Your Japanese Literature Top Three - What are they?

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Your Japanese Literature Top Three - What are they?

Jun. 28, 2012, 10:03pm

What your 3 favourite Japanese Literature works? It could be fiction, drama, poetry or non-fiction.

My three are:

1) Kokoro by Natsume Soseki
2) The Narrow Road to the Deep North and Other Travel Sketches by Matsuo Basho
3) Palm of the Hand Stories by Yasunari Kawabata

The Basho is particularly good especially having the different translations (I have 6 I think).

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>1 signature103: I'll go out on a limb here:

1) No Longer Human, Dazai Osamu
2) Kokoro, Soseki, Natsume
3) Dark Night's Passing, Shiga, Naoya


Kafka on the Shore and The Windup Bird Chronicles, by Murakami, Haruki
Crackling Mountain, Dazai, Osamu
In Praise of Shadows, Tanizaki, Junichiro

Apr. 24, 10:17am

Great topic, looking forward to recommendations! I've read so little that I can't even compose a top three yet, but I've most liked Rashomon and Other Stories.

Apr. 24, 11:34am

I would say my tip three for now would be:

Shipwrecks by Akira Yoshimura
The Stones Cry Out by Hikaru Okuizumi
The Hole by Hiroko Oyamada

These are the ones that currently stick in my mind. But in a months time it could very well be a completely different list.

Apr. 25, 10:14am

Right Under the Big Sky, I Don't Wear a Hat by Ozaki Hōsai
The Old Capital by Kawabata (Just now I'm sloowly working through it in the original, but I may have bitten off more than I can chew...)
Kokoro by Natsume Sōseki

But I've read pretty little beyond poetry and classics.

Apr. 25, 11:32am

How about
Inspector Imanishi Investigates
Points and Lines
and Botchan?
Maybe Nokto de la Galaksia Fervojo, but I so far haven't tried it in English translation, and haven't managed to get through it in Esperanto.

Apr. 26, 8:42pm

Good job on reviving this topic that it seems many of us missed the first time around.
This is a very difficult question. I think at this point off the top of my head it would be.

Akira Yoshimura : Shipwrecks
Sawako Ariyoshi : The Twilight Years
Shohei Ooka : Fires on the Plain

But truly this is an impossible question and this leaves out so many amazing books that it's unfair.

Mai 6, 10:09pm

I have too many favourites, so I've chosen 3 books which have recently made me cry! I don't know why I chose this category, but it helps to narrow down the list.

Shun Medoruma : L' âme de Kôtarô contemplait la mer From what I can see, I don't think that this particular title has been translated into English, although many of his other stories and books are available in English.

Yasunari Kawabata : First Snow on Fuji
Shigeru Mizuki : Onward Towards Our Noble Deaths

There are a few authors mentioned above that I'm not familiar with, so thanks for the idea of this thread.

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