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Sep 16, 2005
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This poor thing hasn't been updated in ages! I do want to rehash it, particularly as some of my earlier books have now been given away. But here's our children's new library.
I've just done a massive-Goodreads sync, which has mucked around with my tags and collections. This does end my long habit of keeping my LibraryThing clean of unowned books, but with collection support, it's nice to keep my reading habits one place. In terms of tags, I've been rather lazy about it. I do have a good chunk of my coursebooks from both college (Hist---) and grad school (INFO---) collected as such, while some of my more odd tags are for various fiction books I group together.

Most of the new books to my shelves have come from Bookmooch in the recent past, while some books have been culled. I have a tendency to get omnibus volumes or sets rather than single books in a series (multi-volume support please!), and I've tried to be as exact as I can with listing the correct editions, at least of books I own. I also do have several repeated books, such as many different versions of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, four copies of Master and Commander, and an extra spiffy edition of David Copperfield (my first book-love). As a side note, there's some rather heavy overlap with books also seen in my husband's account as well.
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Wife, mother to three, tea drinker, Anglican Use-Catholic, librarian-in-waiting, board gamer, and baker of bread.
Louisville, KY
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