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Mar 24, 2022
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Paul and Rebecca
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I started with LibraryThing so I can check my books and movies when I'm out in the world. I've been collecting for 50 years, and between me, my wife, my parents' collection, and her parents' and grandparents' collections (and lots of culling), we still have 50,000+ books, 4,000 movies, 2,000ish CDs/records, and 1,000ish? puzzles, which are the collections we are putting on LibraryThing. Book areas are Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror, Romance, Fairy Tale, "Night Before Christmas" editions and parodies, Classic Literature, Mystery / Adventure / Suspense, Design / Art / Photography, Graphic Novels, Travel Sites, History, Philosophy, Games & Recreation, Humor, Theater, Music, Nature & Farming, Biography, Crime, Kook, Religion & Cult, Foreign Language, English Language, Science (Astronomy / Biology / Chemistry / Math / and so on), Factoids / Trivia, Cookbooks, Children's, and whatever else is there (since I'm not looking at it at the moment). It's going to take awhile—particularly as I scan a book and... huh, it's been awhile since I've read this....

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