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Montaigne: Essays von Michel de Montaigne

A Cat's Christmas von Stefanie Samek

Heart in the Right Place: A Memoir von Carolyn Jourdan

Thoughts for One Hundred Days Volume Four von Richard L. Evans

Parenting a Bipolar Child : what to do & why von Gianni L. Faedda

Dear Mr. Henshaw von Beverly Cleary

Don't Want to Miss a Thing von Jill Mansell

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Über michI read all the time (and by all, I mean while brushing my teeth and drying my hair and folding clothes and walking to pickup my kids from school - the list is endless). I'm a big supporter of our local library. Because of my obsession about reading all the time, I will (and have) read just about anything. I read my husband's golf magazine for a whole year just because it was coming to the house. I don't play golf, don't plan to play golf, and don't have a huge interest in it. However, I can now watch a tournament with at least a little knowledge! Other things I like to do: cross-stitch, crochet, scrapbooking, organizing. Biggest challenges: cooking and doing fun things with my kids.

Über meine BibliothekI only buy books that I am interested in reading more than once. However, I share my library space with a spouse who buys books for the heck of it - so some of our books are not ones I would keep. I'm primarily a novel reader, though I try to branch out to non-fiction periodically. My LibraryThing catalog includes books I own and books I have read. I'm slowly cataloging all the books currently in my home, as well as trying to add books I have read over the years as I think of them.

I've outlined my collections and tagging "policies" on my WikiThing Page if you are interested.

Release to Contact Me - in my comments on this page regarding any errors you find in my Library (Combiners - THIS MEANS YOU!), feel free also to contact me via comments if you disagree with any combining/separating I have done on LT.

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LieblingsbuchlädenBarnes & Noble Booksellers - Lone Tree, Tattered Cover Book Store - Highlands Ranch

LieblingsbibliothekenDouglas County Libraries - Highlands Ranch Library

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