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Laren Stover

Laren Stover ist ein LibraryThing-Autor, ein Autor, der seine persönliche Bibliothek in LibraryThing auflistet.

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Breakfast at Tiffany's von Truman Capote

The Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex von Charles Darwin

The Path of Totality : New and Selected Stories von Audrey Thomas

Gorgeous for God: The power to change the world by changing your mind von Lisa Natoli

Hula von Lisa Shea

The Idiot (Modern Library Classics) von Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Tagspsychology anarchy (2), Bohemian journey (1), bohemian paris (1), Sensual recipes (1), Agrarian class discriminates against urban intellectualism (1), Gestalt (1), theosophy (1), southern fiction (1), Perfumery (1), H. G. Wells (1) — alle Tags anzeigen

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Über michI write fiction, nonfiction, short plays, poetry, letters, postcards...Prefer pen and ink and have a manual typewriter but confess to writing my most recent books on a PowerBook. I've published three books and used to write a diary from time to time for the New York Observer. I went to art school in Baltimore, took photographs, painted and fell in love with Japanese woodcuts. Instead of writing classses, studied Ancient Egyptian Grammar and Biosocial Aspects of Human Sexuality at Johns Hopkins, French at Peabody. Drink tea steeped in vintage teapots— it fuels the fury. What I'm writing— The Adventures of the Red Panda, 12 chapters, for my nephew Rupert, a fictionalized memoir: Lucky Me, formerly The 27 Notebooks of Nick Dante. Up on Guernica, a funny, sad story, The Last Geronimo...http://www.guernicamag.com/fiction/1100/the_last_geronimo/
JULY 11, 2008 The Daily News. Hip, surreal estate writer Jason Sheftell takes you to Laren and Paul's home, The Ivory Tower. https://www.nydailynews.com/real_estate/2008/07/10/2008-07-10_bohemian_greenwich...

Über meine BibliothekOn shelves, floor to ceiling, and across the front door and in tumbles throughout the house. My collection: Eclectic. Poetry: Sappho, Coleridge, Kleinzahler, Rimbaud, Rossetti. Fiction: Capote, Colette, Huysmans, Anita Loos, McCabe, Mishima, Tom Robbins, Waugh. Art: Balthus, Edo woodcuts, Ancient Egyptian, Joseph Cornell, illustrated manuscripts, Beardsley, Egon Schiele, Darger, Paul Klee. Photography: Marion Ettlinger, Pre-Raphaelite, vintage! Nonfiction:Edgar Cayce, Artaud, Ninjinski, Malcolm X, Arctic Explorations, explorations on absinthe. Books on bats, hedgehogs, monkeys, mushrooms, Scottish tartans, chakras, saints, angels, fairies, etiquette books from the 1920's, the My Book House collection from my father and the books of friends. Fashion: Society in Vogue, Diana Vreeland and Edith Head, of course! Sineology and H.G. Wells...many books from my late father, Dr. Leon Stover and all the books written by Dr. Leon Stover! I adore old, hardcover books with embossed covers touched with gold and engravings over which there is a piece of tissue. And I have scraps of paper found on the street. I've stopped lending my books but sometimes...I give one away. (When you lend a book, you give it up.)


LieblingsautorenHannah Tinti (Gemeinsame Favoriten)

Homepagehttp://www.bombshellmanual.com andwww.bohemianmanifesto.com

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Mitglied seitNov 25, 2006

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