von Herman Melville 463 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen24
Novels 1930-1935 : As I Lay Dying, Sanctuary, Light in August, Pylon von William Faulkner 590 Exemplare, 8 Rezensionen25
James Fenimore Cooper: Wildtöter. Illustrationen von Gerhard Goßmann. von James Fenimore Cooper 465 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen26
Lederstrumpf von James Fenimore Cooper 288 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen27
The Pathfinder / The Deerslayer von James Fenimore Cooper 384 Exemplare, 1 Rezension27
Walden / The Maine Woods / A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers / Civil Disobedience von Henry David Thoreau 43 Exemplare28
A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers / Walden / The Maine Woods / Cape Cod von Henry David Thoreau 766 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen28
Novels: 1881-1886 von Henry James 378 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen29
Novels: The House of Mirth / The Reef / The Custom of the Country / The Age of Innocence von Edith Wharton 465 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen30
History of the United States of America During the Administrations of Thomas Jefferson von Henry Adams 470 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen31
History of the United States of America During the Administrations of James Madison von Henry Adams 358 Exemplare, 1 Rezension32
Norris: Novels and Essays von Frank Norris 243 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen33
Du Bois: Writings: The Suppression of the African Slave-Trade, The Souls of Black Folk, Dusk of Dawn, Essays and Articles von W. E. B. Du Bois 367 Exemplare34
Early Novels and Stories: The Troll Garden / O Pioneers! / The Song of the Lark / My Antonia / One of Ours von Willa Cather 458 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen35
Sister Carrie / Jennie Gerhardt / Twelve Men von Theodore Dreiser 244 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen36
Franklin: Writings (Library of America) von Benjamin Franklin 319 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen37
Writings, 1902-1910 : The Varieties of Religious Experience / Pragmatism / A Pluralistic Universe / The Meaning of Truth / Some Problems of Philosophy / Essays von William James 478 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen38
Collected Works von Flannery O'Connor 1,398 Exemplare, 15 Rezensionen39
Complete Plays 1913-1920 von Eugene O'Neill 251 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen40
Complete Plays 1920-1931 von Eugene O'Neill 245 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen41
Complete Plays 1932-1943 von Eugene O'Neill 291 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen42
Novels: 1886-1890 von Henry James 263 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen43
William Dean Howells : Novels 1886-1888 : The Minister's Charge / April Hopes / Annie Kilburn (Library of America) von William Dean Howells 204 Exemplare44
Speeches and Writings: Volume 1: 1832-1858 von Abraham Lincoln 708 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen45
Speeches and Writings: Volume 2: 1859-1865 von Abraham Lincoln 710 Exemplare46
Novellas and Other Writings : Madame De Treymes / Ethan Frome / Summer / Old New York / The Mother's Recompense / A Backward Glance von Edith Wharton 320 Exemplare, 1 Rezension47
Novels 1936-1940 : Absalom, Absalom! / The Unvanquished / If I Forget Thee, Jerusalem / The Hamlet von William Faulkner 506 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen48
Later Novels: A Lost Lady / The Professor's House / Death Comes for the Archbishop / Shadows on the Rock / Lucy Gayheart / Sapphira and the Slave Girl von Willa Cather 416 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen49
Ulysses S. Grant : Memoirs and Selected Letters : Personal Memoirs of U.S. Grant / Selected Letters, 1839-1865 von Ulysses S. Grant 1,069 Exemplare, 9 Rezensionen50
Washington Irving : Bracebridge Hall, Tales of a Traveller, The Alhambra (Library of America) von Washington Irving 294 Exemplare, 1 Rezension52
The Oregon Trail / The Conspiracy of Pontiac von Francis Parkman 346 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen53
The Pilot / The Red Rover von James Fenimore Cooper 239 Exemplare54
Early Works: Lawd Today! / Uncle Tom's Children / Native Son von Richard Wright 311 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen55
Later Works: Black Boy [American Hunger] / The Outsider von Richard Wright 266 Exemplare, 1 Rezension56
Stories, Poems, and Other Writings von Willa Cather 306 Exemplare, 1 Rezension57
Writings, 1878-1899: Psychology, Briefer Course / The Will to Believe / Talks to Teachers and Students / Essays von William James 321 Exemplare, 1 Rezension58
Main Street / Babbitt von Sinclair Lewis 358 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen59
Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches, & Essays: Volume 1 von Mark Twain 340 Exemplare, 1 Rezension60
Collected stories, sketches, speeches and essays 1891-1910 von Mark Twain 1 Exemplar61
Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches, & Essays: Volume 2 von Mark Twain 375 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen61
The Debate on the Constitution, Part One: September 1787 to February 1788 von Bernard Bailyn 700 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen62
The Debate on the Constitution, Part Two: January 1788 to August 1788 von Bernard Bailyn 579 Exemplare, 1 Rezension63
