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Erin Marty

Erin Marty ist ein LibraryThing-Autor, ein Autor, der seine persönliche Bibliothek in LibraryThing auflistet.

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Felix Salten's Bambi 1999 publication von FelixSalten

Guardians of Ga'hoole Boxed Set, Books 1-4 von Kathryn Lasky

Silverhair (Baxter, Stephen. Mammoth Trilogy, Bk. 1.) von Stephen Baxter

Free-Roamers: Mourning Grove (Volume 1) von Erin Marty

Tailchaser's Song von Tad Williams

Warriors: Battles of the Clans von Erin Hunter

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MediumBuch (24), Gedrucktes Buch (21)

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Über michEver since I can remember, I've loved writing. I started from writing "books" by drawing pictures and scribbling misspelled words on pieces of paper, and eventually moved on to typing stories on the computer. At 11 I wrote my first full-length book, and at 13 I wrote another, much larger novel. A few others have come to life at the tips of my fingers since then, yet as much as I love to write I've stuck to my saying, "There's a difference between writing a novel, and writing a novel and still having a life." But really, the only things I love more than writing would be my family, friends, and animals of course! Hence the fact that most of my novels are anthropomorphic. I wrote "Mourning Grove" the first start to the Free-Roamers series when I was 18. Currently I am finishing the prequel "Northern Plains" most of which I wrote at 19, and at 20 will soon set to work on the rest of the series. One other thing I love is nature and being outside, espeically when I write, in fact, most of the time I'll be outside with my laptop and that is something to say when you live in the Pacific Northwest.

Über meine BibliothekDoes this mean books I love? ... Well, my favorite genre is anthropomorphic/fantasy, and I don't mean little creatures walking upright, driving cars, sword-fighting, etc. What I mean is using fantasy but realism as well, think of "Watership Down" by Richard Adams, and I've taken a liking to Erin Hunter's series "Warriors" althought that's for a younger audience. My favorite author of all who writes in this genre would be David Clement-Davies, I absolutely love "Fire Bringer" and "The Sight" and am eagerly waiting for "Scream of the White Bears".

GruppenFantasyFans, Read YA Lit, Writer-readers

LieblingsautorenStephen Baxter, Clare Bell, Jimmy Clay, David Clement-Davies, Erin Hunter (Gemeinsame Favoriten)


Bürgerlicher NameErin

OrtPacific Northwest, Washington State

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitJun 29, 2010

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