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Freunde: AsYouKnow_Bob, MaggieO




Mitglied: TashaV

SammlungenDeine Bibliothek (109)


Tagsmanga (4), graphic novel (4), art (1), fantasy (1) — alle Tags anzeigen

MediumBuch (109), Gedrucktes Buch (106)

WolkenTag-Cloud, Autoren-Wolke, Tag-Spiegel

Über michOkay. About me. My parents are on LibraryThing, too. MaggieO and AsYouKnow_Bob. I spend much of my time in a sort of daydream mode. For example, I can "zone out" of conversations and events for up to 20 minutes (yes, I've timed it). Writing is my life. I don't think I have a great career as a writer ahead of me, but a girl can dream, can't she? I'm fine with most kinds of literature and authors (Especially Shakespeare--my all-time hero!), but H.P. Lovecraft just flat-out gives me nightmares. I enjoy LARPing, which I learned about in Anime Club at my school. And of course, all my friends (well, the few I have) and family are about the most important things in my life. In particular, my little sister. There's a lot more about me, but I'm in immediate danger of a zone-out.

Über meine BibliothekWell, what is there to say...I enjoy fantasy, graphic novels, and "front-to-back" manga. I don't have many worthwhile books, so my collection of 'good' books is rather limited. But overall, it's fun to see who else has "my" books, and it's also useful for my dad, if he ever sees a book he thinks I might like, but isn't sure if I already have it. I'm VERY picky about what fills my mind. Sometimes I enjoy discussing my favorite books--which is hard, especially when my usually-very-small audience is generally uninterested in my type of books, although I have gotten them to read a few select ones. Now, if only I can keep coming up with excuses to avoid suggestions for books I know I wouldn't like....

GruppenFantasyFans, Read YA Lit, The Green Dragon, Writer-readers

OrtNew York, USA

LieblingsautorenNicht angegeben

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitJul 30, 2007

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