Collected Travel Writings, Great Britain and America: English Hours; The American Scene; Other Travels von Henry James 221 Exemplare, 1 Rezension64
Collected Travel Writings: The Continent von Henry James 260 Exemplare, 1 Rezension65
American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Volume One: Philip Freneau to Walt Whitman von John Hollander 330 Exemplare, 1 Rezension66
American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century, Volume Two: Herman Melville to Trumbull Stickney, American Indian Poetry, Folk Songs and Spirituals von John Hollander 321 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen67
Frederick Douglass : Autobiographies : Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave / My Bondage and My Freedom / Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (Library of America) von Frederick Douglass 476 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen68
Sarah Orne Jewett : Novels and Stories : Deephaven / A Country Doctor / The Country of the Pointed Firs / Dunnet Landing Stories / Selected Stories & Sketches (Library of America) von Sarah Orne Jewett 273 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen69
Collected Poems and Translations von Ralph Waldo Emerson 295 Exemplare70
Historical Romances: The Prince and the Pauper / A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court / Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc von Mark Twain 426 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen71
In Dubious Battle | Of Mice and Men | The Pastures of Heaven | To a God Unknown | Tortilla Flat von John Steinbeck 569 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen72
Novels 1942-1954 : Go Down, Moses / Intruder in the Dust / Requiem for a Nun / A Fable von William Faulkner 397 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen73
Zora Neale Hurston: Novels and Stories (Library of America) von Zora Neale Hurston 373 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen74
Zora Neale Hurston: Folklore, Memoirs, and Other Writings (Library of America) von Zora Neale Hurston 303 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen75
Collected Writings: Common Sense, The Crisis, and Other Pamphlets, Articles, and Letters; Rights of Man; The Age of Reason von Thomas Paine 866 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen76
Reporting World War II, Volume 1 von Samuel Hynes 389 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen77
Reporting World War II, Volume 2 von Samuel Hynes 337 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen78
Raymond Chandler: Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Stories / The Big Sleep / Farewell, My Lovely / The High Window (Library of America) von Raymond Chandler 678 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen79
Later novels and other writings von Raymond Chandler 641 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen80
Robert Frost: Collected Poems, Prose, and Plays von Robert Frost 812 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen81
Complete Stories: 1892–1898 von Henry James 301 Exemplare82
Complete Stories: 1898–1910 von Henry James 282 Exemplare83
William Bartram: Travels and Other Writings von William Bartram 254 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen84
USA- Trilogie I/ III von John Dos Passos 1,246 Exemplare, 13 Rezensionen85
The Grapes of Wrath & Other Writings 1936-1941 von John Steinbeck 579 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen86
Novels and Memoirs 1941-1951 : The Real Life of Sebastian Knight / Bend Sinister / Speak, Memory von Vladimir Nabokov 295 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen87
Novels 1955-1962: Lolita / Pnin / Pale Fire von Vladimir Nabokov 455 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen88
Novels 1969–1974: Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle / Transparent Things / Look at the Harlequins! von Vladimir Nabokov 267 Exemplare, 1 Rezension89
Thurber: Writings and Drawings von James Thurber 472 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen90
George Washington : Writings von George Washington 525 Exemplare, 1 Rezension91
Nature Writings von John Muir 430 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen92
West : novels and other writings von Nathanael West 270 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen93
Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1930s and 40s von Robert Polito 562 Exemplare, 10 Rezensionen94
Crime Novels: American Noir of the 1950s von Robert Polito 446 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen95
Wallace Stevens : Collected Poetry and Prose von Wallace Stevens 600 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen96
James Baldwin: Early Novels and Stories: Go Tell It on a Mountain / Giovanni's Room / Another Country / Going to Meet the Man (Library of America) von James Baldwin 475 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen97
James Baldwin : Collected Essays : Notes of a Native Son / Nobody Knows My Name / The Fire Next Time / No Name in the Street / The Devil Finds Work / Other Essays (Library of America) von James Baldwin 798 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen98
Stein: Writings 1903-1932: 1903-1932, volume 1 (Library of America) von Gertrude Stein 250 Exemplare, 1 Rezension99
Stein: Writings 1932-1946: 1932-1946, Volume 2 (Library of America) von Gertrude Stein 225 Exemplare, 1 Rezension100
Eudora Welty : Complete Novels: The Robber Bridegroom, Delta Wedding, The Ponder Heart, Losing Battles, The Optimist's Daughter (Library of America) von Eudora Welty 425 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen101
