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The Abbey Girls

Adventure Series

The Adventurous Four

Alice in Wonderland: Publication Order

Alice's Adventures

Allan Quatermain

Andrew Lang's Fairy Books

Anne of Green Gables

D'Artagnan Romances

Artemis Fowl

Barney Mysteries

Bartimaeus Sequence

Beau Geste series


Big Noddy Book


Binkle and Flip

Blue Peter Annual

The Borrowers

Brer Rabbit

Bridie McShane

The Broons


Bunty Annuals


Chalet School hardback

Chalet School paperback

The Changes Trilogy

Chariots of the Gods

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Chronological Order

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci: Publication Order

Chronicles of Narnia

Chronicles of Narnia, Chronological by story

The Chronicles of Prydain

Dandy Annuals

The Dark is Rising Sequence

David Balfour

The Demon Headmaster

The Deptford Mice

Doctor Dolittle


Dolphin Ring Cycle - Chronological order

Dolphin Ring Cycle - Publication order

Doomspell Trilogy

Die drei Fragezeichen

Eagle of the Ninth Trilogy

The Earthsea Cycle

Enid Blyton's Family Stories

Enid Blyton's Secret Series

Erich Kästner's Emil

The Famous Five

Farm School

Felix Brooke

First Love

The Five Find-Outers



The Good and The Beautiful Library - Reading Level 7


Harald Sigurdson

Harry Potter


The Henry Williamson Animal Saga

Hilda at School

Hill of Gathering

His Dark Materials

Hortonmere/Dai Evans

House of Kendreth

Howl's Castle

Island [Coatts]

J C T Jennings

The Jacobite Trilogy

Jean Nursing Books

Jill at Hazelmere

Jill's Ponies

Jingle Stones

Judy Annuals

Just William

Katy Did

Kay Harker

Keys to the Kingdom

Ladybird Books

Ladybird Series 522

Ladybird Series 536

Ladybird Series 561: Adventures from History

Ladybird Series 606D: Well-Loved Tales

Ladybird Series 641

Ladybird Series 654

Ladybird Series 662

Little House novels, chronological order

Little House: The Laura Years

Little Women

Logan Family

Lone Pine Club

Look and Learn Annuals

The Lord of the Rings


Malory Towers

Malory Towers - Combined


Marianne and Mark


Marlows - Holiday series

Marlows - School series

Mary Poppins (P.L.Travers)

Memories of Childhood

Methuen Colour Books

Michael and Mary




Mortal Engines Quartet

Mr Copplestone & The Smiths

Mr Twiddle

Mushroom Planet

The Namesake

Nancy Drew

Nature Series: What to Look for ...

Naughtiest Girl

New Forest Series

Noddy Adventures

Noddy Classic Library

Old Kingdom

One End Street

Oor Wullie

Oor Wullie Annual

Out of This World

Oxford setting


Oz : Baum

Oz : Famous Forty


Pat of Silver Bush

Peter Pan

Peter Rabbit

Pettson & Findus

Princess and the Goblin


Professor Branestawm

The Psammead Trilogy

Rupert Annuals

Rätsel um ...

The Sally Lockhart Quartet

The Secret Seven

The Shadowmancer Quartet


The Spiderwick Chronicles

Spitfire Books

St. Clare's

St. Kelvern's

Star Trek

Star Trek (Bantam)

Star Trek (Film novelizations)

Star Trek (Heyne)

Star Trek (novels)

Star Trek Adventures (Bantam)

Star Trek Annuals [UK]

Star Trek: The Original Series

Stone Book Quartet


The Susan stories

Swallows and Amazons {Arthur Ransome}

The Sword of the Spirits

Tales of Alderley


The Three Investigators

Tom Brown

The Treasure Seekers

The Turf-Cutter's Donkey

Vivians School

Waverley Novels

Waverley Novels, publication


Willard Price's Adventure books

Winnie the Pooh (A.A. Milne Original)

Witch Child