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In the Badlands of Desire von Beckian Fritz Goldberg

The Whole Man von John Brunner

Singing in the Shrouds von Ngaio Marsh

John Glenn: A Memoir von John Glenn

The Sky So Big and Black von John Barnes

Beginnings von Gordon R. Dickson

The Anodyne Necklace von Martha Grimes

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Über michA bit of history:
I've been an avid reader as far back as I can remember. (Update, I used to be an avid reader - though I still read a lot of stuff online, I've not read so many books recently) The two most memorable reading related memories from my youth were (1) a reading pin in 4th grade for being the best reader in my class, and (2) being in a chair in the backyard during summer vacation, so engrossed in my book that a snail had crawled up my arm before I realized it (then I freaked). I fell hard for science fiction (and never recovered) at age 11, after checking "The Martian Chronicles" out of the library and reading it.

At various times, when not reading, I've been a design engineer, fiction writer, UCLA student, student pilot, rockclimber, seamstress, hiker, cross-country skier, gymrat, moutaineer, world traveler, and probably several other things I've forgotten. Oh, and since finding LibraryThing, I guess I better add book cataloguer to the list.

Über meine BibliothekI have lots of books, gathered over a lifetime, covering a broad range of subjects. It's a reading and reference library, though there might, by chance, be a collectable or two. I'm starting with entering my rather large Science Fiction collection. These books have the most entertaining covers. To that end, I've been careful to use the correct cover, scanning and uploading in those cases where one wasn't available. I have to admit to loving the science fiction collection in cover view. Sorting by date makes a nice cover timeline as well!

I have several other good sized collections, including space exploration, literature, philosophy, general science, archaeology, and mythology. I really have a bit of everything though. I'm entering these in a bit at a time to break the process up. I hope to get much of my library added into the GwenH library database over time.

On Rating:
I haven't rated a lot of books yet, but I've tried to describe my ratings in words.
1 star - I’m not likely to have any one stars, as it's a book I wouldn't get too far into.
2 stars - The book had its moments, but was too flawed to really enjoy. Not likely to recommend it
3 stars - I enjoyed it despite some flaws. I might recommend, but would do so with warnings.
4 stars - It was well written, and I would recommend to anyone with compatible interests. I'll typically try to elaborate on details that would allow someone to decide if this is their kind of book.
5 stars - Loved it, universally of interest, one of a kind. I’d recommend it to almost anyone

On Reviewing:
When I review a book, I try not to include any spoilers. It sometimes makes details a little vague, but I don't like to read spoilers and so I don't like to include them myself.

On Snooping
I enjoy snooping around other people's libraries and have already discovered a few new books of interest! These were often made when exploring libraries with which I share a book in common. It's also surprising to see which books show up in many libraries and which are uncommon.

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LieblingsautorenRay Bradbury, Italo Calvino, S. C. Sykes, Virginia Woolf (Gemeinsame Favoriten)

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LieblingsbuchlädenDave's Olde Book Shop

LieblingsbibliothekenCharles E. Young Research Library (UCLA), College Library in the Powell Library Building (UCLA), Redondo Beach Public Library, Torrance Public Library - Katy Geissert Civic Center Library

MitgliedschaftTinyCat. https://www.librarycat.org/lib/GwenH
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Bürgerlicher NameGwen Hembrock

OrtRedondo Beach, CA

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Mitglied seitMar 19, 2008

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