Welty: Stories, Essays, and Memoir von Eudora Welty 334 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen102
Charles Brockden Brown : Three Gothic Novels : Wieland / Arthur Mervyn / Edgar Huntly (Library of America) von Charles Brockden Brown 244 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen103
Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1959-1969, Volume 1 von Milton J. Bates 283 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen104
Reporting Vietnam: American Journalism 1969-1975 , Volume 2 von Milton J. Bates 231 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen105
Complete Stories: 1874–1884 von Henry James 224 Exemplare106
Complete Stories: 1884-1891 von Henry James 254 Exemplare107
American Sermons: the Pilgrims to Martin Luther King, Jr von Michael Warner 292 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen108
Writings von James Madison 377 Exemplare, 1 Rezension109
The Novels of Dashiell Hammett von Dashiell Hammett 966 Exemplare, 20 Rezensionen110
Complete Stories: 1864-1874 von Henry James 245 Exemplare111
Novels, 1957-1962: The Town / The Mansion / The Reivers von William Faulkner 322 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen112
John James Audubon: Writings and Drawings von John James Audubon 247 Exemplare113
Slave Narratives von William L. Andrews 263 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen114
American Poetry : The Twentieth Century, Volume 1 : Henry Adams to Dorothy Parker von Robert Hass 374 Exemplare, 1 Rezension115
American Poetry : The Twentieth Century, Volume 2 : E.E. Cummings to May Swenson von Robert Hass 357 Exemplare, 1 Rezension116
Novels and Stories 1920-1922: This Side of Paradise / Flappers and Philosophers / The Beautiful and the Damned / Tales of the Jazz Age von F. Scott Fitzgerald 374 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen117
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Poems and Other Writings (Library of America) von Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 433 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen118
Plays 1937-1955 von Tennessee Williams 361 Exemplare, 1 Rezension119
Plays 1957-1980 von Tennessee Williams 276 Exemplare, 1 Rezension120
Collected Stories 1891-1910 von Edith Wharton 225 Exemplare121
Collected Stories 1911-1937 von Edith Wharton 224 Exemplare122
The American Revolution, Writings from the War of Independence von John H. Rhodehamel 556 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen123
Collected Essays and Poems von Henry David Thoreau 306 Exemplare, 1 Rezension124
Crime Stories & Other Writings von Dashiell Hammett 308 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen125
Novels, 1930-1942 von Dawn Powell 346 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen126
Dawn Powell: Novels 1944-1962 (Library of America) von Dawn Powell 304 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen127
Complete Novels: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter / Reflections in a Golden Eye / The Ballad of the Sad Cafe / The Member of the Wedding / The Clock Without Hands von Carson McCullers 494 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen128
Alexander Hamilton: Writings (Library of America) von Alexander Hamilton 357 Exemplare129
The Gilded Age and Later Novels: The Gilded Age / The American Claimant / Tom Sawyer Abroad / Tom Sawyer, Detective / No. 44, The Mysterious Stranger von Mark Twain 314 Exemplare, 1 Rezension130
Stories, Novels, and Essays von Charles W. Chesnutt 238 Exemplare, 1 Rezension131
Cannery Row | East of Eden | The Moon is Down | The Pearl von John Steinbeck 521 Exemplare, 1 Rezension132
Arrowsmith / Elmer Gantry / Dodsworth von Sinclair Lewis 263 Exemplare, 1 Rezension133
The Sheltering Sky / Let It Come Down / The Spider's House von Paul Bowles 319 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen134
Collected Stories and Later Writings von Paul Bowles 304 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen135
Kate Chopin: Complete Novels and Stories: At Fault / Bayou Folk / A Night in Acadie / The Awakening / Uncollected Stories (Library of America) von Kate Chopin 311 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen136
Reporting Civil Rights, Part 1: American Journalism 1941-1963 von Clayborne Carson 199 Exemplare137
Reporting Civil Rights, Part 2: American Journalism 1963-1973 von Clayborne Carson 188 Exemplare138
Novels 1896–1899 von Henry James 236 Exemplare139
Eine amerikanische Tragödie von Theodore Dreiser 3,489 Exemplare, 43 Rezensionen140
Novels, 1944-1953: The Dangling Man; The Victim; The Adventures of Augie March von Saul Bellow 305 Exemplare, 1 Rezension141
Novels, 1920-1925: One Man's Initiation: 1917, Three Soldiers, Manhattan Transfer von John Dos Passos 237 Exemplare142
John Dos Passos: Travel Books and Other Writings 1916-1941 von John Dos Passos 203 Exemplare143
Poems and translations von Ezra Pound 338 Exemplare, 1 Rezension144
James Weldon Johnson: Writings von James Weldon Johnson 162 Exemplare, 1 Rezension145
Washington Irving: Three Western Narratives: A Tour on the Prairie / Astoria / The Adventures of Captain Bonneville (Library of America) von Washington Irving 195 Exemplare, 1 Rezension146
Tocqueville: Democracy in America (Library of America) von Alexis de Tocqueville 355 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen147
Über die Demokratie in Amerika von Alexis de Tocqueville 4,661 Exemplare, 25 Rezensionen147
Studs Lonigan von James T. Farrell 858 Exemplare, 12 Rezensionen148
