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Über michA curious interest in the California Gold Rush (1848-1855) began in middle school when I assembled an in-depth report project I aced. It was this year I first panned for gold during an outing with my family in the beautiful California Mother Lode, discovering a tiny, shiny nugget in our rented sluice box, known as a "picker." The size of a hard corn kernel, it made a light-sounding 'thud' when it hit ground, and 'oh-boy' did that excite us.

That day I was stricken with Gold Fever, in which a cure is not known, and I'm okay with that. When I find gold on an excursion, nature still remains the biggest treasure of all.

We are excited to share what we know, and continue to learn, in hopes of helping others on their treasure hunt(s).

Please feel free to contact us, or leave a comment if you'd like to say hi, or recommend literature.

Über meine BibliothekHello, and welcome to Gold Fever, a niche collection emphasizing the history and research of American Gold Rushes, for the purpose of helping new and experienced miners stricken with gold fever, find gold!

Many post-gold rush era titles that we enjoy, also embody our collection for your learning and entertainment pleasure.

At this time in our library development, our media includes books, mainly. Many are specific about the locations and processes of mining, however many others cover small town history and genealogy, important also in leading to possible gold, cache, or precious mineral deposits tucked away by those who lived yesteryear.

We are always accepting paper, or digitized media relating to mining. If your contributions are not duplicates of our collection, we are happy to pay shipping costs for your generous gift(s).

Oral histories are gems, also. Nothing beats an uncensored, in-person story that captures the wholeness and richness of a person or event. If you have, or know of a story, fact or fiction, please share it with us. We'd love to hear it.


Bürgerlicher NameCurtis Hagen

OrtSacramento, California

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Mitglied seitApr 10, 2018

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