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Zufällige Bücher aus der Bibliothek von Goldengrove:

Sweet Thames von Matthew Kneale

Bleak House von Charles DIckens

A Song of Stone von Iain Banks

The Return von Victoria Hislop

The Hobbit : or there and back again von J. R. R. Tolkien

The Struggle for Europe (The Second World War) von Chester Wilmot

The Winter King (The Arthur Books #1) von Bernard Cornwell

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Mitglied: Goldengrove

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Über michI feel very fortunate that I can't remember not being able to read. My parents had a large and interesting library, and reading has always been my greatest pleasure. I will read almost anything - the cereal packet if there's nothing else to hand - and enjoy a wide variety of genres. Although I used to do most of my fiction reading whilst walking home from the school drop off, I'm now in gainful employment so have the luxury of a 45 minute train journey morning and evening. The walking generated more comment!
I'm a Secondary School Librarian and although there are tricky bits, nothing beats being able to talk about, recommend and handle books all day, and when a student discovers a new author or genre because of a book that I suggested, that's the best feeling in the world. I LOVE my job!

Über meine BibliothekMy books are already arranged in the house by genre and author (they have been since I was about 9), and I love being able to catalogue them as well. It will be a while until they're all on Library Thing - not least because I keep finding ones I haven't read yet...
I am very fond of my books as physical objects, as well as for the treasures inside, especially those I have had for a long time. About a third of my collection is second-hand, and I particularly like to buy copies with inscriptions in them - it gives one such a connection with the previous reader. (I've started to copy these into the 'comments' field, wish I'd thought of it to begin with!) I love to lend books to friends so that we can talk about them.
Currently there is room on the shelves for 2-3 more books - obviously I can't possibly get rid of any, or stop buying them, so I'll have to find room for another bookcase.
I have recently aquired a Kindle - rather to my surprise I absolutely LOVE it! Although it won't stop me buying books, it is a very handy tool for the commuter, and holiday maker, and it means that I can start reading what I fancy straight away. I particularly like being able to raid Project Gutenburg for all those out of copyright goodies...

Gruppen75 Books Challenge for 2011, Anglophiles, Barbara Pym, BBC Radio 3 Listeners, Bully's Tavern, Friends of Jack (C.S. Lewis), Inklings, Librarians who LibraryThing, Pedants' corner

LieblingsautorenKate Atkinson, Jane Austen, Robertson Davies, C. S. Lewis, Garth Nix, John Wyndham (Gemeinsame Favoriten)


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Bürgerlicher Name Penelope Swan

OrtSurrey, England

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitJun 4, 2008

Lese geradeKipling von Jad Adams
Caleb's Crossing von Geraldine Brooks

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