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Go wild with quilts : 14 North American birds and animals von Margaret Rolfe


Living arithmetic : Grade 3-[8] von Guy T. Buswell

Tales to be told in the dark von Basil Davenport



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Mitglied: michtelassn

SammlungenDeine Bibliothek (2,904)

Rezensionen87 Rezensionen

TagsLITERATURE (697), FICTION (548), TECHNOLOGY (468), SCIENCE (306), MICHIGAN (302), SOCIAL SCIENCE (293), HANDICRAFTS (254), HISTORY (252), GEOGRAPHY (186), ANIMAL (173) — alle Tags anzeigen

MediumNicht angegeben (618), Buch (2,279), Gedrucktes Buch (1,230), Hörbuch (2), E-Book (1), Videoaufnahme (2), Sonstige (5), Landkarte (4)

WolkenTag-Cloud, Autoren-Wolke, Tag-Spiegel

Über michRetired from working in one of Michigan State University's rural off-campus locations. Live in the Manistee National Forest.

I specialize in land use and water quality aspects of community development.

I have been a practicing planner in Michigan for over 20 years.

Live in the Manistee National Forest. A graduate of Michigan State University (BA) with studies in journalism and geography (cartography).

Other interests include photography, ornithology , books and book collecting, canoeing, forest management and gardening.

Über meine BibliothekAs a child I pulled books of my sister's shelves so they would pile on the floor. They did not like that. In elementary school I had a make-believe business which had a library. Of course I made 3X5 cards for each book. That "library" has grown into a collection of over 2,551 books (2,592 books counting duplicates) --all cataloged, and organized by an abbreviated Library of Congress call number system (Just the first one or two letters of the LoC call number).

The 3x5 card catalog grew with each new book, now including author, title, and limited subject entries. In the early 1980s the card catalog became computerized, with a subject search ability using dBASEIII+. The 3x5 system continues to be in use so I do not have to boot the computer to do a simple search.

My library now includes books related to my work, profession, research related to work, my recreational reading choices, general reference, my wife's books, and northwest Michigan literature and materials.

I live 30 minutes from the nearest public library, and several hours from a university library. So my library has become my own source for many reference materials one normally visits a library to find --but the Internet is replacing that function.

In comments for each book you will find a purchase date, if known. If the book has a purchase date of 19760801 is when my wife's books were added (our wedding date). Also the copy number will be "W". If purchase date is 20070318 (with a copy number "L") then book one of a small number from my mother’s collection upon her death. (Read the purchase date as YYYYMMDD.) Purchase date of 19650101 represent the books already owned when the catalog was first created or the real purchase date is not known. Books acquired after this date will have purchase date that reflects when I cataloged the book.

M.T.A. (MichTelAssn) catalog number is my unique number for each book. Before computerizing the catalog the number starts with a letter (e.g., F, HO, L, FB, etc.) which stand for broad category such as "F" for Fiction. After I started using the computer the catalog number starts with "U" (for universal).
B=Biography/Autobiography (50 books);
C=Comic book/humor (41 books);
E=Etiquette/Social Science (77 books);
F=Fiction/novels (386 books);
FA=Fine Arts (75 books);
FB=Fun books (35 books);
H=History (115 books);
HHC=House Hints Cooking (130 books);
HO=Hobby (93 books);
L=Language (13 books);
P=Philosophy/Political (22 books);
R=Reference (264 books);
RE=Religion (35 books);
S=Science (219 books);
SP=Sports (15 books);
ST=Short Stories (34 books);
T=Technical that does not fit elsewhere(?) (3 books);
TB=Text Books (83 books); and
U=Universal (774+ books) (all books cataloged after January 1988, starting with #1731 and up to 2592 as of August 2007).

Copy number indicates how many copies I have, usually '1'. Some are 'W' indicating my wife's book from before our wedding; 'M' indicating a "Michigan" oriented book, part of a collection within the library; 'L' indicating it is one of a small number of books from my mother’s large collection upon her death.

TAGs are intended to be in the singular, except for the following:
Civil rights,
Fine Arts,
Games (as in play),
Homo sapiens,
Great Lakes,
Keys (as in taxonomic),
Leaves (as in tree),
Mechanics (as in physics),
Middle ages,
Parks (as in recreation),
Public affairs,
Public relations,
Shops (store),
United States,
Woods (as in forest), and

Special TAGs marks "collections" within the library. They are:
*AG = AutoGraphed, book that was autographed or similar;
*BHS = Basic High School reading that should be in every library;
*BR = Basic Reference that should be in every library;
*CS = CenSored, books that were banned, burned, or censored; and
*MI = MIchigan, books that are set (fiction) or based on northwest Michigan.
*OB = Very old books.

GruppenMichigan, Great Lakes: literature and environment, Progressive & Liberal!

LieblingsautorenNorman Cousins, Arthur Conan Doyle, Robert Frost, Sarah Orne Jewett, Caroline Kennedy, Stephen Leacock, Roger Tory Peterson, Lisa Scottoline, Bill Watterson (Gemeinsame Favoriten)


LieblingsbuchlädenHorizon Books - Traverse City

LieblingsbibliothekenDetroit Public Library, Michigan State University Library -- Main

OrtWellston, Michigan.

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitDec 28, 2005

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