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The Old Man and the Sea von Ernest Hemingway

Night Music von Jojo Moyes

Galapagos Dreams: A Photo Journey von Susanna Ivy

Book Lust: Recommended Reading for Every Mood, Moment, and Reason von Nancy Pearl

Deadly Innocence von Scott Burnside

Jaws von Peter Benchley

I Dared to Live, 4th Revised and Illustrated Edition von Brand

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Mitglied: CindyBytes

SammlungenDeine Bibliothek (3,416), Favoriten (139), on hold to be finished later (4), Alle Sammlungen (3,416)

Rezensionen24 Rezensionen

TagsNonfiction (2,092), History (1,247), Fiction - All Genres (1,107), Biographies Autobiographies and Memoirs (1,016), Crime Thrillers and Mystery - All (740), Crime Thrillers and Mystery - UK (650), Social and Cultural History (325), World War II History (313), Reference (306), Hollywood History and Actors (295) — alle Tags anzeigen


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Über mich

Über meine BibliothekIt certainly has been a challenge to list and log all my books past and present. Nevertheless, I believe I am getting there. It has been a daunting chore at times to go through my seven huge bookcases to try to find the books I want to list. Many of them won’t be listed because I do not have the patience to go through them all. Some have been sold or given away; a few were library books, much is packed away in the attic and others will be lost in my gray matter forever because I cannot recall all the books I have read; unless I happen upon a book in someone else's library or a topic, I have read about comes into conversation. Only then do I seem to remember a book and list it.

As anyone can see I have a diverse interest in reading material. However, subjects pertaining to the darker side of life seem to dominate my library. I learned early in life things that you fear are best confronted than to suffer the fear of the unknown. I guess you could say I am on a quest to conquer those bogey men who sleep under our beds at night. I believe knowledge helps to dispel most fears I have.

Many of my family and friends have always expressed some surprise in my reading material – especially things pertaining to war, violence and death. I don't come across as one who would read books pertaining to holocausts, wars, murder and horror, (at least that is what I have been told), and sometimes I do prefer the classic romance; an erotic novel or other “womanly” things such as fashion, leisure, travel, the arts, self-help and social topics. Being an artist, I am curious to see what’s under all that fluff we call normal. I have an insatiable curiosity of life as well as death and the unknown.

Distrust a course in reading. People who really care for books read all of them.

~Andrew Lang

1.) The more you read, the better you get at it; the better you get at it, the more you like it;
and the more you like it, the more you do it. 2.) And the more you read, the more you know;
and the more you know, the smarter you grow.

~Author, Jim Trelease

Gruppen18th-19th Century Britain, Ancient History, Bug Collectors, Crime, Thriller & Mystery, English History - Tudor through Edwardian, Girlybooks, History at 30,000 feet: The Big Picture, List Five Books Parlour Game, Military History, Non-Fiction Readersalle Gruppen anzeigen

LieblingsautorenJane Austen, Charlotte Brontë, Vincent Bugliosi, Truman Capote, Patricia Cornwell, Andy Edmonds, Marian Fowler, Antonia Fraser, John Gilmore, Christopher Hibbert, Zora Neale Hurston, M. M. Kaye, Stephen King, Harper Lee, Jack London, Robert K. Massie, Joe McGinniss, Barry Paris, Sylvia Plath, Joanna Price, Danuta Reah, George Bernard Shaw, Shel Silverstein, Abbie Taylor, Thomas Thompson, John Toland, Henri Troyat, Mark A. Vieira, Weegee, Alison Weir (Gemeinsame Favoriten)

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