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Interessante Bibliothek: anachrocomputer, ComputerHistory, woolly


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Über meine BibliothekMy catalogue now contains everything I've read or acquired since 2004 or so - with some of the earlier parts coming from a digital commonplace book I built for myself using MySQL. It also now contains everything from my bookshelves at home, and much of what is on my bookshelves at work.

Stuff I've read since joining LT is always rated, tagged ane reviewed, but the older stuff usually only gets tagged at most. I do my best to rate and review the very best and worst in my collection - the latter being made easier now that LT allows multiple collections and to exclude some from the recommendation system. Because although I love to review books I love (and which I want you to like as well) I also see it as my duty to tell you about the few books I really disliked, so that your time is not wasted as mine was. (And if you disagree with my opinion about those, you might also disagree about the ones I really liked. Which is useful to you as well.)

In the unlikely event that you're trying to make sense of my tags, it's worth knowing that there are basically three categories of books here: books I own and have read (not tagged in any particular way), books I own but have not yet started reading (tagged 'unread') and books which I have read but do not own (tagged 'borrowed'.) Just about everything pre 1983 or thereabouts will be 'borrowed' as before then almost everything I read came from a local, school or university library. And there's no way I can remember all of it, or even a substantial fraction.

There's also books tagged 'work', some of which I own and some of which I don't, but all of which are related to work rather than pleasure. And then there's one or two which fall somewhere between those categories.

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LieblingsautorenMargaret Atwood, Iain Banks, Barbara Comyns, Martin Gardner, Ken MacLeod, Flann O'Brien, Marge Piercy (Gemeinsame Favoriten)

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Mitglied seitSep 19, 2008

Lese geradeNebula Award Stories: 7 von Lloyd Jr. Biggle
Women, men and language : a sociolinguistic account of gender differences in language von Jennifer Coates
The industrial archaeology of Hertfordshire von William Branch Johnson
Don't Forget Your Spacesuit, Dear von Jodie Lynn Nye
The threat and the glory von P. B. Medawar
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