Isaac Bashevis Singer: Collected Stories V. 1 Gimpel the Fool to The Letter Writer (Library of America, 149) (Vol 1) von Isaac Bashevis Singer 218 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen149
Isaac Bashevis Singer Collected Stories V. 2 : A Friend of Kafka to Passions (Library of America) (Vol 2) von Isaac Bashevis Singer 176 Exemplare150
Isaac Bashevis Singer Collected Stories V. 3 : One Night in Brazil to the Death of Methuselah (Library of America) von Isaac Bashevis Singer 169 Exemplare151
Kaufman & Co.: Broadway Comedies von George S. Kaufman 221 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen152
Theodore Roosevelt: The Rough Riders/An Autobiography (Library of America) von Theodore Roosevelt 218 Exemplare153
Theodore Roosevelt: Letters and Speeches (Library of America) von Theodore Roosevelt 200 Exemplare154
H. P. Lovecraft: Tales (Library of America) von H. P. Lovecraft 1,084 Exemplare, 15 Rezensionen155
Little Women, Little Men, Jo's Boys {including Good Wives} von Louisa May Alcott 652 Exemplare, 9 Rezensionen156
Philip Roth: Novels and Stories 1959-1962: Goodbye, Columbus & Five Short Stories / Letting Go (Library of America) von Philip Roth 335 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen157
Novels 1967-1972: When She Was Good / Portnoy's Complaint / Our Gang / The Breast von Philip Roth 313 Exemplare158
Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, A Death in the Family, Shorter Fiction von James Agee 289 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen159
Film Writing and Selected Journalism von James Agee 176 Exemplare160
Two years before the mast and other voyages von Richard Henry Jr. Dana 226 Exemplare, 1 Rezension161
Novels: 1901–1902 von Henry James 227 Exemplare162
Arthur Miller: Collected Plays 1944-1961 (Library of America) von Arthur Miller 261 Exemplare, 1 Rezension163
Novels 1926-1929: Soldiers' Pay / Mosquitoes / Flags in the Dust / The Sound and the Fury von William Faulkner 334 Exemplare, 1 Rezension164
Philip Roth: Novels 1973-1977, The Great American Novel, My Life as a Man, The Professor of Desire (Library of America) von Philip Roth 211 Exemplare, 1 Rezension165
American Speeches: Political Oratory from the Revolution to the Civil War von Ted Widmer 191 Exemplare166
American Speeches: Political Oratory from Abraham Lincoln to Bill Clinton (Library of America) von Ted Widmer 178 Exemplare, 1 Rezension167
Complete poems and selected letters von Hart Crane 221 Exemplare168
Novels 1956-1964: Seize the Day, Henderson the Rain King, Herzog von Saul Bellow 247 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen169
John Steinbeck: Travels with Charley and Later Novels 1947-1962 von John Steinbeck 322 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen170
Captain John Smith: Writings with Other Narratives of Roanoke, Jamestown, and the First English Settlement of America von John Smith 154 Exemplare171
Thornton Wilder: Collected Plays and Writings on Theater (Library of America) von Thornton Wilder 168 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen172
Four Novels of the 1960s : The Man in the High Castle / The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch / Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? / Ubik von Philip K. Dick 929 Exemplare, 16 Rezensionen173
Jack Kerouac: Road Novels 1957-1960: On the Road / The Dharma Bums / The Subterraneans / Tristessa / Lonesome Traveler / Journal Selections (Library of America) von Jack Kerouac 345 Exemplare174
Philip Roth: Zuckerman Bound, A Trilogy and Epilogue 1979-1985 (The Ghost Writer; Zuckerman Unbound; The Anatomy Lesson; The Prague Orgy) von Philip Roth 278 Exemplare175
Edmund Wilson: Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1920s & 30s: The Shores of Light / Axel's Castle / Uncollected Reviews von Edmund Wilson 189 Exemplare176
Edmund Wilson: Literary Essays and Reviews of the 1930s & 40s: The Triple Thinkers, The Wound and the Bow, Classics and Commercials, Uncollected Reviews (Library of America #177) von Edmund Wilson 172 Exemplare177
American Poetry: The Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (Library of America #178) von David S. Shields 172 Exemplare178
William Maxwell: Early Novels and Stories von William Maxwell 159 Exemplare179
Poems, Prose, and Letters von Elizabeth Bishop 266 Exemplare, 1 Rezension180
World War II Writings: The Road Back to Paris / Mollie and Other War Pieces / Uncollected War Journalism / Normandy Revisited von A. J. Liebling 170 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen181
American Earth: Environmental Writing Since Thoreau von Bill McKibben 348 Exemplare182
Five Novels of the 1960s & 70s: Martian Time-Slip / Dr. Bloodmoney / Now Wait for Last Year / Flow My Tears, the Policeman Said / A Scanner Darkly von Philip K. Dick 440 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen183
William Maxwell: Later Novels and Stories von William Maxwell 133 Exemplare, 1 Rezension184
Philip Roth: Novels and Other Narratives 1986-1991 / The Counterlife / The Facts / Deception / Patrimony von Philip Roth 115 Exemplare185
Collected Stories and Other Writings von Katherine Anne Porter 173 Exemplare, 1 Rezension186
Collected Poems, 1956-1987 von John Ashbery 189 Exemplare187
John Cheever: Collected Stories and Other Writings (Library of America, No. 188) von John Cheever 233 Exemplare, 1 Rezension188
John Cheever: Complete Novels (Library of America) von John Cheever 177 Exemplare, 1 Rezension189
Lafcadio Hearn: American Writings (Library of America, No. 190) von Lafcadio Hearn 83 Exemplare190
