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Mitglied: Moomin_Mama

SammlungenTextbooks (34), Deine Bibliothek (533), Wunschzettel (365), Noch zu lesen (253), Alle Sammlungen (1,195)

Rezensionen247 Rezensionen

TagsNostalgia (420), Horror (73), Literary Periodical (63), Picture Book (44), Textbook (31), True Crime (29), Speculative & Transgressive Fiction (23), Contemporary Fiction (22), Thriller (22), Historical Fiction (19) — alle Tags anzeigen

MediumNicht angegeben (2), Buch (1,192), Gedrucktes Buch (1,151), Hörbuch (3), E-Book (14), Sonstige (1)

WolkenTag-Cloud, Autoren-Wolke, Tag-Spiegel

Über meine BibliothekI don't own all the books in my library - I'm merely cataloguing them as I read them. Comments are brief "notes to self" on my main impressions after reading, and are not intended to be taken as reviews*. If any of my comments do give you food for thought, or put you onto a book, I'd love to know. I welcome any feedback but I can't really apologise for personal taste.

There are plenty of books in my library that have been recommended by friends and family - when I say 'recommended', I mean thrust on me with the insistence that I will love them - that are not my usual cup of tea. I'll give anything a go but this means that my library is as much a mix of other people's tastes as my own.

5 stars - Loved and couldn't find fault
4 stars - Loved, but found flaws
3 stars - Enjoyed, but wouldn't read again
2 stars - Struggled with but got something out of it
1 star - Hated
(can't be bothered with half stars).

*I've decided to add some comments as reviews where the book has 10 or less, just to get the ball rolling.

GruppenChildren's Fiction, Ghost Stories, Past and Present, Horror!, It's a LondonThing, King's Dear Constant Readers, Knitters Inc., Most Disturbing Books, Name that Book, Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night, True Crime

LieblingslistenBaby's First Postmodernism, Best Books Set in London, Best Interactive Book, Books to Reread Someday, EEK! A Mouse ::: Best Children's Books, For Science!, Lost ::: Mapping Tales for Kids, Lovecraft's 'Supernatural Horror in Literature' Reading List, Makes Me Want to Eat (or Drink), Most Disturbing Books, Most unfortunate titles, Short and Sweet, Stephen King's 'Danse Macabre' reading list, Stories Featuring Games or Contests, To Read - Horror, Travel from real to fantasy world -- children's/young adult fiction, True Crime, True Crime Books

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Mitglied seitJan 16, 2007

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