Über meine Bibliothek
Most of my recent books are e-books since my wife had become increasingly unhappy with the amount of space my books were consuming.

Most of my books are in English but with a few in German.
Über mich
I am in American based in Munich and have become increasingly interested in European history. When I studied European history in school in the US, it was all about how European history influenced US history. I am now reading history from a new perspective since I am reading to learn how history influenced Munich's history. Another thing I enjoy about reading history here in Munich, is that it is possible to visit the sites where so many things took place.
Lately, I have been reading a lot of books about walking and pilgrimages since I have taken up the hobby of multi-day hikes along historical paths here in Europe.

Finally, I am very interested in the history of technology, particularly ICT technology, and how the promises of this technology have and have not helped actual productivity.

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