The Sweet Science and Other Writings: The Sweet Science / The Earl of Louisiana / The Jollity Building / Between Meals / The Press von A. J. Liebling 122 Exemplare, 1 Rezension191
The Lincoln Anthology: Great Writers on His Life and Legacy from 1860 to Now von Harold Holzer 131 Exemplare, 1 Rezension192
Valis and Later Novels von Philip K. Dick 334 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen193
Thornton Wilder: The Bridge of San Luis rey and Other Novels 1926-1948 von Thornton Wilder 134 Exemplare, 1 Rezension194
Collected Stories von Raymond Carver 439 Exemplare, 9 Rezensionen195
American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from Poe to the Pulps von Peter Straub 225 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen196
American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s to Now von Peter Straub 228 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen197
Writings von John Marshall 110 Exemplare198
The Mark Twain Anthology: Great Writers on His Life and Work von Shelley Fisher Fishkin 114 Exemplare, 1 Rezension199
A Tramp Abroad / Following the Equator / Other Travels von Mark Twain 173 Exemplare200
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Selected Journals 1820-1842 von Ralph Waldo Emerson 115 Exemplare201
Ralph Waldo Emerson: Selected Journals 1841-1877 von Ralph Waldo Emerson 109 Exemplare202
The American Stage: Writing on Theater from Washington Irving to Tony Kushner (Library of America, No. 203) von Laurence Senelick 82 Exemplare203
Shirley Jackson: Novels and Stories (The Lottery / The Haunting of Hill House / We Have Always Lived in the Castle) von Shirley Jackson 637 Exemplare, 11 Rezensionen204
Philip Roth: Novels 1993-1995: Operation Shylock / Sabbath's Theater (Library of America) von Philip Roth 112 Exemplare205
H.L. Mencken : Prejudices, first, second, and third series von H. L. Mencken 132 Exemplare206
H.L. Mencken : Prejudices, fourth, fifth, and sixth series von H. L. Mencken 105 Exemplare207
Galbraith: The Affluent Society & Other Writings, 1952-1967: American Capitalism / The Great Crash, 1929 / The Affluent Society / The New Industrial State von John Kenneth Galbraith 120 Exemplare208
Bellow: Novels 1970-1982: Mr. Sammler's Planet / Humboldt's Gift / The Dean's December (Library of America) von Saul Bellow 105 Exemplare209
Gods' Man / Mad Man's Drum / Wild Pilgrimage von Lynd Ward 87 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen210
Prelude to a Million Years / Song Without Words / Vertigo von Lynd Ward 84 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen211
The Civil War: The First Year Told By Those Who Lived It von Brooks D. Simpson 191 Exemplare, 1 Rezension212
John Adams: Revolutionary Writings, 1755-1775 von John Adams 113 Exemplare213
John Adams: Revolutionary Writings, 1775-1783 von John Adams 114 Exemplare214
Novels 1903-1911 von Henry James 105 Exemplare215
Novels & Stories, 1963-1973: Cat's Cradle / God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater / Slaughterhouse-Five / Breakfast of Champions / Stories von Kurt Vonnegut 301 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen216
Harlem Renaissance: Five Novels of the 1920s (Library of America) von Rafia Zafar 85 Exemplare217
Harlem Renaissance Novels: The Library of America Collection von Rafia Zafar 36 Exemplare, 1 Rezension218
The Devil's Dictionary, Tales, and Memoirs von Ambrose Bierce 172 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen219
The American Trilogy von Philip Roth 144 Exemplare220
The Civil War: The Second Year Told By Those Who Lived It von Stephen W. Sears 139 Exemplare, 1 Rezension221
The Guns of August / The Proud Tower von Barbara W. Tuchman 244 Exemplare, 1 Rezension222
Collected Plays 1964-1982 von Arthur Miller 83 Exemplare, 1 Rezension223
Thornton Wilder: The Eighth Day / Theophilus North / Autobiographical Writings von Thornton Wilder 81 Exemplare224
Five Noir Novels of the 1940s and '50s von David Goodis 174 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen225
Novels & Stories 1950-1962: Player Piano / The Sirens of Titan / Mother Night / Stories von Kurt Vonnegut 182 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen226
American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1953-56 von Gary K. Wolfe 168 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen227
American Science Fiction: Five Classic Novels 1956-58 von Gary K. Wolfe 156 Exemplare, 1 Rezension228
Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Little House Books, Volume 1 (Library of America) von Laura Ingalls Wilder 88 Exemplare229
Laura Ingalls Wilder: The Little House Books, Volume 2 (Library of America) von Laura Ingalls Wilder 77 Exemplare230
Collected poems von Jack Kerouac 106 Exemplare231
The War of 1812: Writings from America's Second War of Independence: (Library of America #232) von Donald R. Hickey 86 Exemplare, 1 Rezension232
American Antislavery Writings: Colonial Beginnings to Emancipation von James G. Basker 93 Exemplare233
The Civil War: The Third Year Told by Those Who Lived It von BROOKS SIMPSON 116 Exemplare, 1 Rezension234
Sherwood Anderson: Collected Stories: Winesburg, Ohio / The Triumph of the Egg / Horses and Men / Death in the Woods / Uncollected Stories von Sherwood Anderson 113 Exemplare235
Philip Roth: Novels 2001-2007: The Dying Animal / The Plot Against America / Exit Ghost von Philip Roth 85 Exemplare236
Philip Roth: Nemeses: Everyman / Indignation / The Humbling / Nemesis von Philip Roth 75 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen237
Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings on Conservation and Ecology von Aldo Leopold 124 Exemplare, 1 Rezension238
Collected Poems von May Swenson 69 Exemplare239
Collected Poems 1952-1993 von W. S. Merwin 72 Exemplare240
W.S. Merwin: Collected Poems 1996-2011: (Library of America #241) von W. S. Merwin 52 Exemplare241
John Updike: Collected Early Stories (Library of America) von John Updike 91 Exemplare242
John Updike: Collected Later Stories (Library of America) von John Updike 95 Exemplare243
Stories & other writing von Ring Lardner 99 Exemplare244
Jonathan Edwards: Writings from the Great Awakening (Library of America) von Jonathan Edwards 70 Exemplare245
Essays of the 1960s & 70s von Susan Sontag 132 Exemplare, 1 Rezension246
William Wells Brown: Clotel & Other Writings (Library of America) von William Wells Brown 59 Exemplare, 1 Rezension247
Novels and Stories of the 1940s & 50s: The Natural / The Assistant / Stories von Bernard Malamud 81 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen248
Novels and Stories of the 1960s: A New Life / The Fixer / Pictures of Fidelman: An Exhibition / Stories von Bernard Malamud 71 Exemplare249
The Civil War: The Final Year Told by Those Who Lived It: (Library of America #250) von Aaron Sheehan-Dean 107 Exemplare250
Shakespeare in America: An Anthology from the Revolution to Now von James Shapiro 86 Exemplare251
Novels 1976–1985: Slapstick / Jailbird / Deadeye Dick / Galápagos von Kurt Vonnegut 97 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen252
American Musicals 1927-1949: the Complete Books and Lyrics of Eight Broadway Classics von Laurence Maslon 52 Exemplare253
American Musicals 1950-1969: The Complete Books and Lyrics of Eight Broadway Classics von Laurence Maslon 30 Exemplare254
Four Novels of the 1970s: Fifty-Two Pickup / Swag / Unknown Man No. 89 / The Switch von Elmore Leonard 100 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen255
Work, Eight Cousins, Rose in Bloom, Stories & Other Writings von Louisa May Alcott 70 Exemplare256
The Days Trilogy, Expanded Edition von H. L. Mencken 84 Exemplare, 1 Rezension257
Virgil Thomson: Music Chronicles, 1940-1954 von Virgil Thomson 52 Exemplare258
Art in America 1945–1970: Writings from the Age of Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, and Minimalism von Jed Perl 78 Exemplare259
Saul Bellow: Novels 1984-2000: (Library of America #260) von Saul Bellow 57 Exemplare260
Collected Plays 1987-2004 von Arthur Miller 44 Exemplare261
Jack Kerouac: Visions of Cody, Visions of Gerard, Big Sur: (Library of America #262) von Jack Kerouac 63 Exemplare262
Major works on religion and politics von Reinhold Niebuhr 97 Exemplare263
Four Novels of the 1950s: The Way Some People Die / The Barbarous Coast / The Doomsters / The Galton Case von Ross Macdonald 91 Exemplare, 1 Rezension264
The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate 1764-1772: (Library of America #265) von Gordon S. Wood 69 Exemplare265
The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate 1773-1776: (Library of America #266) von Gordon S. Wood 61 Exemplare266
Elmore Leonard: Four Novels of the 1980s: City Primeval / LaBrava / Glitz / Freaky Deaky (Library of America) von Elmore Leonard 74 Exemplare, 1 Rezension267
Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1940s von Sarah Weinman 121 Exemplare, 6 Rezensionen268
Women Crime Writers: Four Suspense Novels of the 1950s von Sarah Weinman 94 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen269
Frederick Law Olmsted: Writings on Landscape, Culture, and Society: (Library of America #270) von Frederick Law Olmsted 68 Exemplare, 1 Rezension270
Four Novels of the 1920s: The Glimpses of the Moon / A Son at the Front / Twilight Sleep / The Children von Edith Wharton 76 Exemplare271
James Baldwin: Later Novels: Tell Me How Long the Train's Been Gone / If Beale Street Could Talk / Just Above My Head: (Library of America #272) von James Baldwin 112 Exemplare272
Novels, 1987-1997: Bluebeard / Hocus Pocus / Timequake von Kurt Vonnegut 81 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen273
Autobiographies | A small boy and others | Notes of a son and brother | The middle years | other autobiographical writings von Henry James 71 Exemplare274
Abigail Adams: Letters von Abigail Adams 81 Exemplare275
John Adams: Writings from the New Nation 1784-1826 von John Adams 66 Exemplare276
The State of Music & Other Writings von Virgil Thomson 40 Exemplare277
War No More: Three Centuries of American Antiwar and Peace Writing von Lawrence Rosenwald 53 Exemplare, 1 Rezension278
Three Novels of the Early 1960s: The Zebra-Striped Hearse / The Chill / The Far Side of the Dollar von Ross Macdonald 74 Exemplare279
Elmore Leonard: Four Later Novels: Get Shorty / Rum Punch / Out of Sight / Tishomingo Blues (The Library of America) von Elmore Leonard 74 Exemplare, 1 Rezension280
The Complete Orsinia: Malafrena / Stories and Songs von Ursula K. Le Guin 172 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen281
John O'Hara: Stories (The Library of America) von John O'Hara 65 Exemplare, 1 Rezension282
The Unknown Kerouac: Rare, Unpublished & Newly Translated Writings (The Library of America) von Jack Kerouac 68 Exemplare, 1 Rezension283
Albert Murray: Collected Essays & Memoirs: The Omni-Americans / South to a Very Old Place / The Hero and the Blues / Stomping the Blues / The Blue Devils of Nada (The Library of America) von Albert Murray 70 Exemplare284
