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Teaching The Elephant To Dance von James A. Belasco

The Native Americans: An Illustrated History von David Hurst Thomas

The Poetics of Space von Gaston Bachelard

Stillness Is the Way: An Intensive Meditation Course von Barry Long

The Selfish Gene von Richard Dawkins

The Making of Memory von Steven P. R. Rose

The Passionate State of Mind and Other Aporisms von Eric Hoffer

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Über michI am a co-founder of a US based international consulting firm committed to supporting corporate leaders reinvent/transform their enterprises so that they can profitably, and sustainably, grow no matter how the future unfolds.

I am an Advisory Board member of the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise, Academy of Management, American Management Association, and The Foresight Network.

I am former corporate executive, and board member of a subsidiary of a UK based multi-national, with a wide range of operational and leadership experience.

My colleagues and I share the view that there appears to be no limit to the capacity of individuals and groups to invent, generate and discover new ways to solve problems. It is this capacity we unleash, and draw on. In our work helping organizations ongoingly reinvent themselves to the point it becomes a core competency. An ongoing reinvention expressed in fundamental operating principles – the raison d’etre of the enterprise; a business model that sources day-to-day actions, and a set of practices and behaviors that give the organization its distinctive character and stakeholder following.

I am committed to the possibility of transformation - that we can become more than our history, more than our education has prepared us for, more than our economic wealth would predict is possible... Ideas engage me. Translating them into reality inspires me. Courage moves me.

I am fascinated by people of courage, passions, commitments and accomplishment and resonate with Margaret Mead when she encouraged us to never doubt the power of a small handful of committed people to change the world…, because, as she said, nothing else ever has.



Bürgerlicher NamePeter Roche

OrtNew Jersey, USA

LieblingsautorenNicht angegeben

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitApr 6, 2007

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