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14 Werke Beliebtheit 75,699 (29 Mitglieder) 99 Bücher 0 Rezensionen ½ 4.8
Scottish Verse from the Book of the Dean of Lismore von William J. Watson 11 Exemplare1
The songs of Duncan Ban Macintyre von Duncan Ban MacIntyre 10 Exemplare4
Prose Writings of Donald MacKinnon, 1839-1914. The first Professor of Celtic in the University of Edinburgh von Donald MacKinnon 3 Exemplare5
Prose Writings of Donald Lamont, 1874-1958. von Donald Lamont 7 Exemplare6
Adtimchiol an Chreidimh. The Gaelic Version of John Calvin's Catechismus Ecclesiae Genevensis von R. L. Thomson 2 Exemplare7
Orain Iain Luim : songs of John MacDonald, bard of Keppoch von Annie M. MacKenzie 10 Exemplare8
Foirm na n-Urrnuidheadh. John Carswell's Gaelic translation of the Book of Common Order von R. L. Thomson 4 Exemplare11
The Blind Harper von Roderick Morison 11 Exemplare12
BARDACHD SHILIS NA CEAPAICH Poems and Songs von Sìleas MacDonald 8 Exemplare13
Eachann Bacach and Other Maclean Poets von Colm Ó Baoill 7 Exemplare14
Highland Songs of the Forty-Five von John Lorne Campbell 15 Exemplare15
The MacDiarmid MS. Anthology. Poems and Songs, mainly anonymous, from the collection dated 1770 von Derick S. Thomson 3 Exemplare17
Tuath is Tighearna: Tenants and Landlords von Donald E. Meek 4 Exemplare18
Iasad Rann: A Borrowing of Verses: Original Gaelic poems and translations by John Maclean, formerly Rector of Oban High School (Scottish Gaelic Texts Society Publications) von William Gillies 4 Exemplare25


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