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Writing White Papers: How to Capture Readers and Keep Them Engaged von Michael A. Stelzner

The Elegance of the Hedgehog von Muriel Barbery

The Wisdom of the Body Moving: An Introduction to Body-Mind Centering von Linda Hartley

On creativity von David Bohm

Container Gardening

Disability & The Art of Kissing von Gary Karp

Like this Rumi ; versions by Coleman Barks von Maulana Jalˆal al-Dˆin Rˆumˆi

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There are a lot of Melanie Millers. I have been told that I'm not like other people named Melanie Miller.


Artist, Poet and other kinds of creative(published!) and not so creative (also published) writer, Original DME Creator, Freelancer, Rare Disease Fighter, Full-Time Neuro-Sicko, Chronic Smiler, Insombulist, Activist, Regional & National Spokesperson for health care reform, insurance corruption, disability rights and education, incurable chronic and rare diseases. And a bad-ass-scars-are-sexy creative cane (or wheelchair, or walker, or bed-ridden) yielding glamour gimp.

EX: Dancer/ Choreographer, Artistic Director, MFA Candidate


I have loved and gorged myself on books since I could read. I have been and/or am a professional reader and writer (published in lit and art journals in the US and Canada) since I graduated from high school almost 2 decades ago.

Since a beautiful Philadelphia day in 2008, I lost those capabilities. I have been blind, blurry and kaleidiscopic. I have been partially paralyzed and septic. I can't remember 30 seconds ago. I can't understand you. Please talk slower, and write in short sentences.

Forget about Derrida! Paglia! Big words and fast talkers!

There are many things that I was. I funnel those into a category called, Old Melanie.

Old Melanie was some of the above, as well as, for most of my adult life a professional multimedia artist (artistic director, choreographer, dancer, published writer, commissioned playwright and director, and new forms, including bodiverse (c) and body blog (c) (both of which live on blogs and thru private and public performances - all documented, video edited, and posted), with subtle hope to return to these projects again).

New Melanie kind'a' sucks - in life, not (hate to use this hackneyed word, but....) spirit.

I'm a full-time patient, battling several rare and incurable neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and bunches of crappy ancillary diseases caused by both the treatment and the diseases themselves.

New Melanie and Old Melanie are activists. New Melanie is a spokesperson for several regional and national healthcare, rare disesase, chronic illness, and disability organizations and has been quoted in AP articles that have been published in papers across the world. Old Melanie was a committed political (what's not political?!) and human rights activist, serving on regional and national committees and boards.

New Melanie also has created resources and networks for people with rare diseases, uniting individuals world-wide who never spoke to or met another person like them for as many as 50 years.

The Mel-Combo writes candidly about living with these rare diseases, and despises her neuro-brain's ubiquitious ability to give in to aphasia, misspellings, malapropism, and non-sequiturs.

Now, I paint my experience in real time, as though I am dancing, since dance is not a viable instant-gratification expression, and:

****I hope that a PUBLISHER or AGENT will magically fall upon her blog, NEURO DETOUR, and BEG FOR FIRST RIGHTS to my:
-- memoir
-- creative non-fiction novel
-- poetry and art book (or chapbook... what the hell)
-- children's books, (like: Don't Kick the Gimp, Canes are Candy, and Neuro Girls and Boys Do it Better etc.),
-- and, of course, movie rights.


PS I do have subjects for children's books, but they are nothing like the examples above; those are actually my ideas for Disability Pornos. I got confused. It's a neuro thing.

Über meine BibliothekMy library is changing its focus to accommodate my new friends, vision and cognivitive impairment. Uploading/unloading. A work-in-progress. Always a work-in-progress.

I have actually read (I can't believe it, partly because it's only about 1/2 of the books I've read, however, that probably makes me look like a philistine compared to most of you) the majority of books purchased before 2008.

GruppenAuthor Interviews: You ask the questions!, Beat Literature, Brooklynites, Feminist Theory, Hobnob with Authors, New Yorkers City, Non-Fiction Readers, Philadelphians, Poetry Fool, Progressive & Liberal!alle Gruppen anzeigen

LieblingsautorenAnna Akhmatova, Susan Faludi, Terrance Hayes, Naomi Wolf (Gemeinsame Favoriten)


MitgliedschaftER. LibraryThing Frührezensenten/Member Giveaway

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Bürgerlicher NameMelanie A Miller

OrtPhiladelphia, PA

Art der Mitgliedschaftöffentlich

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Mitglied seitJul 31, 2006

Lese geradeWomen, Work, and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working, Girlfriend! von Rosalind Joffe
The Middle East Conflict: A Glossary von The Middle East Committee of the Philadelphia Branch of the Women's Internatioanl League for Peace and Freedom
Doctors and Medicine in the Works of Daumier von Jean Adhemar
Tablet & pen : literary landscapes from the modern Middle East : a Words without borders anthology von Reza Aslan
Art Matters von Peter de Bolla
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