Collected Essays on Evolution, Nature, and the Cosmos, Vol. I: The Immense Journey, The Firmament of Time, The Unexpected Universe, Uncollected Writings von Loren Eiseley 74 Exemplare, 1 Rezension285
Collected Essays on Evolution, Nature, and the Cosmos, Vol. II: The Invisible Pyramid, The Night Country, Essays from The Star Thrower von Loren Eiseley 59 Exemplare, 1 Rezension286
Carson McCullers: Stories, Plays & Other Writings (The Library of America) von Carson McCullers 62 Exemplare287
Collected Works von Jane Bowles 50 Exemplare288
World War I and America: Told by the Americans Who Lived It von A. Scott Berg 65 Exemplare, 1 Rezension289
Mary McCarthy: Novels & Stories 1942-1963 (The Library of America) von Mary McCarthy 56 Exemplare290
Mary McCarthy: Novels 1963-1979 (The Library of America) von Mary McCarthy 46 Exemplare291
Susan Sontag: Later Essays (The Library of America) von Susan Sontag 54 Exemplare292
John Quincy Adams: Diaries Vol. 1 1779-1821 von John Quincy Adams 49 Exemplare293
John Quincy Adams: Diaries Vol. 2 1821-1848 von John Quincy Adams 29 Exemplare294
Ross Macdonald: Four Later Novels von Ross Macdonald 63 Exemplare295
Hainish Novels and Stories Vol. 1: Rocannon's World / Planet of Exile / City of Illusions / The Left Hand of Darkness / The Dispossessed / Stories von Ursula K. Le Guin 158 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen296
Hainish Novels and Stories, Vol. 2: The Word for World Is Forest / Five Ways to Forgiveness / The Telling / stories von Ursula K. Le Guin 142 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen297
Complete Stories 1938-1959 von Peter Taylor 41 Exemplare, 1 Rezension298
Complete Stories 1960-1992 von Peter Taylor 40 Exemplare299
Philip Roth: Why Write? Collected Nonfiction 1960-2013 (The Library of America) von Philip Roth 96 Exemplare, 1 Rezension300
John Ashbery: Collected Poems 1991-2000 (The Library of America) von John Ashbery 57 Exemplare301
Wendell Berry: Port William Novels & Stories: The Civil War to World War II (LOA #302): Nathan Coulter / Andy Catlett: Early Travels / A World Lost / ... (Library of America Wendell Berry Edition) von Wendell Berry 87 Exemplare302
Reconstruction: Voices from America's First Great Struggle for Racial Equality (LOA #303) (The Library of America) von Brooks D. Simpson 58 Exemplare, 1 Rezension303
Albert Murray: Collected Novels & Poems (LOA #304): Train Whistle Guitar / The Spyglass Tree / The Seven League Boots / The Magic Keys/ Poems (Library of America Albert Murray Edition) von Albert Murray 46 Exemplare304
Norman Mailer: Four Books of the 1960s: An American Dream / Why Are We in Vietnam? / The Armies of the Night / Miami and the Siege of Chicago (The Library of America) von Norman Mailer 42 Exemplare305
Norman Mailer: Collected Essays of the 1960s (The Library of America) von Norman Mailer 37 Exemplare306
Silent Spring and Other Writings on the Environment von Rachel Carson 60 Exemplare307
Elmore Leonard: Westerns: Last Stand at Saber River / Hombre / Valdez is Coming / Forty Lashes Less One / Stories (The Library of America) von Elmore Leonard 61 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen308
Time Quartet: A Swiftly Tilting Planet; A Wind in the Door; A Wrinkle in Time; Many Waters (Madeleine L'Engle's Time Quintet) von Madeleine L'Engle 780 Exemplare, 10 Rezensionen309
The Polly O'Keefe Quartet: The Arm of the Starfish / Dragons in the Waters / A House Like a Lotus / An Acceptable Time von Madeleine L'Engle 40 Exemplare, 1 Rezension310
John Updike: Novels 1959-1965 (LOA #311): The Poorhouse Fair / Rabbit, Run / The Centaur / Of the Farm (Library of America John Updike Edition) von John Updike 52 Exemplare311
The Spy / Lionel Lincoln von James Fenimore Cooper 43 Exemplare312
Four Novels of the 1930s: Appointment in Samarra / Butterfield 8 / Hope of Heaven / Pal Joey von John O'Hara 48 Exemplare313
The Street / The Narrows von Ann Petry 59 Exemplare314
Always Coming Home: Author's Expanded Edition von Ursula K. Le Guin 104 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen315
Wendell Berry: Essays 1969-1990 (LOA #316) (Library of America Wendell Berry Edition) von Wendell Berry 40 Exemplare316
Wendell Berry: Essays 1993-2017 (LOA #317) (Library of America Wendell Berry Edition) von Wendell Berry 38 Exemplare317
Cornelius Ryan: The Longest Day, A Bridge Too Far (LOA #318) (Library of America) von Cornelius Ryan 52 Exemplare, 1 Rezension318
Booth Tarkington: Novels & Stories von Booth Tarkington 53 Exemplare319
Herman Melville: Complete Poems (LOA #320): Battle-Pieces and Aspects of the War / Clarel / John Marr and Other Sailors / Timoleon / Posthumous & ... (Library of America Herman Melville Edition) von Herman Melville 38 Exemplare, 1 Rezension320
American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1960-1966 (LOA #321): The High Crusade / Way Station / Flowers for Algernon / . . . And Call Me Conrad (The Library of America) von Gary K. Wolfe 43 Exemplare321
American Science Fiction: Four Classic Novels 1968-1969: Past Master / Picnic on Paradise / Nova / Emphyrio von Gary K. Wolfe 43 Exemplare322
Frances Hodgson Burnett: The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, Little Lord Fauntleroy (LOA #323) (Library of America) von Frances Hodgson Burnett 23 Exemplare, 1 Rezension323
Jean Stafford: Complete Novels (LOA #324): Boston Adventure / The Mountain Lion / The Catherine Wheel (Library of America) von Jean Stafford 26 Exemplare324
Joan Didion: Run River / Slouching Towards Bethlehem / Play It As It Lays / A Book of Common Prayer / The White Album (Library of America) von Joan Didion 45 Exemplare, 1 Rezension325
