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A & E Biography

92nd Street Y Lectures

AAR Studies In Religion

Alexander Trilogy (Renault)

All-Star Superman

American Experience [PBS]

American Indian Tradition

American Masters [PBS]

Anthology of World Music

Aristotle and Dante

The Art of Happiness

The Art of Spiritual Living

The Ashtanga Yoga Collection

Avram Cohen

Awaken Children! Dialogues of Ammachi


Backyard Series

Bantam New College Dictionaries

Barefoot Story Anthologies

BBC Sacred Music

Bhagavad Gita for Daily Living

Bill Moyers Journal

Blackwell History of the Ancient World


Books that Changed the World

Brill's Tibetan Studies Library


Buddha at the Gas Pump

Butler's Lives of the Saints

C. G. Jung Foundation

The Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge Studies in Religious Traditions

Camp Half-Blood

Campfire Heroes

Canaan Trilogy

Chambers Compact Reference Series

Chronos/The Austins: Chronological Order

Chronos/The Austins: Publication Order

City Lights Pocket Poets Series

Classics of Christian Inspiration

Classics of Indian Buddhism

The Clear Light Series

Collected Works of Rene Guenon

Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum ad Novum Testamentum

Concise Encyclopedia of World Faiths

Conversations on Consciousness

Daily Readings

Deep Is The Hunger

Diamond Heart


Dudjom Lingpa's Visions of the Great Perfection

Ecology and Justice

Eight Upanisads

Eminent Lives

Emperor Ping

Encountering Biblical Studies

Eranos Lectures

Essential papers on Jewish studies

The Essential Religious Series

Eternal quest video series

Exploring a Theme

Fast Runner


A Festival of Poets

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

Foundations of Islam

The Fountain

Franklin Merrell-Wolff Conference

From the Elders

Frontline [PBS]

Funk and Wagnalls Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology and Legend

Genius : the science of Einstein, Feynman, Newton, Darwin, and Galileo

The Ghazali Children's Series

Gifford Lectures

Global Icons

Global Spirit

God at 2000

The Golem and the Jinni

The Great Courses: Better Living

The Great Courses: History

The Great Courses: Philosophy and Intellectual History

The Great Courses: Professional

The Great Courses: Religion and Theology

The Great Courses: Science and Mathematics

Great Medieval Thinkers

Handbuch der Orientalistik

Harvard Middle Eastern Monographs

HBI Series on Jewish Women

Heritage of Sufism

Hermeneutics, Studies in the History of Religions

The Hindu Gods

History of Religious Ideas

The Hobbit - Graphic Novel

Holos : Forum for a New Worldview

Holy Scriptures

Homer's Epic Cycle

The House of Earth

How to Be a Perfect Stranger

Ibis Editions' Literature of the Levant

The Icelandic Sagas - Folio Society

The Immense Ocean

Inner Journey

International Conference on Science and Consciousness

International Encyclopaedia of Unified Science

Introduction to Religion

Islamic Classics for Young Adults

The Jerusalem-Harvard Lectures

Jesus at 2000

Jesus Seminar Series

Journal of Consciousness Studies [Controversies in Science & the Humanities]

Journey to the West

Justice Trilogy


Ken Burns: America [PBS]

Khalifa Brothers

King [Martin Luther King Jr.]

Lancaster County Secrets

Law and Revolution

The Legendary Rabbit of Death

Library of Perennial Philosophy: Spiritual Classics

The Library of Traditional Wisdom

Lives of Great Religious Books

Longchen Nyingthig Series

The Lord of the Rings

Louvain Theological and Pastoral Monographs

Love Medicine

Lunch With Bokara

Makers of the Muslim World

Many mansions


The Masks of God

Matri Vani

A Matt Lester Spiritual Thriller


Maus: A Survivor's Tale

Mindful Living Every Day: Practicing in the Tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh [2010 Documentary]

Mindfulness Essentials

Monographs of the Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy

Mowbray's Popular Christian Paperbacks

Moyers collection


Mulla Nasrudin

The Music of Islam

Mystical Treatises of Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi


Myths & Legends

Nacer Khemir's Desert Trilogy

Nanzan Studies in Asian Religions

Navajo Religion Series

New Consciousness Reader

Nondual Wisdom and Psychotherapy

Norton Anthology of World Religions

Notes on Spiritual Discourses of Shri Atmananda

Nova [PBS]

O'Keefe Family

On Our Own Terms

The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library

Papers from the Eranos Yearbooks

PARABOLA Anthology Series

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Perennial Philosophy


Pioneers of the Spirit

Plain and Simple

Power of Myth

The Power of Teaching Now Series

Prentice-Hall Studies in Religion

The presence of God

Presence Through Movement

Princeton Readings in Religions

Problems of Philosophy

The Prophet

Rainbow Fish

Rashi's Daughters

Rav Hisda's Daughter

Religion, history, and culture

The Religions of Lebanon

Religions of the World and Ecology

The Religious Life of Man

Revival of the Religious Sciences--Ihya 'ulum al-din

Riordan's Demi-Gods

Ruhaniyat - Sufi and Mystic Songs

Sacred Art in Tradition

Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Worlds

Sacred Writings

Sather Classical Lectures

Science and Consciousness Conference

SkyLight Illuminations Series

Spiritual Biographies for Young Readers

Spiritual Directors International Series

Spiritual Masters East and West Series

Stanford studies in Jewish history and culture

Stillness Speaks with Chris Hebard

A Study of History

A Study of History - Somervell Abridgement

The Sufi Message

Sufi Symposium

SUNY Series in Buddhist Studies

SUNY Series in Chinese Philosophy and Culture