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Mitglied: catfantastic

Bücher2,890 Bücher katalogisiert

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Über mich30-something librarian. Most days I wish I was my cat.

Über meine BibliothekI love fantasy, science fiction and horror. Lately I have been on a big horror kick. I have also been known to enjoy non-fiction, though I usually only read a handful of non-fiction books per year. I have a soft spot for graphic novels and anything superhero-related.

Anything with LGBTQ themes is of especial interest to me, particularly if it has spec-fic themes as well.

I borrow a lot of books from the public library. I also give a lot of books away when I am finished with them, so I like the LT feature that lets you divide books between "owned" and "read but unowned" collections - my books frequently flip between these categories!

A note about my "ratings". . . when I rate a book out of five stars on librarything I don't rate it based on how technically "good" a book is and I don't rate based on how I think the world or history should view the book. I only give a star rating based on my own personal enjoyment level the last time I read it. My star ratings:
1 - hated it
2 - it was "meh"/I was bored/I have major problems with it
3 - it was fine/it was decent/it was what I expected
4 - it was really good!
5 - it was excellent/loved it

LieblingsautorenDouglas Adams, Francesca Lia Block, Lewis Carroll, CLAMP, Samuel R. Delany, Gemma Files, Neil Gaiman, Edward Gorey, Shirley Jackson, Caitlín R. Kiernan, Claude Lalumière, Tanith Lee, Edgar Pangborn, Mary Renault, Greg Rucka, Carl Sagan, Sappho, James Tiptree Jr., Paul Tremblay, Catherynne M. Valente, Jeff VanderMeer, Kurt Vonnegut (Gemeinsame Favoriten)

Bürgerlicher NameRowena Scoundrel


Art der Mitgliedschaftprivat

Mitglied seitMay 13, 2009

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