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Mitglied: SamQTrust

SammlungenGENDER Issues (17), War (30), POETRY (10), STORE 1 (2), 1ST ED. 1ST PRINT. (353), GALLERIES.EXHIBITIONS. (2), MMPB (46), BOARD BOOK (15), Scribbles, Names INSIDE (123), Deine Bibliothek (4,603), Signed by AUTHOR (18), 1ST EDITION (350), Home Library (858), Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, IChing, Kabbala, (17), Art, Arts, Arch., Design (201), Australiana Childrens' (20), Reference~General, Dictionaries, (169), Biography, Memoir, (193), BIO.CRIME.MEMOIR.Non-Fiction (9), Botany, Herbal Medicine, Plants, 🌱 🪴 (43), Bridge, Cards, Games (15), Business, Money, (53), Childrens' Books (1,107), Classics of all time (109), Cookbooks (67), DVD (4), CD, Misc (103), Food & Cooking (124), Graphic Novels & Comix (12), Health, Mental Wellbeing, SEX, (194), Fiction ~ Historical (76), History (277), Home & Garden (60), Illustrated Content, (325), Asian Countries (93), Literature & Fiction (794), Local, Aust. Author.Pub., (187), MAGAZINES. (66), Music, Books, Instruments, (65), Mystery (40), Non-English Language (14), Non-Fiction (442), Poetry, Plays, Publishing,, (13), Religion & Spirituality (208), Romance (34), Science Fiction, FANTASY, (111), Birds.Beasts.Reptiles.Insects.Animals, (97), Social Science (126), Self HELP (74), Sport Fitness, ALL Sports, (10), PLEASURE, Leisure, (37), Suspense & Thriller (58), Technology.Vehicles.Inventions, (22), Travel (97), Writing Craft (14), Yoga, (8), Young Adult (51), NO Dewey NUMBER (114), NO ISBN Number (90), Noch zu lesen (2), Alle Sammlungen (4,606)

Rezensionen37 Rezensionen

TagsHome (790), consciousness (109), to-read (82), authors (39), psychology-self-help (35), health (26), as-it-is (23), neuro-science (22), tibetan-buddhism (20), sociology (20) — alle Tags anzeigen


WolkenTag-Cloud, Autoren-Wolke, Tag-Spiegel

Über michI like books... and first discovered books when I was 14 years old... It is a story of being bedridden, I had hepatitis for a few weeks and read the house out in a few days, whence my mum was library~bound every third day for books... I devoured them like a kid who just discovered ice cream for the first time, and never stopped ...

Über meine BibliothekAll sorts... gee... Firstly I am not a Librarian (but learning faster than most) I also hav limited space so the Eclectically electric book collection can get in a muddle very easily... so when sparks fly in all directions... and connections happen from diverse locales... a focussed eye spans numerous omni-directions/levels of availability of books and then the comfy chair embraces and I read... ... I run out of time every day... I have about 10,000 books to sort... and not all will be uploaded ... (although uploaded they will be easy to sort...).
I am still sorting the collection with the view of simply cataloging on LT and then do a print out of the 5000+ books, that will then be sorted into category numbers (somehow), and then sort the smaller piles appropriately for shelving. Then, naturally number the shelving appropriately... I have been sorting for a month or more now... as well as finding LT from the host of useless other stuff...

GruppenBook Care and Repair

LieblingsautorenJeff Lowenfels (Gemeinsame Favoriten)


Auch beiBlogger, Flickr, Goodreads, Pinterest, Twitter

Bürgerlicher NameSam

OrtMullumbimby, Nth. NSW. AUSTRALIA. 2482.

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitOct 7, 2021

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