John updike novels 1968-1975 von John Updike 20 Exemplare326
Collected Stories von Constance Fenimore Woolson 19 Exemplare327
Robert Stone: Dog Soldiers, A Flag for Sunrise, Outerbridge Reach (LOA #328) (Library of America) von Robert Stone 45 Exemplare, 1 Rezension328
Jonathan Schell: The Fate of the Earth, The Abolition, The Unconquerable World von Jonathan Schell 18 Exemplare329
Richard Hofstadter: Anti-intellectualism in American Life, the Paranoid Style in American Politics, Uncollected Essays 1956-1965 (Library of America) von Richard Hofstadter 58 Exemplare, 1 Rezension330
The Western: Four Classic Novels of the 1940s & 50s (LOA #331): The Ox-Bow Incident / Shane / The Searchers / Warlock (The Library of America) von Walter Van Tilburg Clark 41 Exemplare, 1 Rezension331
American Women's Suffrage: Voices from the Long Struggle for the Vote 1776-1965 (LOA #332) (The Library of America) von Susan Ware 20 Exemplare, 1 Rezension332
African American Poetry: 250 Years of Struggle & Song (LOA #333): A Library of America Anthology (The Library of America) von Kevin Young 64 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen333
The sun also rises & other writings 1918-1926 von Ernest Hemingway 53 Exemplare334
Annals of the Western Shore: Gifts / Voices / Powers von Ursula K. Le Guin 39 Exemplare335
Shirley Jackson: Four Novels of the 1940s & 50s (LOA #336): The Road Through the Wall / Hangsaman / The Bird's Nest / The Sundial (Library of America) von Shirley Jackson 27 Exemplare336
Kindred / Fledgling / Collected Stories von Octavia Butler 42 Exemplare, 1 Rezension338
E. O. Wilson: Biophilia, The Diversity of Life, Naturalist (LOA #340) (Library of America) von Edward O. Wilson 14 Exemplare340
Joan Didion: The 1980s & 90s (LOA #342): Salvador / Democracy / Miami / After Henry / The Last Thing He Wanted von Joan Didion 14 Exemplare341
Jean Stafford: Complete Stories & Other Writings (LOA #342): The Collected Stories / Uncollected Stories / A Mother in History / Essays (Library of America) von Jean Stafford 6 Exemplare342
Donald Barthelme: Collected Stories (LOA #343) (Library of America) von Donald Barthelme 1 Exemplar343

Sammlungen und Kollektionen

France and England in North America {complete} von Francis Parkman 31 Exemplare11-12
Dashiell Hammett: The Library of America Edition von Dashiell Hammett 19 Exemplare110, 125
Reporting Civil Rights: American Journalism [Parts 1 and 2] von Clayborne Carson 6 Exemplare137-138
The Philip K. Dick Collection von Philip K. Dick 149 Exemplare173, 183, 193
The Collected Works of John Cheever von John Cheever 10 Exemplare188-189
American Fantastic Tales von Peter Straub 86 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen196-197
Prejudices: The First, Second, and Third Series + Prejudices: The Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Series von H. L. Mencken 83 Exemplare206-207
Six Novels in Woodcuts von Lynd Ward 129 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen210-211
Kurt Vonnegut: The Complete Novels: A Library of America Boxed Set von Kurt Vonnegut 23 Exemplare216, 226, 252, 273
American Science Fiction: Nine Classic Novels of the 1950s von Gary K. Wolfe 82 Exemplare, 1 Rezension227-228
Little House On The Prairie Box Set von Laura Ingalls Wilder 3,843 Exemplare, 48 Rezensionen229-230
The Collected Poems of W.S. Merwin (Library of America) von W. S. Merwin 27 Exemplare240-241
John Updike: The Collected Stories von John Updike 51 Exemplare242-243
American Musicals 1927–1969: The Complete Books and Lyrics of 16 Broadway Classics von Laurence Maslon 44 Exemplare253-254
Elmore Leonard: The Classic Crime Novels: A Library of America Boxed Set von Elmore Leonard 13 Exemplare255, 267, 280
The American Revolution: Writings from the Pamphlet Debate, 1764-1776 von Gordon S. Wood 26 Exemplare265-266
Women Crime Writers: Eight Suspense Novels of the 1940s and 1950s von Sarah Weinman 46 Exemplare268-269
Collected Essays on Evolution, Nature, and the Cosmos von Loren Eiseley 21 Exemplare285-286
The Diaries of John Quincy Adams 1779-1848 (Library of America) von John Quincy Adams 21 Exemplare293-294
Ursula K. Le Guin: The Hainish Novels and Stories von Ursula K. Le Guin 107 Exemplare296-297
Norman Mailer: The Sixties: A Library of America Boxed Set (The Library of America) von Norman Mailer 5 Exemplare305-306
Madeleine L'Engle: The Kairos Novels: The Wrinkle in Time and Polly O'Keefe Quartets von Madeleine L'Engle 22 Exemplare309-310
American Science Fiction: Eight Classic Novels of the 1960s 2C BOX SET: The High Crusade / Way Station / Flowers for Algernon / . . . And Call Me Conrad . . . / Nova / Emphyrio von Gary K. Wolfe 30 Exemplare321-322
Silence Dogood, The Busy-Body, and Early Writings von Benjamin Franklin 136 Exemplare, 1 Rezension37a
Autobiography, Poor Richard, and Later Writings von Benjamin Franklin 308 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen37b
Speeches and Writings: Speeches, Letters, and Miscellaneous Writings [2-volume set] von Abraham Lincoln 40 Exemplare45-46
The Debate on the Constitution {complete} von Bernard Bailyn 158 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen62-63
American Poetry: The Nineteenth Century {complete} von John Hollander 136 Exemplare66-67
Raymond Chandler: The Library of America Edition von Raymond Chandler 30 Exemplare, 1 Rezension79-80
American Noir: 11 Classic Crime Novels of the 1930s, 40s, & 50s (Library of America) von Robert Polito 35 Exemplare94-95
Selected Speeches and Writings von Abraham Lincoln 149 Exemplareselections


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