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501 "won't reads"

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Mrz. 14, 2012, 9:53am

I've ruled out a few titles already, confirming I'll never get the full 501. I suspect most of the Thrillers section will never interest me enough to pursue, and some of the more esoteric science fiction (even though I'm a big SFF fan in general; I place greater trust in the NPR 100 list.)

Specifically, I don't think I'll ever (but never say never) read:
- Heidi, for fear of being bored to tears
- The Pilgrim's Progress, not being very religious
- The Naked Lunch, on account of a weak stomach
- A Clockwork Orange, for similar reasons
- Beloved, because that has to be amongst the very worst movies I have ever seen

Aug. 17, 2016, 9:40am

I might restore Beloved to consideration, lots of people I trust are praising this one.

Pared down a lot of the others:

- Pippi Longstocking, unless I happen to read it to my daughter someday.
- Dr. Dolittle, ditto
- The Misfortunes of Sophie, doesn't sound worth trying to track this down for my kids

- The End of History and the Last Man, an already dated history text.

- The Seven Storey Mountain, too much religion for my taste
- Autobiography of a Yogi, ditto

- Take a Girl Like You, I think if I ever sample Kingsley Amis it'll be a different title.
- Journey to the End of Night, too depressing
- Once Were Warriors, not a story that interests me and I don't think it's achieved a modern classic status that demands my attention.
- Changing Places, looks a bit of an odd choice for a must-read, another one that doesn't grab me.
- Cold Heaven, ditto
- Confessions of Zeno, all about smoking which I've never done, never will.

- 2001 Space Odyssey, might be interesting but was published when the movie was made, rather than movie based on it, so that loses my interest.
- To Your Scattered Bodies Go, the premise of this series is intriguing but the execution sounds awful.
- Out of the Silent Planet, I don't think CS Lewis was cut out to write SF.

- Way more thrillers than I can list here; suffice to say, most of them.

I expect there's probably several history and travel books I won't ever read from this list too, but I haven't looked at them in enough detail yet.

Aug. 17, 2016, 3:19pm

There's probably a good bit I won't read on this list. A lot of the nonfic is, eh, rather particular, and I'm definitely not going buying all these random travel/history books about stuff I'm not interested in, and it's highly doubtful the libraries here have many of them. Also unlikely I will read many of the children's ones I do not have (I own 8 of them unread), though there are a couple more I've been meaning to and just not gotten to yet (like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time). There's also probably a fair bit in the modern fic I'm not so interested in, lol. I have plenty of issues with the 1001 list, but I feel like it has a lot more solid titles in the pre-1975ish fiction. This one will definitely not be my primary focus, as far as lists go. xP