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Jul 30, 2015
Bürgerlicher Name
Amaroq de Quebrazas
Über meine Bibliothek
writing, psychology, movies, filmmaking, literature, graphic novels, screenplays, painting, drawing, reading, music, cultural-anthropology, sociology, sciences, nature, liberal politics, art, indigenous-studies
Über mich
I turned 57 on the 18th of July 1958. I’m a one gal show; my crayon equals my camera. I’m converting my old screenplays into graphic novels where I do all the writing & art work. I chitchat to get to serious topics yet my flat is an imaginary kingdom inspiring writing w/ drawing table, easel, walls w/ shelves of supplies & ethnic Barbie like dolls set up in dioramas. I break from writing & play w/my 2 dogs & we dance to spicy beats. Hidden elsewhere in the corners are large animals.

Have you made friends w/rewriting & have a writing career? I’m looking to collaborate with a guy as a potential romantic life partner but I don't need help; I’m established & writing on my own. I just want to share w/someone equally excited by this writing life style. I’m also an atheist but I believe in spirit guides.
San Francisco
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