501 'shortcuts'

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501 'shortcuts'

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Mrz. 14, 2012, 9:49am

I'll confess, in a few cases I've considered a title read though I've been less than thorough. In the case of Les Miserables, several years ago I read an abridged version and I won't be revisiting it just for the sake of the pages I missed. I also suspect I didn't read every one of The Canterbury Tales, but I count it read anyways.

On the other hand, I've been *extremely* thorough with Edgar Allan Poe, and the Arabian Nights, and I read every last afterword of War and Peace. That was actually less torturous than Norman Lear's nonsense, which I could barely stomach, but I read every word of that too for the sake of saying I did. So it all balances out.

On the fence for a while, but I've decided not to consider Hans Anderson's tales to be read (though I have read most). I was very thorough with the Grimm Bros.

Okt. 30, 2013, 11:37am

Hans Anderson's definitely read now, cover to cover of a large collection.

Samuel Richardson's Clarissa is probably one I'll "cheat" with. I've the enormous full version at home as well as an abridged. I think when I get to it (large TBR pile, and it ain't near the top) I'll read the abridged, taking a peek at the full version now and then to see what's being skipped. If I finish it and feel like it's a re-read, next time I'd try the full version.