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1ringman Erste Nachricht
Jul. 27, 2006, 6:29am

I felt that owning 30 editions of Wiisden probably qualified me for this group.

Although born and currently resident in Hampshire, I lived most of my life in the Manchester area so support Lancs.

Jul. 27, 2006, 6:57am

Well I was bred and born in South Lincs and now live in North Cambs so anything local is minor counties and even that is quite a way to go. I get to Leicester a couple of times a year - it is easier than Northampton as I don't drive, and to the Trent Bridge test but don't really support a county side.

Nov. 4, 2006, 7:22am

Unfortunately I only have 6 Wisdens,although I do have a large,tottering mound of Playfairs!
When I was younger(early 1980's) I used to support Hampshire,and the uber-cool West Indians. When I hit my teenage years I strangely lost all sense of partisanship when it came to cricket,and now just enjoy the game as a whole...much to the horror of my mates I even find much to admire in the Australians!

Aug. 25, 2007, 5:01am

Many thanks to dasfrpsl for inviting me into this group.

I only have three Wisdens (I used to have a battered 1911 edition too, but it was shedding so may pages that I didn’t think I could bring it with me when I moved house a few years ago).

My county is Sussex (my childhood was spent in Hastings when the county boasted Oakman, Sheppard, Suttle, Parks, Marlar & Co, and when there was first-class cricket at Hastings). Nowadays, however, like SidWainwright, I tend to be non-partisan. Indeed, in some ways I felt a bit let down when Sussex won the Championship in 2003: it meant that they’d lost the distinction of being one of the few counties without a title.

Apr. 21, 2008, 5:33am

Quiet here, isn't it, a bit like a sleepy afternoon at a country championship game.

I own no copies of Wisden (too expensive IMO), and get by on a copy of the Playfair annual every year.

Just started my cricket going for 2008 by freezing my bits off yesterday at The Oval watching my beloved Middlesex put one over our south London rivals Surrey thanks to a cracking 163 by Andrew Strauss and Mark Ramprakash getting himself out second ball.

Apr. 21, 2008, 7:13am

On Sky TV in New Zealand, where I live, we're being treated to most of the Indian Premier League (IPL) games live; and rather to my own surprise, I've been watching those that start early enough to make that feasible, and enjoying them - especially the two games involving Kolkata.

Test cricket is my favourite form of the game (despite New Zealand's persistent frailties in this arena), but Twenty:20 comes second - I feel that the 50-over game has pretty much outlived its usefulness. The question that is still to be answered is what kind of effect, for good or ill, the advent of the IPL will have on test and first-class cricket.

I was born in Grimsby, buy my family emigrated to New Zealand when I was 2. I don't really have a county to support, but tend to follow Notts, as a long succession of New Zealanders (e.g. Richard Hadlee, Chris Cairns and Steven Fleming) have played for it over the years.