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SammlungenDeine Bibliothek (1,339), Horror (35), Fiction (62), Textbooks (39), Graphic novels (57), World of Darkness (68), Shadowrun (43), Autographed (43), Doctor Who (39), Anime and manga (37), Magick and occultism (184), Novelizations (52), Fantasy (95), RPG (196), Speculation and rumor (90), Science Fiction (271), Computers and technology (220), Robotech (13), Favoriten (7), Alle Sammlungen (1,339)

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Tagsscience fiction (214), rpg (189), supplement (112), magick (110), cyberpunk (87), classic (81), history (80), tie-in (73), occult (70), weird (61) — alle Tags anzeigen

MediumNicht angegeben (30), Buch (1,307), Gedrucktes Buch (1,258), Hörbuch (2), E-Book (7), Sonstige (2), Software (1)

WolkenTag-Cloud, Autoren-Wolke, Tag-Spiegel

Über michI'm a forty year old system administrator and information security professional residing on the western seaboard of the United States. I'm also a raging bibliomaniac. I read voraciously, often on the order of three or four books every week, and that's if I'm busy. I'm also rather lazy when it comes to writing reviews of books...

As you can probably tell from the books in my library, my interests are all over the map. In addition to computer security I'm also a blogger, a gamer (RPG, LARP, and from time to time video games), sometimes I take pictures of stuff, a bisexual androgynous computer geek, an occult transhumanist, a Thelemite, and a practicing technomancer. One of these days I'll probably finish the books I'm writing. It is more often that I'll write and publish essays on various topics with a Creative Commons license.

Über meine BibliothekMy library is as eclectic as my interests. I've books books on computers, programming, electronics, magick and the occult, hacking, phreaking, history, anthropology, sociology, religion, physics, chemistry, and engineering. I also have paperbacks stacked two deep and two high on my shelves (much to the chagrin of my partner). We give one another bookshelves as birthday gifts. My tastes in fiction run to science fiction (hard and soft), some modern fantasy, and whatever else looks interesting. I have a habit of going to used bookstores, filling up the trunk of my car, and then forgetting to read what I've bought.

When I donate books to Goodwill or take them to a used bookstore, I delete them from my card catalogue. If a book has no stars I haven't read it yet. A half star is as low as I'll rate a text.

GruppenA Pearl of Wisdom and Enlightenment, Banned Books, Bloggers, Books in 2025: The Future of the Book World, Books that made me think, Bookshelf of the Damned, Comics, Cthulhu Mythos, Cthulhu Mythos Homeschoolers, Cyberpunksalle Gruppen anzeigen


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Bürgerlicher NameThe Doctor [412/724/301/703/415/510]

OrtI am everywhere.

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Mitglied seitOct 6, 2006

Lese geradeARRL Ham Radio License Manual: All You Need to Become an Amateur Radio Operator (Arrl Ham Radio License Manual) (Arrl Ham Radio License Manual) von H. Ward Silver

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