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Nachlassbibliothek: George Washington

GeorgeWashington ist eine Nachlassbibliothek. Nachlassbibliotheken sind persönliche Bibliotheken von berühmten Lesern, die von LibraryThing-Mitgliedern aus der Legacy Libraries-Gruppe eingetragen werden.

GeorgeWashington ist auch ein Autor.

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Zufällige Bücher aus der Bibliothek von GeorgeWashington:

The spectator von Joseph Addison

A speech delivered at a free conference between the honourable, the Council and assembly of Jamaica, held the 19th November, 1789, on the subject of Mr. Wilberforce's propositions in the House of commons, concerning the slave-trade von Bryan Edwards

Serious enquiries into the motives and consequences of our present armament against Russia von John Paradise

A list of the general and field-officers, as they rank in the Army : of the officers in the several regiments of Horse, Dragoons, and Foot, on the British and Irish establishments : (To which is now added, an alphabetical index) : the Royal Regiment of Artillery and Corps of Engineers, the Irish Artillery and Engineers, and the Marines on full and half pay : with the dates of their commissions, as they rank in each Corps and in the Army : The Governors, Lieutenant Governors, &c. of his Majesty's ... von Great Britain (Army)

Le pour et le contre sur un objet de grande discorde et d'importance majeure : convient-il à l'administration de céder part, ou de ne rien céder aux étrangers dans le commerce de la métropole avec ses colonies? von Jean Baptiste Du Buc

The compleat horseman, or, Perfect farrier; in two parts. Part I. discovering the surest marks of beauty, goodness, faults, and imperfections of horses ... The art of shoeing ... riding and managing the great horse. Part II. Contains the signs and causes of their diseases, with the true method of curing them von Jacques de Solleysel

A discourse on the peace; preached on the day of public thanksgiving, November 25, 1784 von John Lathrop

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Mitglied: GeorgeWashington

SammlungenDeine Bibliothek (1,295), Boston Athenaeum (882), Mount Vernon (57), Morgan Library & Museum (35), Library of Congress (18), Princeton University (15), Houghton Library, Harvard (10), Historical Society of Pennsylvania (6), University of Pennsylvania (6), New York Public Library (3), Trinity College (3), Gilder Lehrman Institute (2), Loyola Marymount University (2), Yale University Library (2), American Antiquarian Society (1), British Library (1), David Library of the American Revolution (1), Free Library of Philadelphia (1), John Carter Brown Library (1), Johns Hopkins University (1), Lilly Library (1), MIT (1), National Library of Scotland (1), Providence Public Library (1), University of Virginia (1), Williams College (2), Case 1 (184), Case 2 (33), Case 3 (98), Case 4 (115), Case 5 (56), Case 6 (42), Case 7 (116), Case 8 (50), On the Table (63), Alle Sammlungen (1,295)

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TagsPolitics and Government (359), United States (328), Agriculture (174), Religion (170), Commerce (132), Great Britain (126), Sermons (125), Literature (113), Surveys (87), France (72) — alle Tags anzeigen

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Über michGeorge Washington (22 February 1732 - 14 December 1799), Virginia surveyor, landowner, military leader and statesman. Commander of the Continental Army, president of the Constitutional Convention, and first president of the United States.

Über meine BibliothekGeorge Washington's library at the time of his death ran to some nine hundred volumes, which passed into the possession of his nephew Judge Bushrod Washington along with Washington's papers and Mount Vernon. When Bushrod Washington died in 1826, he willed parts of the library to his nephews George C. and John A. Washington and to his grand-nephew Bushrod Washington Herbert.

Around 1847, a large portion of the books which remained at Mount Vernon were sold to bookseller Henry Stevens, who announced his intention to send them to the British Museum. A group from Boston and Cambridge, MA responded by raising $4,250 and purchased the books for the Boston Athenaeum (along with items to accompany the collection). This collection comprises the major portion of George Washington's library as we know it today.

Other Washington books were sold at auctions in 1876 and in the early 1890s. Information on the books sold in those sales has been included where possible.

Annotations in the records are from the Boston Athenaeum or from other sources where noted.

Tags have been added as appropriate.

Locational Collections: Using the transcription of Washington's probate inventory (PDF), collections have been added indicating the bookcases (1-8) used by Washington for his books at Mt. Vernon (plus another location listed at "On the Table"). Within these collections, using the inventory numbers it is possible to recreate (roughly at least) the order of the books on Washington's shelves. Please note: The separation point between Cases 3-4 is not indicated in the inventory, so I have made an educated guess about where that break approximately occurs. Some items of which GW had more than one copy may appear in more than one locational collection. And for many bound volumes of pamphlets (Miscellanies, Political Tracts, &c.) it was not possible to identify specific volumes, so those have not been assigned to their respective cases.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Please contact Libraries of Early America coordinator Jeremy Dibbell.

GruppenLibraries of Early America

Bürgerlicher NameGeorge Washington

OrtMount Vernon, VA

LieblingsautorenNicht angegeben

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